Sunday, January 11, 2015

NEWS: HUGE Arrowverse News!

NEWS: HUGE Arrowverse News!

Great day to be a fan of the Arrowverse folks! Today we saw!....

1) Arrow has been renewed for a 4th Season!

2) Firestorms...umm....costume?:  Definitely think this is a V1/Prototype suit...

Color seems to be based on the New 52 Future's End color scheme
So here is my updated render based on what we have seen
 3) Flash Season 2!

4) Vixen animated series...IN THE ARROWVERSE!: Why animated?... they probably don't think the character is strong enough to stand on her own? They could just as easily pull the CWSeed show and not make a huge fuss...but canceling a live action show set in the Arrow/Flash universe would cause a much larger stir...especially in that universe overall... and this is a very very interesting thing to do...especially if they chose to bring her on later as a live action character

5) Costumes!

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