Thursday, January 29, 2015

FLASH NEWS: PEEK-A-BOO! S01E12 Promo + Stills

FLASH NEWS: PEEK-A-BOO! S01E12 Promo + Stills

Peek a Who???

Peek-a-Boo started out as Lashawn Baez, a grad student at Central City Medical School, who put aside her studies to take care of her father Tomas Baez when he got ill. Tomas was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Lashawn tried to donate hers, but the procedure activated her latent metagene, granting her teleportation powers, but making her unable to donate her kidney due to the fact that she teleported whenever she was touched. Lashawn decided that she would use her powers to find a matching donor organ for her father. Click here to read more!
Linda Park is Being Introduced:
Linda Park's introduction to the world of BARRY ALLEN as the Flash...

For those who don't know she is typically Wally West's (the 2nd Flash in the old continuities) wife

represents a merging of mythos' and further confirms that we will most likely see a post New 52 Wally on this show. Some of you may claim this as grounds to introduce the viewers to both Eobard and Hunter as two separate characters, but I again must say that is VERY VERY confusing to those who have never read a comic... yes... it could easily be explained over the course of a few seasons...but having the multiple Reverse Flashes as season villains becomes slightly repetitive if that is the case. The way I see it, no Linda won't become Barry's wife...probably a short term love interest, but this also confirms that Hunter Zolomon's traits and Eobard Thawne's traits may just as Well be merged into one character for this show as I theorize. On top of this, it gives them grounds to expand one Reverse Flash's actions to a much greater level. They could easily modify Hunter Zolomon's only true "big" story arc, where he kills Linda Park, for the show and make Wells/Eobard (with Hunter's traits) simply kill Linda Park, successfully writing her out.

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