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EDITORIAL: CW's Reverse Flash Explained

EDITORIAL: CW's Reverse Flash Explained 

Harrison Wells aka The Reverse Flash
*Disclaimer…this will be long…but informative and will touch on nearly every aspect of the show to prove its point…please read it…and enjoy - Arrowverse*

To begin, I would like you all to do me a favor and pretend like you know nothing of Harrison Wells, if you have a conflicting theory, it may skew your belief to what seems to be quite clearly placed in this analysis. Clearly the Arrow/Flash writers may have some huge twist in store for us fans and Harrison Wells may not be The Reverse Flash, but as a fan of the comics, as well as the series, I will be taking the time to explain my very logical conclusion as to who he is, while also addressing and disproving some theories that I see floating around the web.

Prior to even delving into theories I would like to clarify some things for everyone, as I have seen that many people still don’t understand this. The name “Reverse Flash” is more of an overarching category name; Eobard Thawne was the first Reverse Flash (if you ignore Jay Garrick’s “Rival”) but he also went by the name “Professor Zoom”. Hunter Zolomon, the second Reverse Flash also went by “Zoom” and lastly Daniel West, the Reverse Flash of the New 52 has been the only Reverse Flash to use the former as his codename, and so:

Pre-New 52
Eobard Thawne = Reverse Flash = Professor Zoom (also goes by Zoom in The Flash: Rebirth)
Hunter Zolomon = Reverse Flash = Zoom
Thaddeus Thawne = Technically a Reverse Flash = Inertia
Edward Clariss = Technically a Reverse Flash = Rival

New 52
Daniel West = Reverse Flash

Most of those names you don’t need to know for this write up, but I figured if I was going to explain, I might as well not cut it short.

The Reverse Flashes in order as named above...
The second I would like to address is a “red herring”. A red herring is used to refer to something that misleads or distracts from the relevant or important issue. It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or characters towards a false conclusion. A red herring might be intentionally used, such as in mystery fiction or as part of a rhetorical strategy, or it could be inadvertently used during argumentation.

Not Merlyn the Archer (left) and Misled Deathstroke (right...3rd image)

The final thing I would like to address is the “Wells as Reverse Flash is to obvious”…I see these comments every now and then on forums, comment threads, and Facebook and would like to point something out. To whoever is commenting…YES…Wells is the Reverse Flash “obviously” but given the number of theories regarding his identity…and the number of separate theories surrounding others being Reverse Flash…it isn’t really as obvious as some seem to think…on top of this…was revealing Malcolm Merlyn as The Dark Archer in/prior to the mid-season finale of Arrow (Season 1) when they could have left the speculative screen up (as to whether Tommy was Merlyn the Archer) “to early” or “to obvious” as well? No…nor was it seen as such.

Now, for the TV show…. prior to addressing my own theory, I must also touch on one possibility that doesn’t make sense to me as a fan of the comics, and a fan of pure logic. Clearly adaptations take liberties, but when it comes to “big bads”, both Arrow and the Flash have stayed true to the characters at their core, and because of this I must begin by saying.

I think seeing Hunter Zolomon on this show is highly unlikely given the circumstances. Zolomon is the Pre-New 52 Wally West's Reverse Flash, and it has been confirmed that the take we will be getting is more of a post New 52 Wally. To boot, in the comics Zolomon has never faced Barry Allen one on one, the only time they have ever crossed paths is on various occasions where Barry and Eobard, travelling time, run across Wally and Zoom, and even in this case the longest these 2 Flash 2 Reverse Flash battles have lasted is 2 issues. Therefore, rather than putting Zolomon to waste, or using him for no reason, the writers took some of his character traits and divided them among two likely candidates, Wells and Eddie, to create a better red herring for the fans. It wouldn’t be the first time they had done this, they used Isabel Roshev’s character but gave her elements of Slade Wilson’s daughter, Ravager, because Ravager was/is unlikely to show up. They also seem to be doing the same for Barry, taking drawing a lot of the comedic elements from Wally West’s time as the Flash. On top of this, Geoff Johns aka DC’s Head Consultant Honcho among other things has said that this show sticks close to general comic book canon.

So from that I would like to present you with my theory…

My Theory: 

Eddie = Malcolm Thawne aka Cobalt Blue, BUT with some Zolomon traits...rather than being a janitor at the station...he is the top cop...like Zolomon was...among other things

Wells = Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom, BUT with some Zolomon traits...being confined to a wheelchair, the time when he snapped his fingers (Zolomon fans will get this)...among other things

Now before you write my theory off as one you have seen before…I bid you to keep reading…as I have done my research, I know the show, and I know the comics

Evidence - Episode Breakdown:

Episode 1 – The Pilot: The second I saw this shows pilot when it leaked in July I felt something fishy about Harrison Wells, and my mind immediately jumped to the fact that he could be the Reverse Flash. It was made quite clear by the end of the pilot that Harrison Wells knew something of the future, as seen by the paper from 2024, and that his paralysis was clearly a sham. Eobard Thawne aka "Barry Allen's Reverse Flash" is from the 25th century. The wheelchair however, seemed to draw elements from Hunter Zolomon or Zoom. In the comics Zoom, in his Zolomon persona is for a time trapped in a wheelchair, and then after gaining his powers keeps the ruse up to throw Wally West (the Flash at that point) off of his scent, but as I mentioned before…I also realized that Zolomon most likely won’t, nor should he appear.

