Tuesday, December 9, 2014

THEORY: Reverse Flashes? or Not?... Spoilers for S01E09

THEORIES: Reverse Flashes? or Not?... Spoilers for S01E09

If your reading this, I would hope your looking for further explanation as to how there were two Reverse Flashes at once, the man in the containment unit and Dr. Wells...or, I think it's safe to call him...Eobard. 

When initially glossing this over there are 3 "quick theories" that may pop into your heads.

1) Wells lent his speed... yes, it is quite possible that he lent his speed to someone else, as speedsters do...but it would seem that the man in the yellow suit had a lot of control for someone who merely was lent speed
Verdict : NO

2) It's Wells from a different part of time ... yes its quite possible... especially if it is a younger Wells, therefore beating himself up like we saw wouldn't effect his younger self...but there are parts that don't seem to line up with me...
YES ... if it was younger Wells the line "we finally meet Doctor Wells" makes a little more sense
YES... Maybe it was a backhanded comment and the two are working together...and thats how our Wells' got the tachyon device at the end of the episode
YES...The forcefield could be fluctuating due to two versions of Wells being in the same occupied space
Verdict : COULD BE and I wouldn't mind...but seems redundant

3) Eobard was captured and Wells is Zolomon ... again this ONLY works if they are working together and have the same exact costume ... and why would Wells replicate the voice at the end had it not been him? There is no reason... I have said it before and I shall again...

I think seeing Hunter Zolomon on this show is highly unlikely given the circumstances. Zolomon is PreNew 52 Wally West's Reverse Flash, and it has been confirmed that the take we will be getting is more of a post New 52 Wally. Therefore, rather than putting Zolomon to waste, or using him for no reason, the writers took some of his character traits and divided them among two likely candidates, Wells and Eddie, to create a better red herring for the fans. 
Verdict : NO

Eddie = Malcolm Thawne aka Cobalt Blue, BUT with some Zolomon traits...rather than being a janitor at the station...he is the top cop...like Zolomon was...among other things

Wells = Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom, BUT with some Zolomon traits...being confined to a wheelchair, the time when he snapped his fingers (Zolomon fans will get this)...among other things 

*UPDATE...just double checked Eobard's power set to update myself...I know his powers changed a little during Rebirth...but this is much simpler than my theory (although my theory plays into it)***

My Theory: "But were there two"

Scene Analysis: 
The scene opens with them (Cisco, Cate, Wells, Joe, Eddie and Swat Team) watching a security camera feed of this place where Cisco has set up a force field to stop the Reverse Flash...then suddenly...on the camera...he is there...and then he is trapped. Next scene, all but Cisco and Cate go to the room, with Cisco and Cate monitoring from the control lab...Reverse Flash doesn't speak...and then Joe steps up to ask him a question...he ignores Joe and turns to Wells and speaks ONLY to Wells... Then Cisco realizes there is an issue with the forcefield... some fluctuation...it isn't going to hold. After this, Wells is "pulled" from is chair and beaten to a pulp by this so called Reverse Flash...but ALL in real time...no slo-mo like when Barry is running at top speed.Joe hits the generator keeping the field up to "save" Wells, and Reverse Flash escapes. Reverse Flash then kills all of Eddies men...but not Eddie...and then stares Eddie down...Why doesn't he kill Eddie? Because if Eddie dies...his ancestor...there is no Reverse Flash...No Wells...Then he speeds off and a battle ensues.


Were there two?...It was all a ruse...

Given all the technology and knowledge Wells'...from here on out I'm calling him Eobard...Eobard has, isn't it just as plausible that Wells' is the one who tampered with and disrupted the field? 

In my opinion...yes...Wells' tampered with the field to project a prerecorded image of himself...

First lets start at how they see Reverse Flash initially...over a security camera feed...something many of us have seen time and time again tampered with in both movie and film. There is no guarantee that what we saw...is what happened in REAL TIME.

This group shot was clearly done on purpose...it would seem to confirm EVERYONE was in this room...no one was in the same room as the tachyon device.
Reverse Flash appears on the camera feed

Reverse Flash on the camera feed

Next let us move to the fact that even after Joe asks Reverse Flash "Why he murdered Nora Allen?" the RF takes no notice of him asking...instead he ignores him and speaks directly to Wells. If this was a prerecorded encounter, Wells speaking would know what to say...the timing...etc...because he asked the questions...and he couldn't account for what others would do or say...and that is why Joe's question goes unnoticed...

