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EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E08 aka Crossover Part 1 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E08 aka Crossover Part 1 With Spoilers

1) Episode 8 Support that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash (an amalgam between Eobard and Zolomon) To see the latest theory click here.

2) Episode 8 Support that Eddie Thawne is the Reverse Flash (an amalgam between Eobard and Zolomon) To see the latest theory click here.
-The plot synopsis claims that " Iris (Candice Patton) is furious when Eddie (Rick Cosnett) tries to get a task force to stop The Flash". Do you guys honestly believe that they would do a 90 degree flip with how this character views the Flash the episode prior to introducing the real Reverse Flash? This should clarify that either:
A) He isn't the real Reverse Flash or RF at all
B) The R.F. of the next episode is not the "beta" version
C) He is tainted/under Wells'/someones control while Reverse Flash Beta and this is its beginning
Prior to this episode he showed 0 resentment for the Flash...now out of the blue (the cobalt blue..)?...apparently it has less to do with the Flash's actions and more to do with the fact that Iris and him talk...so Eddie is jealous? A typical character trait of both Malcolm and Eobard Thawne in concern to Barry.
-Against: Thrown out of car...and nothing...

3) The Rainbow Raider

-It would seem they are highlighting his control over the emotional spectrum over everything else

Played By: Paul Anthony

Real Name: Roy G. Bivolo

Codename: Rainbow Raider or Chrona (New 52)


PreReboot- Roy G. Bivolo was a wonderful painter from an early age. He was also color blind, however. His father, a famous optometrist, was determined to create a device that would allow his son to see in full color, but Roy did not received this gift until his father died. Unfortunately, the goggles did not correct his vision. What they diddo was project beams of light that could become solid objects, make him invisible, blind his opponents, or affect the emotions of his opponents. Angered that he could not pursue a career in art, he turned to crime instead, becoming one of the Flash's Rogues Gallery as the Rainbow Raider. He also clashed with Batman and the Flash when he worked in partnership with Doctor Double X. He was eventually killed by Amunet Black.

New 52- Chroma was one of Flash's villains in Central City before it was taken over by Gorilla Grodd and his army of apes. When Tar Pit, Girder and Chroma appealed to Grodd for a share of control of the city, they were brutally murdered and their heads mounted on pikes.

-Prisma Goggles: Shoots a variety of colored beams.
-Rainbow Bridge
-Emotion Control hence the "Flash vs. Arrow"

-After Bivolo's death, his gimmick was stolen by a gang of villains called the Rainbow Raiders.
-The first seven letters of Roy's full name comprise a pun corresponding to the seven colours within the visible spectrum of light; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. I wonder what the change from Roy to Ray will symbolize.

4) Introducing 2 new members to Team Arrow... Cisco and Caitlin

5) And the big fan reveal about Oliver is...... underwhelming...something they have actually confirmed in interviews (like a few months ago) and something that was kind of clear since it was initially perceived.

6) A few weeks ago we learned that Oliver notes something about Wells' ... that is....

7) It looks like not everyone is on board with Oliver being a hero....despite calling him a hero both Wells and Joe West seem to dislike his means

8) This crossover ends with "Team Flash" being asked to help find Sara's killer...how will Team Flash make a difference? We know something HUGE happens in terms of development as to who it is in the 2nd part of the crossover. 

9) Cisco the fanboy and Caitlin glad to have a friend

How are Caitlin and Cisco dealing with this whole new team in S.T.A.R. Labs?
 Kreisberg: Caitlin is thrilled because she and Felicity have struck up a friendship. There’s a great line in the episode where Caitlin and Felicity are talking science and Caitlin just says, “It’s so nice to have another woman to talk to.” Cisco is over the moon. He’s as much as fanboy as Barry is, so the fact that the Arrow is in town and he gets to find out who the Arrow is, it’s his dream come true.

10) Despite what was seen in yesterdays promo...it is unlikely Cold and Heatwave will make an appearance in tonights episode, the promo featured clips from other episodes and this one seems to be from S01E10. The scene they are standing in matches the leaked set photos from S01E10 as well.

11) Will we get out first look at Firestorm later in this episode???

Conceptual Firestorm FanArt

12) I mean after 3 Seasons of shirtless Oliver....this was well warranted..... :P

13) "Previously on the Flash and Arrow" .. nice....

14) Barry Allen the scientist! He even self identifies :D

15) Eddie calls him "The Blur"... Smallville reference? His nickname was the Blur for well over 6 seasons

16) Cisco tosses out the Yoda reference!

17) Barry....nice mask! A reference to the fact that Barry made the mask Oliver currently wears.

18) Why are you in Starling Mr. Queen? Working the BOOMERANG CASE!

19) Big Belly Burger in Central City!

20) Diggle's reaction.....PRICELESS

21) Oliver says enough people know his secret identity....we know more are about to find out :P.