I will touch on the 2024 paper further down in detail.

A paper that showcases TWO Crisis on Infinite Earth easter eggs...this will come up more later :D

Another key element that fans seem to overlook is that Eobard Thawne, in some most appearances is significantly older than Barry, to the end that he even has grey hair. Although he did at one time, before hating him, have his face modified to look like Barry’s, in later appearances and storylines he still looked significantly older. His last unmasked appearance was in The Flash: Rebirth, seen belowWells is also, clearly, significantly older than the characters on the show whom he spends his time with.

Eobard Thawne with his mask off as seen in his most recent appearance in The Flash: Rebirth

The final battle of this episode against Weather Wizard Beta (as in the comic his brother is the true Weather Wizard) also provides evidence that Wells is Eobard Thawne in what he says to motivate Barry. As a final push Wells says “Run!, Barry, Run!”…this could be pure coincidence, but the same phrase is also used in the past when Nora Allen is killed by none other than Eobard Thawne (although Barry is there as the Flash…but that’s a whole different write up). Granted, it was said by Barry’s father…the only people who could have heard him say this were both past and future Barry, Henry, Nora, and the Reverse Flash (who according to Rebirth and Flashpoint in this case IS Eobard Thawne).
"Run Barry Run"
Much like the paper, I will touch on Wells’ motivation to “help” Barry later on…the two tie together and deserve their own section

One thing many fans have used as backing in their (in my opinion) false arguments is a quote from Geoff Johns that they seem to have misunderstood, they claims that because Wells is a new character as proof that Wells isn't Reverse Flash...BUT the actual quote from Johns was... "Harrison Wells is a new character that was created, the name obviously is brand new. I don't think we can say anything else about it," says Johns. " ... the NAME IS NEW...the character is not...John's takes care to rephrase and hint quite clearly that it is the name, not the character that is completely new. Some may have noticed that this name is not uncommon; it is actually a play on the name H.G. Wells, who wrote...wait for it...The Time Machine. This illusion to the author of the Time Machine also implied to me that Wells was a traveler of time, not someone who was from the present but had knowledge of the future.

H.G. Wells: The Time Machine

After the pilot fans saw this happen...this photo (below) was “leaked”, making it seem pretty clear that the chin of the finalized version of Reverse Flash matches that of Tom Cavanugh who has facial features that are very hard to replicate.

His jaw is a very distinct thing, the lines on either side in his face, the length of his lower jaw...

Episode 2 – The Fastest Man Alive: The second episode of the Flash further showcased Wells' "helping" Barry through his trails and tribulations. Although in the pilot he acted as if he didn't want Barry to become the Flash...by the second episode he has done a complete 180, and was pushing Barry to be the Flash. Then BOOM that ending...Harrison Wells killed the first person in his attempt to ensure Barry Allen becomes the Flash. This episode and its predecessor sparked the belief that Wells was characters like... Future Barry Allen, Rip Hunter, Booster Gold, Pariah or Bart Allen, all of these theories and more are touched upon or questioned at the end of this post, so if you are interested read after my theory is concluded.

Again Wells’ motivations/need to help Barry are touched on later

Episode 3 – Things You Can’t Outrun: The third episode of the Flash contained a few minor hints that Wells is Eobard Thawne in things that he says, such as “I have waited for this day for centuries”, again Eobard Thawne does hail from the 25th century, waiting for centuries does not imply being from the past and waiting for the future, it can also be applied in the opposing direction. Wells also says, “The future will be here faster then you think”, another allusion to the future. “Surprised what you can get used to”, another one of his lines, to me referred to two things, the first being trapped in the past whereas the second is Wells’ adjustment to sitting in a wheelchair despite being 100% mobile. The final scene of this episode, in which we see Wells watching a recording of Barry in his lab prior to the lightning also made it clear that he knew WHO Barry was prior to the accident, and he intentionally created the accident so that Barry would become Flash. In the comics, one thing that Eobard Thawne recognizes, especially prior to Flashpoint, where he attempts to take Barry’s place in history as the Flash is that HE (Thawne) CAN NOT exist unless Barry Allen becomes the Flash. This scene also made it clear that it was not the “future room” that had granted Wells’ his mobility in the first episode, he was simply and is simply faking his need for a wheelchair.

