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EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E12 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E12 With Spoilers

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1) Linda Park? - Linda Park's introduction to the world of BARRY ALLEN as the Flash...

For those who don't know she is typically Wally West's (the 2nd Flash in the old continuities) wife

This represents a merging of mythos' and further confirms that we will most likely see a post New 52 Wally on this show. Some of you may claim this as grounds to introduce the viewers to both Eobard and Hunter as two separate characters, but I again must say that is VERY VERY confusing to those who have never read a comic... yes... it could easily be explained over the course of a few seasons...but having the multiple Reverse Flashes as season villains becomes slightly repetitive if that is the case. The way I see it, no Linda won't become Barry's wife...probably a short term love interest, but this also confirms that Hunter Zolomon's traits and Eobard Thawne's traits may just as Well be merged into one character for this show as I theorize. On top of this, it gives them grounds to expand one Reverse Flash's actions to a much greater level. They could easily modify Hunter Zolomon's only true "big" story arc, where he kills Linda Park, for the show and make Wells/Eobard (with Hunter's traits) simply kill Linda Park, successfully writing her out.

2) Peek-A-WHO?!?! - 

Peek-a-Boo started out as Lashawn Baez, a grad student at Central City Medical School, who put aside her studies to take care of her father Tomas Baez when he got ill. Tomas was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Lashawn tried to donate hers, but the procedure activated her latent metagene, granting her teleportation powers, but making her unable to donate her kidney due to the fact that she teleported whenever she was touched. Lashawn decided that she would use her powers to find a matching donor organ for her father. Click here to read more!

3) Don't forget the offer! - Don't forget Harley's offer! ... They reminded us!

4) He IS the Flash! - Unlike Arrow it's Season 1 and he's already being called The Flash by the public

5) Cisco's suit - A funny nod to the fact that he will actually get his own suit :P 

6) WELLS IS PUSHING HIM TO BE FASTER *cough* Eobard *cough*- No Negative Speed Force created means no Eobard...which means no RF

7) Papa Allen! - We know they speak about the Flash (Barry and Mr. Allen) but will it be this episode?

8) Who is this Marcus? - Clay says he owes Marcus money...but who is Markus? Markus...plus the name Clay... You get Markus Clay...the name of the third Amazing Man...The third Amazing Man is a man named Markus Clay, who operates out of New Orleans. He is Will Everett's other grandson, and the cousin of Will Everett III. Markus is currently helping survivors of Hurricane Katrina. He eventually was asked to join the Justice Society of America, his first official battle put him into direct confrontation with Gog.????

9) Stein at Star -  Why was he there??....Why didn't he leave? He merged with Ronnie!...HOW does Hartley know?

10) Iris Want's to Be More than the Flash's Writer - Comic fan's should know that doesn't work out to well haha. We also know via set photos that Iris does confront the Flash later on as well.

11) Hartley's Secret - Will we find out how Hartley knows about Ronnie and Prof. Stein this episode?

12) WAS HE ABSORBED? - Well that seems different? It seems that Stein was absorbed by Ronnie not merged. 

13) Cisco the fighter? with SONIC blasts and the vibrational powers - ALLUSION TO HIM BECOMING VIBE! - Vibe is a latino vigilante with vibrational abilities. Prior to becoming a super-hero, he was the metahuman leader of a Detroit street gang called Los Lobos. Martian Manhunterrecruited him to Justice League Detroit, although he was eventually killed by Professor Ivo. This makes him the first active casualty in League history. His brother is Reverb of the Conglomerate. In The New 52 he is rebooted as a founding member of Steve Trevor's Justice League. He has been a member of the Justice League and the Black Lantern Corps. Vibe was created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton, first appearing in Justice League of America Annual #2. (1984)

14) Blackhawk Security - The writers doing a nice job of merging the Arrowverse and keeping it together :D .. Blackhawk Squad Protection Group is a private security company that had employees involved with the robbery of armored bank trucks.

15) Barry "shot" - Faster than a speed bullet??? Yup he made the joke after that break

16) CAITLIN NAMES HER - Two episodes in a row that Cisco misses playing the name game.

17) IF GRANT SINGS...He was SICK on Glee...  Sick good...so I'll be Happy

18) NO ... no shipping Caitlyn and Barry - Tired of Olicity..please don't make this a thing...

19) Cisco...in Barry's lab? - Well that's new...Barry's lab needs a Cisco upgrade!

20) How many things - How many things can Hartley store in his ear?...

21) FIRESTORM - We understand HOW they merged...but what was Stein holding? Was it the CW's version of the FIRESTORM MATRIX?


23) Meet Linda Park and her fancy app - See above

24) The hat - I'm not to versed on cops...but why does Joe seem to be wearing a hat when he storms into places now...

25) Barry Allen is a good dude... I'll just leave it at that

26) Like Zoinks? - Clearly this season will end in a death...and Mr. Allen was just stabbed...curious as to who people think it could be...:
-Caitlin? No
-Cisco? No
-"The Wells Identity"? yes he will emerge as Eobard
-Henry Allen? Maybe
-Joe West? Maybe
-Iris? No
-Eddie? Maybe but faked...expand Cobalt Blue storyline
-Linda? Maybe (see point #1)

27) Barry? - Will Caitlin fall for Barry?

28) Iris got a photo? - Good thing he hyper blurs his face! 

29) Lol...Iris works below Linda

30) Henry talks about the Flash - Will Henry figure out Barry is the Flash?...It seems he's alluding to something here...WAIT DOES HENRY KNOW ALREADY? ... This is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31) Power grid being drawn... is Firestorm building something?... Grodd maybe?...GRODDDDDDD knew it!

32) GRODD! Will post an enhanced screen grabs below!

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