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EDITORIAL: The Wells/Thawne Conundrum

EDITORIAL: The Wells/Thawne Conundrum

To date, I have written a few "Who is Harrison Wells?" based editorials that detail my belief into who Harrison Wells is, isn't and why. Well here is another, updated and rewritten to maximize understanding and convincablity power (that isn't a word...but...I hope this allows people to understand why he is and isn't characters according to what we have seen). I will also touch on Eddie Thawne and who he seems to be given what we know as of now.

Now right off that bat I would like to say that many people think this is "to obvious" but clearly by the pure amount of speculation as to who he is it really isn't as obvious as people claim.

Main Theories:
To begin, I would like to start with my three plausible base theories before delving into the support behind them.

1) Eddie is a "Reverse Flash Beta", being manipulated by Wells, who draws heavily from Cobalt Blue, aka Malcolm Thawne, and draws a little character from the 2nd Reverse Flash, Hunter Zolomon. Considering Zolomon aka Zoom is more of a PreNew 52 Wally West villain, and no longer even exists in comic continuity on Earth Prime, it's unlikely we will ever see him on the CW's Flash, especially considering the producers seem to confirm that we will be getting a Post New 52 version of Wally. With Eddie being "Reverse Flash Beta", we then have Wells reveal himself by seasons end as the real Reverse Flash. Eddie, now ever hungry and anxious to gain back what he lost (the temporary speed Wells had given him). Sets off on his journey to become Cobalt Blue, Wells could also reveal to Eddie that he is in fact Barry's long lost brother Malcolm.

2) Eddie is still "Reverse Flash Beta", and a third party is the real Reverse Flash.

3) A third party is "Reverse Flash Beta", and Wells is the real Reverse Flash.

*I believe that the character of Hunter Zolomon, whom I find unlikely that we will ever actually see, has had his character traits divided between both Harrison Wells AND Eddie Thawne.*

*Clearly there are tons of theories as to who he is..and I try to address them all below...but in my opinion...there is colossal amounts of "hidden" as in not directly stated support that he is the Reverse Flash that one would only know if they were hardcore comic fans...if he isn't Reverse Flash I would be seriously disappointed*

A fan drew this and he noted that the leaked SET photos and the post-pilot photos featured a Reverse Flash costume that was slightly different from the other

*Just to clarify something people get mixed up about, the Flash's arch-nemisis is called the Reverse Flash, but Wally's Reverse Flash is also called Zoom aka Hunter Zolomon, whilst Barry's Reverse Flash is also called Professor Zoom aka EOBARD Thawne.*

In the PreNew 52 continuity, what REALLY separated Hunter and Eobard's costumes (along with the logo) were Hunter's distinct all black eyes with red pupils 

*Some also claim that Wells was actually informed by someone from the future rather than being from the future itself. Considering his little future room, his knowledge and G.I.D.E.O.N I find it highly unlikely. It would seem weird if someone just came up to him and was like here is all this future tech... do X, Y, and Z, plus the name H.G. Wells ala The Time Traveler.


The Pilot - S01E01
The second I saw this shows pilot when it leaked in July I felt something fishy about Harrison Wells, and my mind immediately jumped to the fact that he could be the Reverse Flash. It was made quite clear by the end of the pilot that Harrison Wells knew something of the future, and that his paralysis was clearly a sham. Eobard Thawne aka "Barry Allen's Reverse Flash" is from the 25th century, the necessary time and CGI to create a futuristic setting in the 25th century seems pointless if  the future can be simply bumped up to 2024, on top of that it is still possible Eobard comes from the 25th century and that the crisis mentioned simply occurs in 2024. As I mentioned before I think both Wells and Thawne (EDDIE) will draw parts of their character from Zoom (or Reverse Flash II), in the comics Zoom, in his Zolomon persona is for a time trapped in a wheelchair, and then after gaining his powers keeps the ruse up to throw Wally off of his scent, I believe the same is easily true for Harrison Wells'.

A paper that showcases TWO Crisis on Infinite Earth easter eggs...this will come up more later :D
Another key element that fans seem to overlook is the Reverse Flash is significantly older that Barry in most appearances, to the end that he even has grey hair. Wells is also, clearly, significantly older than the characters on the show whom he spends his time with.

Eobard Thawne with his mask off
More support for this comes from the fact that at the beginning of the pilot. when we see Barry's mother get killed by the Reverse Flash we also hear his father yell to him, "Run!, Barry, Run!".... this may be pure coincidence, but the same phrase is later used the same phrase, "Run!, Barry, Run!" when "motivating" Barry to get up and run. If it is more than just pure coincidence, the only people that could have heard Mr. Allen say those things are Barry, Reverse Flash, Nora Allen, and of course Mr. Allen himself. We know that Well's isn't anther Barry (read below), he obviously isn't Nora Allen, nor is he Mr. Allen...that leaves only one option..