Note: Thawne DOES exist in the Flashpoint universe where Barry isn’t the Flash, BUT this is due to Barry’s accidental tampering with the time stream NOT Thawne. We also learn that Thawne is a paradox in this case, he technically should NOT exist, but since he was inside of the time stream when it was tampered with, he was unaffected

Episode 4 – Going Rogue: As another time traveler based throwaway reference, the writers choose to give Wells’ the word “foresaw”. It is in this episode that we see the emergence of Wells’ “mad” side, yes, he had killed prior to this, but in a calm and collected manor, in conjugation with this “mad” side of Wells…one might think Wells’ is insane as I did. Of all of the Reverse Flashes Eobard Thawne is known for his mentally “breaking” at a few points in his career and having residual effects of his temporary insanity popping up at various points. There are even points in his career where he forgets his hate for Barry Allen, something that, especially after episode 9 could be a certain character trait of Wells, it is possible not even he knows of his hatred for Barry at this point…and is slowly beginning to remember or have Flashes of said hatred.

Episode 5 – Plastique: This episode established that Wells had been in the present time for at least 10 years, OR that he has an established fake history for 10 years. If this history is real, it could mean that as Eobard, Wells’ went back in time, killed Barry’s mother and then stayed in the present timeline. Wells also uses the phrase “Reversing one’s fortune” another nod to his probable identity. In this episode we also see Wells being extremely manipulative something that Eobard Thawne is known for being in the comics, always attempting to manipulate everyone’s beliefs to fit his own agenda. One thing fans point out as “evidence that Wells is Hunter Zolomon” is his connection to Gorilla Grodd that is established in this episode. In my theory I state that Wells does draw minor influence from Zolomon, since he is unlikely to appear, but Wells is indeed, Eobard Thawne. Zolomon’s connection to Grodd in the comics is that it is Grodd who cripples Wells, we have yet to see HOW Wells’ gets crippled, but we know he is faking…so even they may chose to use Grodd as some form of a ploy in his crippling…HOWEVER, it is not only Zolomon who has connections to Grodd…at one point in history Eobard Thawne is known for making changes to Gorilla City, Grodd’s homeland.

Episode 6 – The Flash is Born: It is in this episode that we learn Wells history, or fake established history dates back 14 years, to when Nora Allen was murdered, and that this is when he moved to town. This episode ends with Reverse Flash destroying the evidence of Nora Allen’s murder and threatening the life of Iris West, all after Wells was accused or being involved. Despite initially wanting to be Barry Allen at first in the comics Eobard Thawne soon made the shift to villain, but even then, for a time he wanted Iris West, so threatening her to many fans seemed “out of character” if this was Eobard, but if we look to more recent comics, we will see that in The Flash: Rebirth, Eobard actually attempts to kill Iris, exactly as the show foreshadowed.

Eobard ALMOST kills Iris before her first date with Barry
Episode 7 – Power Outage: When I first saw Wells frantically searching his computer program GIDEON to see if the future was unchanged and looking for “all signs of Barry Allen”…I thought that Wells was trying to make sure the Crisis happened. Then I realized that Wells had asked G.I.D.E.O.N. to search for ANY trace at ANY time of Barry/The Flash...and something began to process. Maybe...just maybe the Crisis isn't a huge event Wells is trying to make sure occurs...but that particular paper is his guarantee that Barry Allen existed...his past self (from the future) gets his powers, and then Barry Allen disappears. In taking the DNA from the meta, it showed that Wells wanted want to synthesize a failsafe, or maybe even a neutralizer for Barry. All this "pushing Barry to be faster" may just be to ensure Wells becomes Reverse Flash. As many people may know Eobard Thawne’s original plan was to be "the next Barry Allen"...at points he even went as far as to try to replace him in the comics...gaining speed and then allowing the Flash to lose his speed would serve this purpose as well. It was in this episode that I realized the over analysis people had been placing on the papers significance, something I will touch on later.  Lastly, as a sort of mini-theory within this grand scheme of things, many fans originally believed that Wells’ computer having the name “Gideon” was a reference to Wells’ being a new god…but upon further reading I confirmed my thought, this Gideon is nothing like the new god Gideon, not even “its” gender is the same. Then a thought hit me…Wells’ name is comparable to that of H.G. Wells, writer of the time machine, although up until this point, the acronym simply stood at H.Wells…but the name Gideon seemed to be chosen on purpose…Gideon…had subtly filled the place of the “G” in the acronym. This little mini theory may be completely off basis and not what the writers intended BUT it also has no effect on this overall theory either way.

Gideon the New God (left) vs. G.I.D.E.O.N Wells' future seeing tech assistant ([voice of] right)
Episode 8 – Flash vs. Arrow: This episode has noticeably less focus on Wells, but concludes with Oliver noting that something is wrong about Wells. Also earlier on we see Wells “deduce” Oliver is The Arrow, although this wouldn’t be a difficult feat, it could just as easily be explained that he used his knowledge of the future to deduce his identiy.

Flash vs. Arrow!
In a recent interview Grant Gustin said two things, "all fan theories are wrong" and that we won't see Reverse Flashes face because he will be using the same face vibration trick that Barry has been using. To touch on the "all fan theories are wrong", many should realize actors are literally paid to do just this...he can't come out and say "I have seen the rumors...some may be true"...because it takes a lot of the mystery off the table.