Also if it is a projection...this could be the reason why the face seems to change from each angle...it looks different each time they zoom in...BUT...once Wells is pulled in...there are significantly less close ups and clear shots of his face beneath the mask...

Joe asks "Why did you murder Nora Allen"
RF doesn't even look in Joe's direction..he looks only at Wells and speaks only to Wells
And Wells responds...
And responds.....

Next Eobard/Wells wasn't grabbed and pulled into the forcefield...he moved so fast all we saw was the speed...it is in this speed that Wells dons the costume himself...and the projection becomes Wells without costume....and it is also here that we stop seeing the lower part of Reverse Flashes face as clearly...and his vibrations become faster and therefore he is more blurred...

Look at the shot...there is no body in that...its just a streak of red...it is just as possible Wells moved in...as Reverse Flash aka himself pulled him in

And then he was gone...

***In conjunction with this, I also though that the disruptions in the field could be because Wells' was moving so fast and being in both places at the same time...now that I rethink it...it seems less plausible...BUT WE SHOULD NOTE...this ENTIRE SCENE TAKES PLACE IN REAL TIME...NO SLO-MO***

Then we see Wells beat himself to a pulp...how does he do this?...Speed...its all in the speed...this is all shot in real time...anything that is being tone at TOP speed...we wouldn't even see...he could just as easily be hurting himself. PLUS if you look at screenshots...something about the scene seems fake...

Something about his movements...or lack of them seems to suggest this is fake to me....

Wells just doesn't "look real" in these shots

We also don't hear him say a word after he is pulled in...and the Reverse Flash begins talking to others freely again...
Again...Reverse Flash talks freely to EVERYONE...after he (Wells) seems to have switched roles...

Reverse Flash then kills all of Eddies men...but not Eddie...and then stares Eddie down...Why doesn't he kill Eddie? Because if Eddie dies...his ancestor...there is no Reverse Flash...No Wells...Then he speeds off and a battle ensues, but not before OPENLY responding/speaking to Joe...something he couldn't do before...and the few shots of Wells' body we DO see...he is unmoving...no moans...no speaking...no twitching...and his body is fairly hidden throughout and NEVER leaves the platform...

*Take notice that he never leaves the platform and that RF is signifigantly more blurred in these scenes*
Wells stops moving...
Wells still unmoving the background...no movement no talking

RF confronts Joe

Wells still hasn't moved...

Where my theory loses a little ground is the battle that ensues outside...how could Wells' ensure that neither Joe nor Eddie check to see if he was ok?... Not sure...

IT could be that he knew the fight between he and Barry would be over VERY quick and he could be back...or that this projection had programed responses...

But the ending seems to confirm it was Wells/Eobard who stole the tachyon device...and that he is Reverse Flash....

Reverse Flash ring...where does the costume come from :P

Wells and the suit...
The tachyon machine "charging the suit"

The last part of my conjecture is about the screenshot above...why does the tachyon device seem to charge the suit...just some oddball choices but:

1) Suit is made of unstable molecules? Clearly he can cloak it

2) Thats how he taps into his time travel speed or the Reverse/Negative Speed Force...with a boost of tachyon particles

**Anyone stills saying Eddie is Eobard...I don't even know....*


  1. Great theory, but the only thing with it is which Eobard are we seeing? The one who loves Barry or the one who eventually hates Barry. I'm no comic book expert, but the Eobard that kills Nora, as seen in Flashpoint, hates Barry a lot. I don't think we'll see Hunter Zolomon in the show. Although I'd like to, it's my understanding that Zolomon bends time relative to him, and is unable to time travel like Eobard and Barry. I'm not sure whether there are 2 wells, one being a fanboy, the one who wants Barry to be better and the other who wants to beat Barry. In a lot of the comics featuring Eobard in the 25th century his "future self" kills people and does a whole manor of things to help Eobard succeed, so they have existed at the same time before. Hopefully we get our answers soon, as there's too many reverse flash storylines to keep speculating over.

    1. It would seem to me...that we are seeing the Eobard that hates Barry...but not before he loved him..

      Many a time Eobard, such as Wells', HAS literally tried to make Barry better, so that their game of cat and mouse could indeed just get better

    2. True that. It also seemed in the episode when Barry temporarily loses his powers Wells wanted Barry to go missing in the future (Infinite Crisis maybe?) rather than just Barry becoming the flash. It makes a lot of sense having Wells be Eobard, as Eobard studied the speed force and seemed to be still studying it in that episode.