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EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E11 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E11 With Spoilers

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1) From the previews we know the villain of this episode is the Pied Piper:

Name: Hartley Rathaway

Codename: Pied Piper

Short Bio: 
-Prior to crime he was a deaf musical prodigy

-Initially was part of the Rogues

-Eventually reformed and became a vigilante

-One of the first openly homosexual characters in DC Comics, something I defiantly think, and hope the CW does with their character, it would show a huge step in how diversification in comics can really make the jump to the real world

Flute - Rathaway has crafted his own sophisticated flute capable of hypnotizing anyone within range of its sound. He can make anyone do what ever he wants of them, and can even make himself 'invisible' to other's perception. Initially this technique only worked on humans, but during his incarceration in Iron Heights, he has perfected it to work on rats as well, adding another similarity to his legendary namesake. Later, he learned to manipulate technology.

Sonic Devices - Rathaway also employs a number of devices that can generate or amplify sound for destructive purposes.

Sonic Tuning Fork - capable of sending out a sound the causes paralysis in those who hear it.

BROADWAY STAR ANDY MIENTUS GUEST STARS AS THE PIED PIPER — Dr. Wells’ (Tom Cavanagh) former protégée, Hartley Rathaway (guest star Andrew Mientus), returns to seek revenge on his mentor after being affected by the particle accelerator explosion. Now able to manipulate sound waves, the brilliant Rathaway is a dangerous threat to both Wells and The Flash (Grant Gustin). Meanwhile, Iris (Candice Patton) is thrilled when she’s hired by the Central City Picture News as their newest cub reporter. Unfortunately, her editor (guest star Tom Butler) pairs her with a veteran reporter, Mason Bridge (guest star Roger Howarth), who wants nothing to do with her. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) recalls his first day on the job at S.T.A.R. Labs when he met Hartley and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker). Joe (Jesse L. Martin) asks Eddie (Rick Cosnett) for a favor but asks him to keep it a secret from Barry. John Showalter directed the episode written by Alison Schapker & Brooke Eikmier (#111).

2) The offer - According to the synopsis Cisco is made an offer (by Hartley) in this episode that he must consider

3) The secret - Another promo showed Hartley reveal to the Flash that he "knew Harrison Wells' secret...I can 100% guarantee he won't reveal that Wells' is the Reverse Flash..because I can also guarantee that isn't the secret he is talking about...it would make no sense and lend no significance to Hartley if he knew

4) The public - The promo also revealed that we will finally get to see Barry in the public's eye! Which is nice because both Arrow and The Flash have avoided this concept until now

5) Harrison's mansion - Another teaser from the promo shows that (by the looks of it) the Pied Piper broke into Wells'/Eobard's sick house and broke some windows...broke..some...windows....I'm hoping he actually stole something

6) The reporter - Finally, Iris West fulfills her destiny as a reporter

7) Motorcylists ... They are marked K, A, and Q on the map....any idea haw that means....ROYAL FLASH GANG????? Awesome that they are doing multiple incarnations of the team like the comics typically do.

8) Wells' starts the future conversation because he's EOBARDDDDD

9) Boom called the Royal Flash Gang before Joe even said anything :D

10) Is the secret Hartley reveals that Wells' can walk? Because he is walking around freely in his house right now...and we know from the promos Hartley breaks into his house.

11) Harrison Wells' superspeed...that confirms it...he does NOT need the costume nor the tachyons to move...once again...my theory was correct...sorry folks...my theory seems to hold up over all

12) Wells should have said he had a good "vibe" about Cisco...could have been a nice nod

13) Cisco makes the joke about Hartley...lololol

14) Is Cisco the reason Hartley left? That would be ludicrous ....

15) Funny how Central City Picture News' main color is the color everyone wants the Flash suit to evolve to be

16) MASON BRIDGE...could be a nod to .... Mason Trollbridge....

When Mason Trollbridge was fourteen, his idol was the Clipper, an intense Depression-era superhero, so named because when he didn't shoot a crook, he clipped of their ear so he could find them again. Mason met him during a hot night in 1931, after the Clipper fended off some would-be theives. Mason become his assistant, carrying around his disguise and extra guns. It always impressed him that the Clipper had helped out a slum boy like himself, even though he did learn that the hero was drunk that night.

Mason eventually had children, Susie and Denny. Susie got married and became a part of what he called a "yuppie-doo" family, living in White Plains. Denny always had been a loser, and had moved to Keystone City.[1]

After Wally West lost all of his money, he had to move into an apartment. Mason lived down the hallway from him. He and Wally became good friends. He even helped him track down Vandal Savage. Click here to learn more.

17) Flash is stepping it up with the profanity...

18) By the way...to all those who still think that Wells' is a future Barry or Bart...it is the Speed Force that makes Barry's trail of color one color and the Negative Speed Force that makes Wells' another color...neither a future Barry or Bart no matter how distorted would be in contact with the Negative Speed Force

19) Sorry Cisco...not naming this one! Finally the villain names himself! Not that I don't love Cisco naming villains...but I wanted this to happen once at least.

20) What did Cisco lose? I'm very curious...Hartley lost his hearing....Cailtin her boyfriend...Wells his "legs"...and Cisco?

21) Oh....Hartley doing some major allusion to the fact that Wells' is Eobard Thawne!

22) Hartley WANTED to be caught!

23) AGAIN MY THEORY HOLDS UP! Wells' Speed was temporarily trained and thats why he needs the tachyons...to travel time!

24) Haha Cisco has a concussion ... and to some end he has the power to blast concussive blasts...

25) Harrison Wells...YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY....someone a friend once told me.....

26) Fans of my editorials...stay tuned for a new explanatory write up on the Reverse Flash ... theorizing ... don't worry...it holds up to question unlike many peoples....

Not changing my theory...just adding more facts....#MyReverseFlashTheoryHoldsUpToAnyQuestions

27) Keystone City name drop.... Jay Garrick was the original Flash and he operated out of Keystone as well!

28)...WAIT Is this the same DAM they used in Smallville?? The one from the scene below?

29) Joe is still suspicious of Wells...awesome...the RF storyline is picking up again!

30) The proposal! Is this where Hartley offers something to Cisco...what is it?... BECAUSE HE IS THE KEY TO SAVING 

31) Wells' needs the tachyons to charge his speed FURTHER...we know it isn't JUST to charge his speed because he moved JUST FINE without the tachyons....he is charging them to make his speed more permanent...not to give him the speed in general

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