Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ARROW NEWS: Arrow and Malcolm vs . Ra's?

ARROW NEWS: Arrow and Malcolm vs . Ra's?

Anyone who reads comics understands Ra's Al Ghul is not a villain that you can simply kill off...leave behind...or imprison, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Stephen Amell told fans a few days ago that there would be a rematch between Al Ghul and himself. Clearly seeing as Oliver didn't do to well last time, it would make sense for intense training...or maybe even a partner joining him this time...but according to Amell the partner he may get...

"I think [Arrow] comes back [to Starling City] a little more soft-spoken, a little humbled and forced to do things and work with people that he never would have considered working with before. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he has to make a deal with the devil, but pretty close.”

This seems to suggest Malcolm over everyone, although people are also suggesting Deathstroke, but I highly doubt that myself. On top of that...it seems post-"death" Oliver Queen makes a big jump towards his more whitey, and more emotional self. 

By the way...people should stop pretending like its ONLY Arrow that calls him "Arrow", just like Green Lantern...the color is normally left out when other characters are talking to him in the comics...quit your complaining. 

It makes sense that Amell would take on Al Ghul again seeing as this season needs to wrap up a few storylines including the League as a HUGE player and Thea as a murderer.

Again Ra's isn't a villain they can just kill and for the same reason...he can't just be imprisoned either....Ra's needs to be left to run the League...and the only way those two goals can be accomplished:

1) End League conflict with Thea/in Star(ling)
2) Leave Ra's as the League's head and cancel all debts

Is to have, what is depicted below come to fruition...Oliver needs to, whether Batman fans complain or not, fight and beat Ra's Al Ghul...and Ra's... theoretically would then use the Pit to heal himself/bring himself back.

Then we can finally stop hearing everyone complain that Oliver didn't use the Pit...#CalledIt

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