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ARROW NEWS: New Promo Reveals HE is Back and Sharper than Ever

ARROW NEWS: New Promo Reveals HE is Back and Sharper than Ever

The video is very low quality, but this is the best quality I could find for the will be updated once I find a better quality version. What we do learn is that... Malcolm mentions Tommy, Sin tells Lance the "woman in black leather" is NOT Sara - We did learn a while ago that she would be an integral part to the Sara story by episode 12...maybe she helps Lance figure out the truth, Malcolm is about to use a gun....Will Thea find out?....OLIVER QUEEN RETURNS...How will Malcolm react??

Well this is exactly why I love Arrow, tying together very old and very new storylines in a new cohesive way.

The Arrow returns to Starling City next episode! Despite episode 13 reading that Oliver "returns" it would seem that he returns a the Arrow in NEXT episode...and faces the repercussions of what has happened in his absence in the following episode. Here are some screen grabs from the promo...lets take a closer looks....

WOW This low quality Canadian promo shows us some great content...

The Team finally accepts Oliver's death

Roy says you have failed this city

A battle break out...and in the heat of it... OLIVER RETURNS

Oliver choses to leave the care that Tatsu and to some end Maseo have given him in order to return home and once again save his city. I find it interesting that Tatsu doesn't come...I wonder what the next step in the Katana/Tatsu storyline will be.

Merlyn seems to be gearing up for some sort of fight

As does Thea

MY FAVORITE shot of the makes me wonder...does Oliver return in "secret" at the beginning of the episode...quietly taking on Brick's men and then finally revealing himself as returned in the middle/end of the episode...that would explain why the synopsis for episode 13 reads that he truly returns.

Geared up and ready to go, we see Oliver rock the slightly upgraded suit for the first time since the end of the crossover episode and the few glimpses of it we saw prior to his "death"

People v. Brick's men... take note that it seems the City and the people of the Glades are rising up to stop Brick's men...also note that Black Canary is in the midst of the fighting.

Sin finally returns! But what role does she play?

Read the screen...not her face...the screen reads "The Arrow Returns" which means that, whether this takes place at the beginning, middle or end of the episode, Team Arrow will know Oliver is back. We should note that as of last episode the public didn't seem to know the Arrow was missing, so either this revolution comes between episodes or early on in the next, or it is a small oversight on the part of the writers.

Diggle and the lost boys...John Diggle leading a team of rag tag civilians from the Glades? to go against Brick's men.

The people look to Oliver as a hero...he stands in front of a hoard of people and fires his bow into the sky.

Oliver Queen...the Spiderman?... A very cool shot of Oliver swinging over the heads of the crowd in front of him via a line attached to one of is trick arrows.

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