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EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E09 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E09 With Spoilers


1) And the Reverse Flash is....unrevealed...and for good reason...my theory still holds up...so I'm good :D...

Do I think the character we saw tonight is the real Reverse Flash...no...why? click below

EDITORIAL: The Wells/Thawne Conundrum

2) Eddie may propose to Iris...seeing as this take on (theoretically) Malcolm Thawne was raised in an affluent family...he has less reason to be mad at Barry when he makes the shift...unless all begins to go wrong...stealing a girlfriend is one thing...a fiancé is another

*Sidenote...I will be referring to Reverse Flash as "this Reverse Flash" because it is likely this isn't the true RF*

3) Will this harken back to the Arrow Season 1 Mid-Season Finale? Hero vs. Main Season Villian...Hero loses....must train harder and be more to defeat the villain in the finale?

4) It's strange to me that this is supposedly the Reverse Flash...the guy who time travels...if this is the true Reverse Flash...and yet his costume is merely a yellow version of Barry's CURRENT suit.

5) Tonight...tonight we meet Firestorm...it would seem a very strong possibility that Professor Stein and possibly even Jason Rouch (both other parts of Firestorm) are already in his head...hence his inability to contemplate whats going on

Ronnie, Concept Art, Firestorm

During Show:

1) Harrison Wells says "Previously on the Flash"...hmmm

2) Starts Barry vs. Reverse Flash and then one day earlier cut!...Thats new!

3) Eddie calls Barry "Bare" a very brotherly nickname *cough* he's Malcolm Thawne *cough*

4) Wells DOESN'T drink...alcohol doesn't effect him possibly? As it doesn't effect Barry...?

5) Caitlin is about to see Ronnie in the garage!...But why doesn't she say a single word to him?

6) Here we go folks...Reverse Flash appearing at the lab where they are working on "The Future"

7) Mercury Labs could be a reference to Max Mercury...another DC Speedster: Max Mercury was born in the early 19th century. By 1838, he had been assigned as a messenger at a fort. He made friends with the local Blackfoot clan. Unfortunately his fort commander, who did not trust any of them, leveled a bounty on the clan and ordered a full-scale massacre. The shaman of the clan, with his dying breaths, told Max that many tribesman were returning from the hunt, and that they would be ambushed if not warned quickly. With a pinkish substance, the shaman drew a lightning bolt on Max's chest, gave a prayer to the god of the storm and the wind, and died. Max ran faster and faster and faster still. As swift as the wind, he took the soldiers' weapons and caught the Blackfoot arrows in midair. He devoted the next few years of his life to protecting the natives and the settlers from one another as Ahwehota, or as he was better known, Windrunner. However, one night during a thunderstorm, Max felt drawn to the lightning from deep within his heart. He ran as he had never run before, breaking all barriers, and he began to be drawn into the speed force, the energy field that gives speedsters their power. Click Here For More.

8) Tina McGee a nice homage to the 90's Flash! and a comic character

...Jerry and Tina McGee had known each other in college. He would use pidgin French to flirt with her, which really annoyed Tina. Eventually they were married, but were separated after Jerry had become agressive and entirely different after experimenting with steroids.

Tina became a nutritionist, working at Syracuse University. She was sent to S.T.A.R. Labs in Salt Lake City, Utah, to study the Flash's metabolism on a grant from Harvard University. She and Wally fell in love, even though she was married and twelve years older. After she helped him to defeat the Kilgre, he asked her to come live with him in New York City. At first, she went home to Syracuse. When she confronted Jerry about a divorce, he beat her, and then she took Wally up on his offer. Click Here for More

Tina McGee in the 90's show
9) Tachyons!??! -In the DC Universe, tachyons are used by both Hourman II and III.

I mention Hourman II and III but this is Hourman I :P
10) No...I don't think Harrison saying that Tina knows he wants to preserve future tech means she knows

11) "The Opposite Flash" ... Your close Cisco...

12) This Reverse Flash KNOWS who Barry is...he's watching him...

13) Yea Barry ... Iris "doesn't know" your the damn Flash...

14) Listen Iris..your quite the oblivious character if your the only one who hasn't noticed Barry likes you...

15) Finally face to face with "his mothers killer"... "if you want to know that..your going to have to catch me"... the quotes because like I said...this doesn't seem like the real Reverse Flash in a lot of ways..

16) Cut back to where the episode started...

17) The football stadium scene...running at each other...that was sick....RF:"Not fast enough Flash"...."You know who I am Barry"..."But you do Barry...we've been at this a long time" etc...
Implication that he is from the future

18) EVERY close up of his face...it seems someone else is in the suit...