Episode 9 – The Man in the Yellow Suit: This episode concluded with Wells’ putting the tachyon particle creator on the Reverse Flash suit that is revealed to be in his keeping, we also see that he has a Reverse Flash ring that features clasps, a means that both Barry and Eobard use to store their costumes at points throughout the comic…this episode ends up being interpretable in two ways:

Option 1: The Reverse Flash they trap is a past version (from the future…I know it sounds weird) of Eobard Thawne aka Harrison Wells. The disturbance in the force field is the meeting of both a past and present Harrison Wells. The tachyon particles in this case give Wells’ his power back, something this theory says he lost when he travelled back in time to kill Barry’s mother. For a time, in the comic Eobard Thawne DID use an old, recolored Barry Allen suit, and replicated its vibrations to produce his speed. The issue with this theory is it denies basic time travel laws that nearly ever TV show and movie follow…the meeting of a past and present self would cause a lot more than a little disruption in a force field. On top of that…for a show in its first season it would seem insane to introduce characters from the past and the present, and have them meet.

A young Eobard receives the Flash costume he later dyes and makes his own in ONE of his many "origins"
The above theory states that Wells (as Eobard) lost ALL of his power when he went back to kill Barry’s mother

There is also the opinion that one of the two is Hunter Zolomon…again…illogical….

Option 2: Although I wouldn’t mind if they went with the prior option…this option can also be read in two ways, the first as if Eobard is using a power he was given in The Flash: Rebirth, his ability to create multiple after-images of himself, the second as read below:

The above theory states that Wells (as Eobard) lost some of his power when he went back to kill Barry’s mother, to the point where he could no longer travel time freely

Scene Analysis: 
The scene opens with them (Cisco, Cate, Wells, Joe, Eddie and Swat Team) watching a security camera feed of this place where Cisco has set up a force field to stop the Reverse Flash...then suddenly...on the camera...he is there...and then he is trapped. Next scene, all but Cisco and Cate go to the room, with Cisco and Cate monitoring from the control lab...Reverse Flash doesn't speak...and then Joe steps up to ask him a question...he ignores Joe and turns to Wells and speaks ONLY to Wells... Then Cisco realizes there is an issue with the forcefield... some fluctuation...it isn't going to hold. After this, Wells is "pulled" from is chair and beaten to a pulp by this so called Reverse Flash...but ALL in real time...no slo-mo like when Barry is running at top speed.Joe hits the generator keeping the field up to "save" Wells, and Reverse Flash escapes. Reverse Flash then kills all of Eddies men...but not Eddie...and then stares Eddie down...Why doesn't he kill Eddie? Because if Eddie dies...his ancestor...there is no Reverse Flash...No Wells...Then he speeds off and a battle ensues.

Reading the Scene: Please note I do take a film studies class...so I'm not just spewing random stuff...
First lets start at how they see Reverse Flash initially...over a security camera feed...something many of us have seen time and time again tampered with in both movie and film. There is no guarantee that what we saw...is what happened in REAL TIME.

This group shot was clearly done on purpose...it would seem to confirm EVERYONE was in this room...no one was in the same room as the tachyon device.

Reverse Flash appears on the camera feed

Reverse Flash on the camera feed

Again you can also read this as if he is using his power to create mimicking after images

Next let us move to the fact that even after Joe asks Reverse Flash "Why he murdered Nora Allen?" the RF takes no notice of him asking...instead he ignores him and speaks directly to Wells. If this was a prerecorded encounter, Wells speaking would know what to say...the timing...etc…because he asked the questions...and he couldn't account for what others would do or say...and that is why Joe's question goes unnoticed...

Also if it is a projection...this could be the reason why the face seems to change from each angle...it looks different each time they zoom in...BUT...once Wells is pulled in...there are significantly less close ups and clear shots of his face beneath the mask...

Joe asks "Why did you murder Nora Allen"

RF doesn't even look in Joe's direction..he looks only at Wells and speaks only to Wells

And "Wells" responds.....

Again you can also read this as if he is using his power to create mimicking after images

Next Eobard/Wells wasn't grabbed and pulled into the force field...he moved so fast all we saw was the speed...it is in this speed that Wells dons the costume himself...and the projection becomes Wells without costume.... and it is also here that we stop seeing the lower part of Reverse Flashes face as clearly...and his vibrations become faster and therefore he is more blurred...

Look at the shot...there is no body in that...its just a streak of red...it is just as possible Wells moved in...as Reverse Flash aka himself pulled him in

And then he was gone...

Again you can also read this as if he is using his power to create mimicking after images

***In conjunction with this, I also though that the disruptions in the field could be because Wells' was moving so fast and being in both places at the same time...now that I rethink it...it seems less plausible...BUT WE SHOULD NOTE...this ENTIRE SCENE TAKES PLACE IN REAL TIME...NO SLO-MO***

Then we see Wells beat himself to a pulp...how does he do this?...Speed...its all in the speed...this is all shot in real time...anything that is being tone at TOP speed...we wouldn't even see...he could just as easily be hurting himself. PLUS if you look at screenshots...something about the scene seems fake...

