Wednesday, December 10, 2014



"Oliver Queen is dead"...sure sounds like Malcolm's voice....

Theory before the episode....

1) Ra's "dies" ... it'd be a nice way to introduce the Lazarus Pit

2) Oliver "dies" or is severely hurt

3) They call it a respectable of the comic will know Ra's Al Ghul is  respectable and honorable man....if Oliver is able to keep the fight at a wouldn't be two out of question for Ra's to call it.

In terms of 2 and 3,  recent rumors have been making the rounds around the web that Oliver will go missing in the time between the mid-season finale and the beginning of the show in 2015...these rumors began after Amell told people that he had 10 days off after opposed to his usual 2, while his cast mates would still be shooting.

The prominent reasoning for his disappearance is:

1) He thinks he killed the trailer we see that the DNA Felicity is analyzing turns out to be Oliver's...and so he is told it was he who killed Sara. Unless he doesn't find out tonight that it wasn't him...clearly it wasn' is quite possible he goes into temporary self-exile ala between Season 1 and 2. Although it is still possible he will find out it wasn't him tomorrow.

2) He is presumed dead...if Ra's kills him and he manages to escape...he may have reasoning not to return to Star(ling) City.

3) He is severely hurt and either Ra's, seeing him as a worthy foe, helps him get back into "fighting shape", (or maybe he trains him :P), OR Nyssa, seeing that he fought to find Sara's killer, nurses him back to health.

But what does Oliver being missing do for the show?
Well the show could easily time jump between the mid-season finale and its you could easily develop characters in the jump.

Laurel and Ray emerge as the Black Canary and the ATOM to protect the city....this would be a nice way to introduce both heroes...they emerge in the wake of a comrade they think has fallen.

But what about Arsenal?!?!?

Do you remember this set photo?... With Oliver disappearing and Roy still in the vigilante/hero game I wouldn't be surprised if the dynamic shifted in the wake of Oliver's disappearance. Roy is relatively versed in being a vigilante...and I'm sure he and Laurel could team up and do some good...

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