19) Barry and Harrison are "very much alike"

20) Eddie is going to be in for a surprise when he sees the Flash he is chasing is really Reverse Flash

21) Ronnie is radioactive/ionic...#FIRESTORM!

Ronnie, Concept Art, Firestorm

22) Barry won't be around to see Reverse Flash at Star Labs?!?

Could explain why he is missing from the still above
23) As Caitlin talks about Ronnie there is a blue light cast across her face...a possible allusion to her becoming Killer Frost...
Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost

Name: Caitlin Snow

Codename: Killer Frost

Short Bio: 
-Typically an enemy of Firestorm

-Second villain to carry the name, Crystal Frost was the first

-Unique Physiology: Her new state is very basic, almost primal. Her body is completely encased in permafrost. She is not made of ice but she generates organic ice-like cells which make up her changed genetics.
-Cryokinesis: She can generate ice spikes to spear her opponents, kill a man by freezing him with a kiss and/or create frost cold enough to kill multiple people with just the snap of her fingers.
-Energy Absorption: Killer Frost needs to feed. She is always hungry, desiring warmth. She is only sated by the warmth of a human's life.


24) Ok...so even his dad in jail knows he likes Iris...I mean come on Iris...wake up

25) 20 minutes left and no signs of this costumed fight...?
Stunt double in the suit above
26) Barry...tell her you love her...and that your the Flash...or..just hug her...or tell her you love her...dude ... your telling her...way to be my man

27) He's been caught :O

28) Hmm...the Wells' and RF conversation...seems to beg something new....he's killing Wells and Wells isn't dropping the rouse....WAIT why not drop the rouse....show he can walk...This secret is clearly much bigger than Wells...if Wells is indeed a future version of RF like a comic book movie user said...RF fighting his future self wouldn't effect him...:o


30) The costumed fight

Stunt double in the suit above
31) FIRESTORMMMMMMMM DUDE THAT WAS SICK.....and then he was gone...he flew away...

32) Eddie it didn't kill you NOT because you are it...NO he isn't Reverse Flash...it didn't kill him because it's his ancestor...Malcolm

33) Wells modified the containment system...?

34) Neither Wells nor Eddie heal fast...hmm....or is he...unlike Eddie's cuts Wells' do look significantly smaller...and he doesn't seem nearly as badly hurt as one would think after the "beating" he took

35) Hmm...Wonder what happened with Joe's wife/Iris' mom?

36) Reverse Flash threatened Iris...they trapped him...disobeyed him...and he left her alone?

37) Wells the recluse reemerges... where is he at Christmas?

38) IT WAS YELLOW AND RED .... I TOLD YOU FLASH WAS THERE ... they just don't know Barry can run through time yet...can't wait for that reveal!

39) Wells has the Reverse Flash ring....puts it on.... called it...called it...called it...


Were there two Reverse Flashes?? NO...past Wells? No.... the projection inside of the force field...was faked!

With all the tech they had in the future...and the disrupted field...I think there is only 1 Reverse Flash...having Wells and RF in the field seemed all to convenient...Wells definitely tampered with the field to project a secondary version of himself...

I do not think it was "past Wells" or "another Reverse Flash"

Wells is Eobard Thawne

He didn't kill Eddie because Eddie is his ancestor...by not killing Eddie I'm 99% sure this confirmed he is EOBARD...kill Eddie (aka Malcolm) then there is NO Wells

By the way if I see one more person claim that "Wells is just holding the suit and doesn't actually have the powers"...please...rewatch the damn scene...CLEARLY he has powers hence the voice distorted "Merry Christmas"...

Also...if your curious as to how there were 2 Reverse Flashes...Click here

And last...can we PLEASE stop with the Hunter Zolomon stuff...  

seeing Hunter Zolomon on this show is highly unlikely given the circumstances. Zolomon is PreNew 52 Wally West's Reverse Flash, and it has been confirmed that the take we will be getting is more of a post New 52 Wally. Therefore, rather than putting Zolomon to waste, or using him for no reason, the writers took some of his character traits and divided them among two likely candidates, Wells and Eddie, to create a better red herring for the fans.
Verdict : NO

Eddie = Malcolm Thawne aka Cobalt Blue, BUT with some Zolomon traits...rather than being a janitor at the station...he is the top cop...like Zolomon was...among other things

Wells = Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom, BUT with some Zolomon traits...being confined to a wheelchair, the time when he snapped his fingers (Zolomon fans will get this)...among other things

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