Something about his movements...or lack of them seems to suggest this is fake to me....

Wells just doesn't "look real" in these shots

We also don't hear him say a word after he is pulled in...and the Reverse Flash begins talking to others freely again...

Again you can also read this as if he is using his power to create mimicking after images

Reverse Flash then kills all of Eddies men...but not Eddie...and then stares Eddie down...Why doesn't he kill Eddie? Because if Eddie dies...his ancestor...there is no Reverse Flash...No Wells...Then he speeds off and a battle ensues, but not before OPENLY responding/speaking to Joe...something he couldn't do before...and the few shots of Wells' body we DO see...he is unmoving...no moans...no speaking...no twitching...and his body is fairly hidden throughout and NEVER leaves the platform...

*Take notice that he never leaves the platform and that RF is significantly more blurred in these scenes*
Wells stops moving...
Wells still unmoving the background...no movement no talking
RF confronts Joe
Wells still hasn't moved...

Again you can also read this as if he is using his power to create mimicking after images

But the ending seems to confirm it was Wells/Eobard who stole the tachyon device...and that he is Reverse Flash.... TACHYON particles are moreover associated with time travel…it would make sense that after killing Barry’s mother, Wells lost SOME of his speed and was simply unable to time travel…hence the need for tachyons.

Reverse Flash ring...where does the costume come from :P

Wells and the suit...
The tachyon machine "charging the suit"

The scene then concludes with Wells' face healing, something that an experienced user of the negative speed force could control the time of... he then looks into the camera and says "Merry Christmas" and the scene concludes

Some fans claim that his face only heals after the tachyon device is placed on to his suit...which would support the first opinion (above)... BUT ... 
A) That is not the purpose of tachyons 
B) The device doesn't actually come into contact with Wells'
C) Watch the scene again...there is not other place where is face could have healed and he could have said "Merry Christmas" that would have carried as much weight

If your confused about point C...just imagine the scene differently...imagine that... Wells' turns to the camera and says "Merry Christmas" and his face begins to heal... the emotion is high and then...he takes 1-2 minutes to put the tachyon device on and THEN the episode ends
Wells' healed face

The 2024 Paper:
Up until now people have been looking at this paper as a sign of what is to come…Crisis on Infinite Earths, and while I don’t deny that is what the paper literally suggests I believe this is where many people have gone wrong in their analysis. To pull of Crisis on Infinite Earths you would need a lot more than what we have now, plus there are some huge key players missing…I am not saying that they couldn’t introduce the characters between now and 2024…but it is unlikely there are…again…a lot…and they have already alluded to another BIG and much more feasible (without the change in reality) storyline, Flashpoint. Now…What is the 2024 paper then?...What purpose does it serve?... In the comics Eobard Thawne’s initial motivation to be his time’s version of the Flash, and his reasoning for loving the Flash stemmed from a book he had, The Life Story of the Flash, this is a detail long forgotten by many comic fans, and could easily be what this paper represents. Despite being born in the 25th century, and the paper being from 2024…this paper would (as it suggests Barry Allen’s death prior to Flash: Rebirth) serve as the apt time for Barry to become a legend…and if this is what allowed Barry to become a legend, then it could easily be what inspired a young, solemn, secluded Eobard Thawne to love the Flash. This would explain his reasoning and NEED to have this paper cover return in the episode Power Outage, because had it not been for this paper, or its cover more specifically, the Flash would have not become the legend he was in the 25th century.

The unravelling of Eobard's time as Barry Allen...and The Life Story of the Flash

Wells’ Motivations:
In terms of motivations I continue to see people cite this quote as proof that he is Hunter Zolomon because according to them Wells’ is trying to make Barry a better hero:
My name is Hunter Zolomon. Despite what the public believes, I am
the fastest man alive. I am Zoom. But I am not a Rogue. Far from it. I
 have taken the name and colors from Eobard Thawne -- the time traveler
 know as Professor Zoom -- in order to terrorize my friend. Wally West.
The Flash. I suffered through tragedy. I lost my family to it. I understand
 the depths it will drag one down to. And only by surviving it does one
 become stronger. I will recreate myself to help my friend and in turn –
 the world. I will do anything to make the Flash a better hero.”

The constant citation of this quote as “proof he is Zolomon” makes me question if people are actually watching the show. Not only is this not what Wells does on the show… but in the comics, Zolomon subjects Wally to painful experiences to make the goal above become true…on the show, Wells/Eobard does something completely different…every “goal” he has set for Barry has been speed based…because if Barry doesn’t reach his top speeds, then the occurrence that inspired a young Eobard Thawne (Wells) to become what he is…would never occur. Wells’ himself says it… his goal is to “keep the man in the red mask SAFE”… he isn’t trying to improve him in any way…nor does he subject him to any tests that help him grow. Eobard began loving Barry Allen when he was initially introduced…but as time passed he did grow to hate him due to his insanity and the belief (for a time) that he was Barry Allen…as time passed (in the real world) and he was reintroduced in The Flash: Rebirth his feelings seemed to be similar…he disliked Barry Allen BUT he recognized he wouldn’t be who he was without him…and to some end acknowledged and lives/lived with that fact. Also...the fact that Barry's speed force is needed to reach a specific point in order for Wells to have his speed force created (negative and positive), serves as reasoning for Wells not pushing Barry as a hero...but as he is constantly saying "to be faster".

