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FLASH NEWS: DETAILS + Synopsis for S01E09 "Man In the Yellow Suit"

FLASH NEWS: DETAILS + Synopsis for S01E09 "Man In the Yellow Suit"

Still fits with my Reverse Flash "Beta" and Reverse Flash Theory...so I'm down with it....click here to read it.

Still fits with my Reverse Flash "Beta" and Reverse Flash Theory...so I'm down with it....click here to read it.

People are immediately saying "oh" this proves it...he isn't Reverse Flash...that is far from the case...again read my theory above...on top of that...since when has any tv show revealed a long debated topic in the episode synopsis?

First...Again I doubt they would reveal something that large in a synopsis...

Second...doesn't mean he isn't Reverse Flash...way I see it...based on the evidence we have there will be a Reverse Flash "beta" of sorts..this will be a modified Hunter Zolomon-esk character...(definitely not Zolomon himself...ut will draw from his character overall...if this decoy IS Eddie...and then he looses the speed...that brings in even more motivation and tension for the reveal that he is Malcolm Thawne aka Cobalt Blue...which again there is actual evidence to support this) who Well's aka the REAL Reverse Flash has been pulling the strings for the whole time. Who killed Barry's mom and took the files from Joe?...Well's....BUT who will they try to "catch" this episode .... Reverse Flash "Beta"... I think it is clear Well's is Eobard...and they may modify the rules ever so slightly so that we have a decoy RF before hand...it isn't unheard of and would prolong the mystery.

It seems the CW is basing 2 characters on 3 comic characters...which isn't an issue considering as of the New 52 they don't exist ....

Wells = Eobard with slight elements of Hunter (aka Zoom (Reverse Flash 2))

Eddie = Malcolm Thawne with more features of Hunter

If you want to see actual evidence rather than hilarious fan whims check out the Editorial "Who is Harrison Wells" (click here to read it.)

If you were one of the people that guessed that the person wearing that Reverse-Flash costume on the set of The Flash was a stuntman, then give yourself a pat on the back! Barry Allen will come face to face with the villain in the midseason finale of The CW series, but we won't be finding out his identity just yet according to Grant Gustin in an interviewith Entertainment Weekly"Barry will actually get to come face to face with him, not just running with him, but standing face to face with him, looking at him," he told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview. "He’s vibrating, so he doesn’t know who he is. We don’t see his face. No characters see his face and the audience doesn’t necessarily see his face either, but Barry gets to hear him say that he killed his mom."
So, who is Reverse-Flash? Though fans are pointing to Detective Eddie Thawne and Harrison Wells as the most likely suspects, it sounds as if there are lots of surprises to come! "I didn’t even remotely see coming what Andrew Kreisberg told me is going to be one of the turning points with that storyline," adds Gustin. "I’ve heard so many theories surrounding Reverse Flash that are all interesting. I was like, ‘Oh, I know what’s going on,’ but literally no one knows what’s going on. Anyone who thinks they know what’s going on is wrong. I’m in the in and I thought I knew, but Andrew told me and I was like, ‘Holy crap.'" Learning that this villain is indeed responsible for killing his mother will apparently cause the hero to lose "his mind a little bit," but that will be followed by what sounds like an epic fight scene between the two"Following that, we have a huge fight that we shot in the football stadium in Vancouver. That was huge."
Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg weighs in by teasing Team Flash's reaction to meeting Reverse-Flash, and it might just clear Wells' name! "Episode 9 is really cool because it’s everybody coming together to help,” Kreisberg says. “Cisco [Carlos Valdes] and Wells [Tom Cavanagh] devise a trap to bait the Reverse Flash and they enlist the help of Tina McGee, played by Amanda Pays from the original Flash show. It becomes an interesting new combination of characters. It’s fun when you finally see our team confronting the Reverse Flash and seeing everybody’s reactions, because he is the devil, in a way, to the show,” Kreisberg continues. “When you finally see everybody confront him, it’s really scary. It’s certainly the scariest thing we’ve done on the show. Our tone note to Tom, Jesse and Grant was to pretend you were in the room with the alien from Alien. You should all be that scared." What do you guys think about these latest details?

BARRY COMES FACE-TO-FACE WITH THE MAN IN THE YELLOW SUIT/AMANDA PAYS RETURNS TO THE FLASH — Barry (Grant Gustin) finds himself face-to-face with his nemesis, the man in the yellow suit, a.k.a. Reverse Flash, who killed his mother. Barry is frustrated when the Reverse Flash escapes, but Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) come up with a plan to trap him. All they need is bait, so they turn to Dr. Tina McGee (guest star Amanda Pays) from Mercury Labs to help. Meanwhile, it’s Christmas at The West household and Iris (Candice Patton) is in full holiday cheer. Eddie (Rick Cosnett) gives her a surprising gift but also leaves her with a question that could change her life. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) joins the search for the man in yellow and ends up in the crossfire. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) finds Ronnie (Robbie Amell). Ralph Hemecker directed the episode written by Todd Helbing & Aaron Helbing (#109).

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