22) Boomerangs' boomerangs are reinforced with carbon fiber...exactly what Barry suggested Oliver do with his arrows

23) Joe and Wells have a beef with Oliver...not getting it....

24) WOAH....what was with he boomerang?!? It seemed to be moving on its own?

25) All the ladies be lovestruck by that Oliver Queen even Iris West.

26) Its #TrainingDay and Oliver is going to be the harda**. Its actually nice...he's teaching him the things he knows...and now we don't need to see Barry relearn everything Oliver has. Plus Oliver now has a sense of humor.

27) Wells trying to bait Felicity into telling her who the Arrow is...then he says he will "figure it out on his own"...what a mischievous scientist...

28) Barry...trying to prove something...goes to stop Bivolo...and then gets his emotions modified...good job Barry...in trying to prove Oliver wrong..you proved him right

29) Ah...so we are bringing up Ronnie...who is set to appear later in the episode!

30) Clearly Bivolo effected you Barry...

31) Wells just spoiled Oliver identity...he figured it out...thats 4+ people on the "Oliver's secret list"

32) Talking about the Flash "not being a bad guy" with Eddie...and now Flash is going to intervene all emotionally hyped up and prove Eddie's point....called that...

33) First Diggle's reaction...now Cisco's

34) Here we go ... Flash v Arrow

35) Fanboy face off...Cisco and Caitlin v. Diggle!

36) At least we are getting a pretty logical fight...no making him slower...Barry is actual owning Oliver right now...this fight is actually making sense....good fight...I'm actually sold on the logistics of it.

37) Cailtlin names the villain this time!

38) Where is this big Oliver reveal? and the Wells/Oliver confrontation?

39) Wells met Robert Queen..."very proud of the man you have become"...wow didn't expect that to be the Wells/Ollie confrontation BUT then he calls it... there is something off about Wells.

40) Even Oliver picks up on the Barry/Iris situation...how oblivious are you Iris?

41) Called that...it was a (as I said) small cameo by Sandra Hawke...as I said small cameo is plausible...but not something that will be drummed up this season....they didn't confirm a thing with this?....we ALL knew Connor was still alive...I am VERY VERY confused...that was all stuff we knew before?

They literally confirmed this in a few interviews last year...I would hardly count that as a reveal...

42) No more Iris/Flash relationship for now?

43) GUYS ITS FIRESTORM!!!!!!!!!! Guys....don't freak out...this is NOT his final look....Robbie Amell has said that this is nothing like what he will end up looking like. Robbie said "I will look ridiculous"

Fan Noticed

1) Reference to the Pied Piper!!!!!

What to Expect from Part 2....

Nick Tarabay as Capt. Boomerang

From Stephen Amell's Facebook video...the key points:


2) Arrow - "When billionaires go broke...they still have a couple million dollars left...it is addressed int he latter part of the year"

3) Season 4 plans

4) 2 Truths and a Lie about the crossover

a) Thea has a Marilyn Monroe "episode"/experience

b) Barry throws Oliver off a roof

c) Oliver encounters Ray Palmer for the first time since episode 1 (not including last episodes "encounter")

5) 3 Words to Describe 1st time first time reading crossover script: "But....but....how?"

Kreisberg and Guggenheim on Crossover Part 2:

What brings Team Flash to Starling City?
Guggenheim: They are tasked with helping catch Canary’s (Caity Lotz) killer at the end of the first part of the crossover. We’re immersing them deeply into our season-long mythology.

Captain Boomerang (Nick E. Tarabay) will be stirring up trouble, particularly targeting Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson). What can you tease?

Guggenheim: We’re always saying that we want the stakes on Arrow to be high, particularly for an important episode like this one. We always find that the stakes are highest when people or characters that we care about are placed in jeopardy. The city is certainly placed in jeopardy, but we wanted to personalize it in the form of Lyla, who is a fan-favorite character and certainly a favorite character of Diggle’s.

How does Team Flash handle the darker side of being a hero?
Guggenheim: With the Arrow part of the crossover, I was a bit more interested—since we got the Team Arrow reaction to metahumans in The Flash episode—to explore what is Team Flash’s reaction to the darkness of Starling City and the darkness of the world that Oliver inhabits. It’s very, very different from the world that Barry and his team deal with.

Kreisberg: Somebody in the Arrow universe gets fairly badly hurt in the Arrow episode and we see Caitlin dive in as a doctor.  (I feel like it has to be Lyla, Thea, or Diggle...everyone else has been severely hurt as of late except for them). One of the things that we talked about a lot is the idea that on The Flash, she’s a fun doctor, but our tone note for that was to treat it like ER and have blood everywhere and have Caitlin be shaken up. One of the things Caitlin and Cisco realize in the Arrow episode is they’ve been having a lot of fun, despite being scared in dangerous situations, but the world of the Arrow is a darker, bleaker world. It takes a different kind of fortitude to survive it.


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