A scene from Rebirth that depicts how Eobard played a hand Barry's return Post Crisis
This photo should do a bulk of the explanation for you...
I will be updating this with minor facts that I left out accidentally here and there as time goes on, but in closing I would like to restate my theory that the facts seem to support:

Eddie = Malcolm Thawne aka Cobalt Blue, BUT with some Zolomon traits...rather than being a janitor at the station...he is the top cop...like Zolomon was...among other things

Wells = Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom, BUT with some Zolomon traits...being confined to a wheelchair, the time when he snapped his fingers (Zolomon fans will get this)...among other things

Also…if your wondering why I think The Flash: Rebirth is a heavy influence (or carries some weight) this photo…a screenshot from a VERY RECENT holiday video shot in Tom Cavanaugh’s trailer should give you a hint:

If you haven't seen the video by the way...it's hilarious
This is the end…unless you would like to read why other theories on who Wells is don’t seem to make much sense…If you enjoyed this write up…and want me to do a similar one on Eddie Thawne *cough* Malcolm Thawne *cough* just comment below that you would be interested…it’s something I would love to/most likely will do

Hunter Zolomon: To some end I have stated this above. But essentially it boils down to the fact that Zolomon has no business being on the show…especially not this early… There have been times where Eobard and Zolomon have teamed up to combat Pre-New 52 Wally, who again won’t be showing up, BUT there has never been a time where Zolomon alone or Zolomon with Eobard has taken on Barry Allen alone (as a short or long storyline). On top of this my theory speaks to the capacity at which he should/and seems to be being used already.

Note, clearly episode 9 disproved a lot of these theories…but I am just going to go through and state why they didn’t seem to be correct prior to then.

Future Barry Allen:

Barry Allen meets his tainted future self in the New 52
Evidence For:
In terms of "evidence for" this, all I can seem to chalk up is this, that Tom Cavanugh resembles Grant Gustin but older, ala the dark brown/black hair, as well as the following. We've recently seen a brutal, alternate-future Barry Allen in the comics (see above); tying into the "five years later" events of The New 52: Futures End, this version of Barry is OK with killing as is Wells. 

Oh wow...dark hair and white skin...must be the same person....feels like the "Diggle should be John Stewart" thing all over again

Evidence Against:
Many people seem to think, for some strange reason that his knowledge of the future suggests that Harrison Wells is actually the "missing Barry" spoken of in the newspaper. This thought is easily disproven by even the little evidence we are given; the newspaper contains a photo. The photo below the heading of said newspaper features not only a new Flash suit, but CLEARLY features Gustin's face in that suit. IF the writers were to employ this crazy Harrison Wells is future Barry twist then why make it clear that it is Gustin running around as the Flash in the year 2024? Why not simply include a photo of the Flash running, with a blurred face, or no photo at all. The evidence to support this claim simply doesn't exist. ... although it could be contested that Barry was sent to the past, and then aged into himself (Wells now) BUT ... he clearly has contact with the future, we see this in episode 7 with his "future assistant" G.I.D.E.O.N.  so if he WAS Barry "stuck" in the past, why not ummm...contact the future?...go home?...its not like he is stuck. Even more disproof comes from something a fan pointed out to me…since when has anyone seen a movie…where a time displaced version of someone came into contact with an older version of themselves and not recognized who it is (see the same photo above if you are confused)…clearly Barry is like “wait…your me?”…

The newspaper photo from 2024
The claim above also goes hand and hand with the fact that future Barry "disappears" and could have been taken into the past and aged to Well's point (as I said previously), aside from the obvious fact that having future Barry doesn't help perpetuate the show, the disappearance of Flash in the lightning bolt is a clear homage to Crisis on Infinite Earths. As some may know there are things in CBM shows that simply CANNOT be changed as they hold so much comic significance, The Flash's "iconic" "death" in Crisis on Infinite Earths is one of them. To read more into the the easter eggs pertaining Crisis on Infinite Earth's click here and read "Harder to Find Easter Eggs" #1 and #2.

Some of the Questions Raised:
-Why the Reverse Flash costume?
-Why the semi-killing spree?...Why kill random characters but not Rogues as he does in the comics?
-Many more…

To some end, the lack of evidence for should also support the evidence against…

Rip Hunter:

Rip Hunter and his famous chalkboard, revealing things/questions as he normally does 
Evidence For:
From what I have seen this is just a fan theory, there has been little to no support that he is Rip Hunter aside from his want to keep the future as it is. The only semi-support I have seen is that Geoff Johns, who co-wrote the first two episodes of The Flash and is an executive producer on the series, wrote a year's worth of Booster Gold and Rip Hunter team-up stories in 52 and followed them up with another year on a relaunched Booster Gold series.

