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EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E08 aka Crossover Part 2 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E08 aka Crossover Part 2 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E01 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E03 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E04 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E05 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Arrow...Who Killed Sara Lance *Updated Until Episode 6*

1) Who killed Sarah evidence (for and against) from Episode 6.. for the evidence from Episodes 1-6 of this season.




Other Archer:


Why? See guide

Why? See guide

Why? See guide

Why? See guide


Why? See guide

2)  Could Karl Yune's Maseo Yamashiro ... from the Hong Kong... be part of the death of Sara... he is seen in the released photos from next weeks episode part of the League of Assassins Flashbacks

4)  What is the big development in the case to find Sara's killer....

5) Unfortunately...unless Oliver isn't wearing his upgraded suit he is supposed to get looks like the suit upgrades are very minor...hoping for a big change at the end of the season...this is a still from the NEXT episode. As of now all I am seeing is the new quiver/quiver strap with those things tucked beneath it.

6) Nick Tarabay as Digger Harkness aka Captain Boomerang

Name: George "Digger" Harkness

Codename: Captain Boomerang

Short Bio: 
-He is a violent thug from Australia

-Uses a variety of high-tech and "trick"boomerangs to commit his crimes

-In the past he has been a member of the Suicide Squad, Injustice League, The Secret Society of Super-Villains, and EVEN The Black Lantern Corps

-Harkness was killed during the Identity Crisis story line and was later resurrected, as mentioned above, in the Blackest Night storyline

-He is the father of Owen Mercer (mentioned below)

Mastery of throwing boomerangs such as: 
1) Explosive Boomerang: A boomerang that explodes.
2) Collapsible Boomerang: A boomerang that collapses so that it can be easily concealed.
3) Lightning Boomerang: A lightning-fast boomerang that even knocked out the Flash.
4) Rocket Boomerang: A large boomerang capable of launching into space.
5) Razor Boomerang: A boomerang capable of cutting through bone and flesh when thrown correctly. He used this boomerang to kill Jack Drake.
Marc Guggenheim tweeted the photo below from the storyboard taken from one of the two crossover episodes, "Flash vs. Arrow" or "The Brave and The Bold"

7) Stephen Amell's 2 Lies and a Truth About the Crossover...which was true...which wasn't?

a) Thea has a Marilyn Monroe "episode"/experience

b) Barry throws Oliver off a roof - As of the Flash vs. Arrow episode...technically he did...he cut the Arrow before Ollie made it up the side of the building

c) Oliver encounters Ray Palmer for the first time since episode 1 (not including last episodes "encounter")

8) Roy using trick arrows...he needs a bow upgrade tho...anyone else agree? Ollie suit upgrade and Roy bow upgrade.

9) Argus' flanking patterns haven't changed in years according to Oliver...Hong Kong reference?

10) Cisco...gets straight to the point...he NEEDS to see the "toys"...Arrowmobile reference! 

11) Cisco...UPGRADE THAT SUIT!!! Although...refer to point #5
12) Yea Felicity what is that bar for? Caitlin is curious....

13) Make another pun...I dare you Capt. Boomerang..."What goes around comes around"

14) They couldn't have picked a better villain for the two to fight...considering he is part of the Suicide Squad and Flash's Rogues gallery

15) Here comes Barry Allen folks! Right by Thea Queen!

16) Arsenal uses the ESCRIMA STICKS! Why? Because he is a fully loaded Arsenal! #NightwingTrademark

17) The Squad has to be killed in Tanzania? Who else could have been on that team?

18) Flash super speed Salmon Ladder...haha

19) Lyla and Diggles reactions last night and tonight...priceless...

Diggle's reaction to Barry's speed last night
20) Superspeed evidence reassembly ... as Oliver would say... "cool"

21) Tech'd out Boomerangs...

22) Wait....KaBoom Boomerang?...Who will name him this episode???

23) Bart Allen! Lance calls him Bart ... reference to Barry's grandson who eventually becomes Kid Flash 

24) Oliver is no longer a member of the Bratva :(

Oliver's bratva tattoo
25) Barry is really just showing Oliver up...sorry Ollie BUT his inexperience is showing a little.

26) Lyla calls Barry "Speedy" .... another funny joke....and then she basically said Oliver and Barry's relationship is like hers and her ex. husband....

27) Oliver and Lyla's conversation....they drop the words "Brave and Bold"

28) Cisco on field work!

29) What is so important about the bomb in Hong Kong?

30) Cisco says powers were given to "us" #VibeIsComingSoon 

Cisco Ramon aka Vibe

31) Harkness in the Arrowcave? Saw that coming ... 

32) Another Boomerang pun..."things can come back to haunt you"

33) Felicity helps to save the day? ... Throws explosive arrowhead at Harkness...good move.

34) Caitlin the doctor....good to see another side of her character.

35) If your on the table with the light under it...your defiantly hurt pretty bad.

36) Waller says Oliver needs to "practice torture" that a thing?

37) Awww Cisco making eyes at Thea

38) The Ollie/Barry scene in the Arrowcave...starting to show real character growth aren't you Oliver?

39) Harkness on subway platform...I guarantee Barry clears the platform...#CalledThat

40) How fast are you Barry? Can you stop all 5 bombs? Reminds me of the JLA Cartoon episode where Joker ( I believe) plants a bunch of bombs and the Leaguers need to gather them up while other the Royal Flush Gang...try to stop them

41) First promo for Flash v. Reverse Flash! Looks sick!

42) Why isn't Roy helping in this fight? I mean I guess so Barry could super speed him somewhere ...

43) Reference to the past villain! Multiplex!

44) Barry is just people snatching right now! He doesn't even know if they all have coms to communicate

45) And Cisco names him again! "Screw you Captain Boomerang!"

46) Boomerang sounds a lot like Slade in the Season 2 finale... "not killing me makes you weak"

47) Lyla and Digg married...I mean remarried!

48) Sara evidence???? Or at the end?

49) Digger Harkness on the Island! SUPERMAX!

50) Barry gets a mannequin/costume holder in the Arrowcave!

51) Cisco is working on BIGGER AND BETTER designs for Oliver's costume! We may see a BIG upgrade later on!!! Right now its just a few new big costume upgrade?

52) Damn I thought Barry was going to say "not as the Arrow but as the Green Arrow"

53) Arrow v Ra's Next Week!!!! Was it Ra's??? Oliver says "You've taken your last life"

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