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FLASH NEWS: Title for S01E10 Released

FLASH NEWS: Title for S01E10 Released

It looks like the 10th episode of the Flash will be titled "Revenge of the Rogues" and will see the return of Wentworth Millers Captain Cold, along with the first appearance of Dominic Purcell's Heatwave!

 Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold

Name: Leonard Snart

Codename: Captain Cold

Short Bio: 
-One of the leaders of the Rogues

-One of Flash's deadliest enemies

-He has a freeze gun, but not your typical freeze gun, it slows things down to a molecular level
-Golden-Glider is his sister

-In the past he has been a member of the Suicide Squad, Injustice League, and the Secret Society of Super-Villains


PreNew52 & Probable for Show:
-Has no superhuman powers, a likely approach the CW may be taken as to differenitate between him and Caitlin Snow's inevitable transformation into Killer Frost

-Uses a highly advanced freeze gun which he has modified over. His weapon(s) allow for a variety of effects such as:

-A cold beam that freezes anything it hits instantly.
-Creating a cold field where people and objects literally stop in their tracks. Cold uses this ability to slow down The Flash's movements, with Barry starting off seemingly slower than his traditional comic self, it seems this feature will be added to Cold's gun, as it also seems likely that as he adjusts to his powers Barry will get faster.

-Bathing his opponent in a wide beam of ice designed to freeze the skin of the target so they stay conscious and do not go numb to the pain. Cold used this to kill Chill Blaine who murdered Cold's sister, the Golden Glider (included later in this editorial) to make him suffer as much as possible.

-Creating a slippery field of ice which can slow down the Flash.

-Forming sharp stalagmites on the ground to impale his enemies. Used to kill Chill Blaine after freezing the outer layer of his skin so he could inflict as much pain as possible.

-An "Ice Grenade" which was stated to "turn this place into an iceberg". Used to freeze everything in a large radius, and the whole of Iron Heights during the events of Blackest Night
Creating "mirages" out of extreme cold-like heat.

New 52
-In the reboot he had undergone experiments that gave him ice based powers much like Killer Frost, these powers included:
1) The ability to slow down the molecules around him.
2) The ability to create a field of inertia that reduces the Flash's speed to a human level, allowing Captain Cold to touch him and effortlessly beat him.

HOWEVER: Due to the storyline in Forever Evil, Captain Cold has lost his powers thanks to Deathstorm, (a parallel version of Firestorm), and has gone back using his cold gun.

For those who don't know much of Cold, and think of him as a Mr. Freeze rip off, they should know that even Mr. Freeze looks up to Cold, going as far as to say "he only cold-themed villain in the DC Universe to have mastered 'absolute zero' with his weapons."

Snart will be making his debut in S01E04 of The Flash, "Going Rogue", the synopsis of which can be found here.

Dominic Purcell as Heatwave

Name: Mick Rory (sometimes Rory Calhoun)

Codename: Heat Wave

Short Bio: 
-Founding member of the Rogues

-Uses a handheld flamethrower that produces enough heat to melt the Flash's boots.

-Has also been a member of Project Cadmus and the Secret Society of Super-Villains

-The suit Heatwave wears (when he does wear the suit) is typically a flame retardant suit that is covered and made u of asbestos.  HOWEVER he has since gotten a new suit (above) created by the Crime Tailor (see below)

A fans vision of the jacket he could wear, definitely a cool thought
-The heat gun he uses is a re-purposed flame thrower that does not only create flames but increases the ambient temperature of the surrounding area, and create small personalized fire storms that incinerate targets without the use of fuel tanks.

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