Evidence Against:
To begin, the character just doesn't have strong comic book ties to Barry at all, not to say that they wouldn't include in for that reason, but it would make for an odd choice. This fan theory seem to hold just a little bit of water in the following way, after the Crisis on Infinite Earth's storyline Rip Hunter, unlike most other characters, continues with the same personality and memories that preceded this event. This event was used as a literary device to portray him as a man out of time and without a home. BUT this can just as easily be woven back into the theory that he is Zoom, the detail is playable in both fields, but with one glaring exception, Well's being Rip Hunter, a man out of time never has any connection to The Flash, the actual star of the show?...Whereas being Eobard Thawne, man out of time clearly does have connections to the shows titular character. Fan's also suggest that he could be Rip Hunter because he is "preparing Barry for the Crisis"... why then would have have his reservation in the pilot about making Barry a hero then? Just think of that simple question, although the same could be asked of Reverse Flash, hiding the fact that he is Barry's greatest nemesis is a necessity, it doesn't change a thing however if Wells is indeed Rip Hunter.

Some of the Questions Raised:
-Why the wheelchair?
-Why did he play a hand in Barry’s origin?
-Many more…

To some end, the lack of evidence for should also support the evidence against…

Pariah: aka the only other theory I ever considered...until like episode 6…

Pariah in one of 4-6 panels he has ever shared with the Flash
Evidence For:
In the second episode of the series, his character (Wells) refers to himself as a "pariah," who was a character who played a large role in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Refer to EDITORIAL: The Flash Guide to S01E01 With Spoilers ; the first two points in the section titled "Harder to Find Easter Eggs" for the Crisis on Infinite Earths easter eggs.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Pariah worked with different heroes from different realities, including Alexander Luthor, in an attempt to defeat the Anti-Monitor. Once the Crisis was abated, Pariah remained on the newly reformed Earth, relieved that his penance seemed to be over, and hoping to find a new life for himself.

Evidence Against:
Pariah has no strong ties to the Flash (although they were both prominent in a storyline they rarely interacted, nor has there been any mention or even minor hint that his character is anything like Pariah. Plus his overall characterization and actions suggest something completely different.

Some of the Questions Raised:
-Why the wheelchair?
-Why the part in Barry’s origin?
-Many more…

To some end, the lack of evidence for should also support the evidence against…

Booster Gold:
Booster Gold Pre-New 52
Evidence For:
Honestly, again all I can say is the same for Rip Hunter...from what I have seen this is just a fan theory, there has been little to no support that he is Booster. The only semi-support I have seen is that Geoff Johns, who co-wrote the first two episodes of The Flash and is an executive producer on the series, wrote a year's worth of Booster Gold and Rip Hunter team-up stories in 52 and followed them up with another year on a re-launched Booster Gold series.

Evidence Against:
Much like Bart Allen, (mentioned next), Smallville has already ruined Booster Gold, and many have displayed their dismay for this as they did with him, that, coupled with the fact that the writers/producers have said this show sticks pretty close to source material kind of goes against the Booster theory.

Booster Gold as seen on the CW's Smallville

I have however seen people claim that G.I.D.E.O.N. is a modified version of Boosters famous pal Skeets...but lets be honest...if we watch the scene again, the sentence could have easily been said without the computers name, so if he was Booster...why not just NOT give the computer a name until who he is...is revealed...

Some of the Questions Raised:
-Why…everything they have done to him? He is literally not even a tad like Booster…at all…
-Many more…

To some end, the lack of evidence for should also support the evidence against…

Bart Allen:

Bart Allen as Impulse on Young Justice
Evidence For:
Being quite honest the only support I can seem to find for this theory is that Wells is from the future and he has ties to Barry.

Evidence Against:
Some fans go as far as to say Harrison Wells is a grown version of Bart Allen that comes back into the past to "help" his grandfather. This response will definitely contain some opinion as I see this thought as confusing and rather un-needed. Smallville already ruined Bart Allen, and many have displayed their dismay for this, that, coupled with the fact that the writers/producers have said this show sticks pretty close to source material. 

Arguably they HAVE tried to fix him in Smallville Season 11 (the photo on the right)...but still...
Bart Allen is Barry's young, brash, fun loving grandson who comes back from the future and, after starting as Impulse, eventually takes up the mantle of Kid Flash. None of the essential traits are even remotely possible, nor do they seem like they will become apparent as time goes on. On top of this, the New 52 shows us that although not The Flash's sidekick, Bart Allen is actually the first Kid Flash, so who knows? It is more likely that he will be the first Kid Flash, then that he is Wells, although some may contest this point and claim there are "two different versions". The killing featured at the end of the end of the second episode would be extremely out of place even for a seriously disturbed Bart.

