Thursday, January 22, 2015

ARROW NEWS: Producers Discuss Ending to S03E10...Spoilers!

ARROW NEWS: Producers Discuss Ending to S03E10...Spoilers!

Last night's midseason premiere of Arrow saw "Team Arrow" learn that Oliver Queen had been killed at the hands of Ra's al Ghul. However, "The Arrow" is very much still alive, and was brought back from the brink by Katana with the help of old Hong Kong ally Maseo. "These three episodes are a trilogy essentially of what happens in Starling City when the world thinks Oliver Queen is dead," says producer Andrew Kreisberg, "and it allows every character on the show to rise or fall, depending on the circumstances they find themselves in." As for how this will play out moving forwards, he adds: "You can't do an ending like we did in episode nine and resolve it in one episode. Even beyond this sort of trilogy, the repercussions of Oliver's actions are felt throughout the rest of the season. It's that moment that really changes the world of Arrow forever. One of the things that characters discover along the way is there is no going back."

Producer Marc Guggenheim wasn't willing to say much, but did have this to add about how big the storyline may end up being. "The best ideas in the life of the show have always come when it's Greg [Berlanti], Andrew and I in a room together, and we're throwing out crazy shit to each other, and we stop and go "wait a minute, that's crazy — but it does this, this, this and this," and suddenly you see all the dominoes start to fall. That's when we get really excited. It's not just about the idea — it's about the 50 ideas it leads to."

Now what does this all mean? It would seem pretty clear after last nights episode that the Lazarus Pit was NOT used to resurrect Oliver, unless people are suggesting that only Tatsu had access, and that the Pit was in that little hut, and about 10 other things...

What makes much more sense is not using the Pit now, and not negating death completely on the show. This season should feature the return of Oliver to life whether that be by using liquid from the Lazarus Pit many believe Malcolm carries a vile or some other way. We have yet to see...interestingly enough, using liquid from the Lazarus Pit is TECHNICALLY NOT using the Pit itself, and leaves plenty of room to tie up loose ends and use the actual Pit at the end of the season when (this is really the only way to tie the story up) Oliver kills Ra's. Looking ahead till the end of the season, or the end of the League of Assassins being a conflict storyline. I ask do they expect it to pan out...Ra's isn't a villain they can just kill (both because of the Pit mentioned later on and because he is just that big of a villain) and for the same reason...he can't just be imprisoned either....Ra's needs to be left to run the League...and the only way those two goals can be accomplished:

1) End League conflict with Thea/in Star(ling)
2) Leave Ra's as the League's head and cancel all debts

Is to have, what is depicted below come to fruition...Oliver needs to, whether Batman fans complain or not, fight and beat Ra's Al Ghul...and Ra's... theoretically would then use the Pit to heal himself/bring himself back.

With that being said, I already hear people saying "But Oliver can come back to life in secret, Ra's doesn't have to know"...but I ask you how is that actually possible? You want Oliver to return to Starling City, resume his exploits as (Green) Arrow, and become a hero...without Ra's noticing he's back?...Simply an impossible outcome. 

Lastly, I see plenty of people complaining about Oliver coming back to life in the last episode and saying it was to soon, I addressed this in my last write up of this nature,

"With all the change and character evolution coming in the next few episodes...Roy...Ray...Laurel. It may be best to have Oliver revived...yes...but possibly in a long term sedated or comatose state, as seen in the episode following him being shot in the chest. We know that we will still be getting Hong Kong flashbacks...and Arrow has NEVER given us an Oliver-only flashback without panning out from a living Oliver. They could approach this much like they did with episode 12 of Season 1 (I believe) where Moira shoots Oliver and Felicity and Diggle fight to save him...with the flashbacks occurring at each chance of life he gets. The same could be done if Oliver was not to return right away to Starling....we not only get a lot of character development from other heroes...but also the proper introduction to Oliver-centered flashbacks in Hong Kong." - Last post about this topic

This leaves room for Oliver to heal and train to be better, whilst still allowing weeks to pass in Starling and other characters to grow, but keep Oliver in the loop. Rather than have him out for 10 episodes, that number can now be reduced to 4-5.

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