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EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E12 with Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E12 with Spoilers

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1) Brick killed who? - This episode revealed to us the answer to a 2.5 season long question, who killed Merlyn's wife...and it was Brick!

2) Merlyn flashbacks - Well thats new! And welcomed! It's nice to see a completely different perspective on a character we know so well as one thing. 

3) Being watched? - The trailer also reveals that Malcolm is watching Team Arrow via their webcam...can they be that dumb?

4) Favorite shot EVER - MY FAVORITE shot of the makes me wonder...does Oliver return in "secret" at the beginning of the episode...quietly taking on Brick's men and then finally revealing himself as returned in the middle/end of the episode...that would explain why the synopsis for episode 13 reads that he truly returns.

5) Sin returns anndddddd - Tells Lance that Laurel ("The girl in the black leather") is NOT Sara

6) City acknowledges a hero...but how? - Read the screen...not her face...the screen reads "The Arrow Returns" which means that, whether this takes place at the beginning, middle or end of the episode, Team Arrow will know Oliver is back. We should note that as of last episode the public didn't seem to know the Arrow was missing, so either this revolution comes between episodes or early on in the next, or it is a small oversight on the part of the writers.

7) Roy says "You have failed this city"... leave it at that...

8) Malcolm wants to "join the club" for a little

9) He's off! - Time to leave Tatsu! We'll see you as Katana later!

10) Red Streak from TV - Reference to the FLASH!

11) "Grant must be some teacher" - Namedropping Ted Grant #KeepHimInTheLoop

12) Will Sin know? - Does sin recognize Roy? 

13) Modified Arrow Theme - Lance calls Felicity...will Lance go in alone?

14) Look's like the CITY will call him Arsenal - Lance now knows Roy's name is Arsenal!

15) Malcolm's first kill was wrong? - Malcolm think's he killed his wife's killer...what will be unravelled when he figures out his FIRST kill was wrong?

16) LANCE KNOWS IT's ROY... and that was the funniest scene EVER ... "Captain Lance" ... "HARPER" I know it's you...

17) Lol... a trailer for "The Lazarus Effect" - And this season's villain is Ra's Al Ghul

18) Tatsu leaves the "cave" - Here comes Katana

19) Will Katana train OLIVER? - Booyah!

20) YOUNG OLLIE AND TOMMY! - Well that's new! Will we see more 20+ year flashbacks?

21) Who is at the funeral?  - Someone speaks to Malcolm at the funeral...who is it...and more importantly is it a DC character that he kills by accident

22) Paint tags? - Someone said Brick used paintballs in his gun...and that Diggle didn't miss two episodes ago...that was...false

23) Merlyn saves the day - Well that was epic as fuck

24) Roy accepts it - And then Oliver comes back

25) For anyone who thinks it is JUST pepto... wait for the reveal that it isn't ... I've said it before and I'll say it again ... Lazarus Liquid doesn't count as using the pit

26) Recruiting the town - Nice move here! ... Give's everyone a reason to just randomly be there to fight

27) Will Roy tell Sin? - That Sara is dead?

28) ARROW APPEARS in 5...4...3...2...1 - Why must they cut to commercial! 

29) Wildcat suited up - AND HE CALLS HIMSELF WILDCAT! AND HE BEATS UP BRICK!..Well a little

30) Will Brick's strength be explained? 


32) Lance needs to see the Arrow is back! - And he makes it public! They rise behind him! 

33) Does Thea figure out who Oliver is via the TV? 

34) Det. Lance knows - Sin tells Lance that the women isn't Sara 

35) Oliver returns to the apartment - Clearly Thea knows...judgning by the stills from next week as well

36) Bludhaven...Oliver was in Bludhaven - Dick Grayson = old friend he lies about? :P ... #HomeOfNightwing

37) Malcolm EXPECTED Oliver to win


39) Young Nyssa! and a coin trick - That's why he is the MAGICIAN!

40) Wait...How did he get his costume without Felicity noticing?



43) The episode "The Return" says that Oliver and Thea are put on Lian Yu together by Malcolm...because..they are BOTH BEING TRAINED! That's why! So this should confirm that she DOES KNOW!

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