Evolution of Bart Allen, although after being the Flash he did return as Kid Flash prior to the reboot

Some of the Questions Raised:
-Feel like this one is pretty self explanatory
-Many more…

To some end, the lack of evidence for should also support the evidence against…

Vandal Savage:

Vandal Savage as seen in Cartoon Networks Young Justice
Evidence For:
Much like many of the theories I have seen this is another that comes with little to no support. Yes...indeed it would be interesting if he was Vandal, but this theory stemmed from his many references to the future...but people seem to misunderstand, Vandal is NOT from the future, he is from the past, and he does not die, he has been around since the beginning of time. 

Evidence Against:
As I said before, "Vandal is NOT from the future, he is from the past, and he does not die, he has been around since the beginning of time". On top of this, although not completely supportive, Vandal has, to my knowledge and research NEVER squared off against the Flash 1v1.... many of the villains people claim Arrow uses that aren't Arrow villains....have actually fought him in the past and with reason, Vandal on the other hand has no such reason.

Some of the Questions Raised:
-Why do anything that he does?...Like at all…
-Need to create a superhero?
-Knowledge of the future?

To some end, the lack of evidence for should also support the evidence against…

Metron in his fancy chair :P
Evidence For:
Support for this theory lies within the fact that they do defiantly have similar faces. On top of this, they both have the ability to hail from different points in time. Lastly and largest of all the support is the chair, they both confine themselves to chairs even though they are both capable of walking.

Evidence Against:
If you watched episode S01E07, "Power Outage, you would see Wells calls his future computer "G.I.D.E.O.N", and people believe this is support to the fact that he is a New God, or specifically Metron, yes..that is a possible interpretation...but in reality there are plenty of other New Gods that could have made more sense to reference, and considering Gideon the New God is a guy...why would the voice be female? (Voiced by Morena Baccarin) Considering the fact that this is such a minor throwaway, why then wouldn't they just make the voice male? I don't think it would give more/tarnish the support of this G.I.D.E.O.N = New God Gideon theory at all.

Gideon the New God (left) vs. G.I.D.E.O.N Wells' future seeing tech assistant ([voice of] right)

Some of the Questions Raised:
-What about...everything else about Wells?...

To some end, the lack of evidence for should also support the evidence against…

Abra Kadabra:
Abra..Kadabra...Here he is
Evidence For:
He is from the future...thats about it

Evidence Against:
All other theories and facts within said theories

Some of the Questions Raised:

To some end, the lack of evidence for should also support the evidence against…

Grodd in “Human Form”: Trust me…I don’t get it either…

Grodd's busted open cage from the pilot
Evidence For:
He is manipulative and "created" Grodd...yea...thats all. But for those who don't get the theory it is something like this... the particle accelerator effected Grodd as everyone thought, he gained mind control power. Rather than emerging as a brilliant gorilla right away, he decided to use Wells' as his puppet.

Evidence Against:
Quite a bit of things...almost everything aside from the evidence for actually...

Some of the Questions Raised:
-Oh…99% of what has happened on the Flash should be put into question if Wells is “human Grodd”…

To some end, the lack of evidence for should also support the evidence against…

Jay Garrick:

Jay Garrick, the real first Flash

Evidence For:
Much like Wells, Garrick was a scientist in the comics. Not only is he a scientist, but he is a particle physicist

Evidence Against:
The lack of support stands for a counter argument as well as this easter egg (below) from episode S01E06 which seems to prove Jay Garrick, who may not show up, does exist to some end in this universe.

Keystone's History: Garrick's Wharf

Some of the Questions Raised:
-Self explanatory…

To some end, the lack of evidence for should also support the evidence against…

H.Wells from the Superfriends:
H.Wells from Superfriends!
Evidence For:
One thing that you should look into about the “Harrison Wells” theory, is an old, 1980 Super Friends episode, “The Elevator to Nowhere”. In the cartoon, Wonder Woman and the Atom are summoned by a Dr. Wells. He tells the duo that he can be reached below ground and for them to get into the elevator, which is really a time machine, and they are forced to go on a time traveling adventure unwillingly. Eventually they get back to the present (1980) and incarcerate Dr. Wells. I never says Dr. Wells’ First name, but I would assume this is the same, infamous Dr. Harrison Wells.

Evidence Against:
In this case it is just as likely that the writers had the same idea..HG Wells the time traveler was their inspiration

Some of the Questions Raised:
-Self explanatory…aside from a name that suggests time travel they are nothing a like..

To some end, the lack of evidence for should also support the evidence against…

If you made it this far…I applaud you…if I missed anything ANYWHERE…just leave it in the comments below and I will add it accordingly…

Again if you want a similar write up on Eddie…just leave that comment below as Well(s)



  1. Wow, what a comprehensive article . Thanks for sharing your views, it makes watching the show interesting with all the questions up in the air :-)
    Just a unrelated question to the reverse flash theories, what do you think about Barry's dad in prison , him being there to protect himself and his family beacuse he has a big secret?

    1. I PERSONALLY think any secret alluded to is that Barry DOES have family outside of the Prison...he isn't as alone (biologically) as he thinks...Eddie is his long lost brother and I believe that si what is being slightly alluded to