A question I initially received when I stated I though Wells' was Reverse Flash was "Why does he help Barry then?". The answer to this is simple, in the comics, a HUGE part of Eobard Thawne's character is that he, as the Reverse Flash only ever exists is BECAUSE Barry Allen became the who has the most to gain by Barry being struck? and who has the most control and knowledge of this event? (This is also made clearer in later episodes). As stated above Reverse Flash KNOWS he will only be created IF the Flash is created...and the Reverse Flash loves being...well he loves being the Reverse Flash.... he goes back to ensure that Barry becomes the Flash.

On top of all of this, we know that this twist is one that the Arrow producers have used, although to a lesser degree, in the past; we all know at some point some if not ALL of us thought, prior to Malcolm's introduction that Tommy Merlyn WAS Merlyn the Archer, we all know that some of us thought Laurel would be the first and only person to suit up as Canary, and we ALL thought that the masked man on the island was Slade Wilson until we found out it was Wintergreen.

Tommy Merlyn and Merlyn the Archer ... Billy Wintergreen and Slade Wilson
One thing many fans have used as backing in their (in my opinion) false arguments is a quote from Geoff Johns that they seem to have misunderstood, they claims that because Wells is a new character as proof that Wells isn't Reverse Flash...BUT the actual quote from Johns is... "Harrison Wells is a new character that was created, the name obviously is brand new. I don't think we can say anything else about it," says Johns. " ... the NAME IS NEW...the character is not...John's takes care to rephrase and hint quite clearly that it is the name, not the character that is completely new. Some may have noticed that this name is not uncommon, it is actually a play on the name H.G. Wells, who wrote...wait for it...The Time Machine.

H.G. Wells: The Time Machine
Finally, some fans may not have noticed, especially if they didn't catch the pilot when it was leaked, that Harrison Wells being "engulfed" by YELLOW lightning to close the show was the only obvious effect added after the leak, this is something that seems to close out a few Wells' based scenes since then as Well.

But then...AFTER THE PILOT this happened...this photo was leaked, and it seems pretty clear that the chin of the finalized version of Reverse Flash matches that of Tom Cavanugh who has facial features that are very hard to replicate.

The leaked post-production image...
His jaw is a very distinct thing, the lines on either side in his face, the length of his lower jaw...

Fastest Man Alive - S01E02
The second episode of the Flash further showcased Wells' "helping" Barry through his trails and tribulations. Although in the pilot he acted as if he didn't want Barry to become the the second episode he has done a complete 180, and is now pushing Barry to be the Flash. Then BOOM that ending...Harrison Wells killed the first person in his attempt to ensure Barry Allen becomes the Flash,  this scene theoretically shows that Well's needs to protect Barry...but to what end?..This episode and its predecessor sparked the belief that Wells was characters like... Future Barry Allen, Rip Hunter, Booster Gold, Pariah or Bart Allen.

Rip Hunter - 

Rip Hunter and his famous chalkboard, revealing things/questions as he normally does 
Evidence For:
From what I have seen this is just a fan theory, there has been little to no support that he is Rip Hunter aside from his manipulation of the future, but even that point... Hunter in the comics pushes for a very unchanged future and only corrects things that demand correction. The only semi-support I have seen is that Geoff Johns, who co-wrote the first two episodes of The Flash and is an executive producer on the series, wrote a year's worth of Booster Gold and Rip Hunter team-up stories in 52 and followed them up with another year on a relaunched Booster Gold series.

Evidence Against:
To begin, the character just doesn't have strong comic book ties to Barry at all, not to say that they wouldn't include in for that reason, but it would make for an odd choice. This fan theory seem to hold just a little bit of water in the following way, after the Crisis on Infinite Earth's storyline Rip Hunter, unlike most other characters, continues with the same personality and memories that preceded this event. This event was used as a literary device to portray him as a man out of time and without a home. BUT this can just as easily be woven back into the theory that he is Zoom, the detail is playable in both fields, but with one glaring exception, Well's being Rip Hunter, a man out of time never has any connection to The Flash, the actual star of the show?...Whereas being Eobard Thawne, man out of time clearly does have connections to the shows titular character. Fan's also suggest that he could be Rip Hunter because he is "preparing Barry for the Crisis"... why then would have have his reservation in the pilot about making Barry a hero then? Just think of that simple question, although the same could be asked of Reverse Flash, hiding the fact that he is Barry's greatest nemesis is a necessity, it doesn't change a thing however if Wells is indeed Rip Hunter.   Lastly, like I said before, Rip wants to prevent any messing with time. He'd only be preventing something caused by another time traveler. Nothing points to that being the case.

*The lack of evidence for also serves as evidence against as Well. Wells' general characterization until this point also serves as a counter*

Future Barry Allen - 
Barry Allen meets his tainted future self in the New 52
Evidence For:
In terms of "evidence for" this, all I can seem to chalk up is this, that Tom Cavanugh resembles Grant Gustin but older, ala the dark brown/black hair, as well as the following. We've recently seen a brutal, alternate-future Barry Allen in the comics (see above); tying into the "five years later" events of The New 52: Futures End, this version of Barry is OK with killing as is Wells. 

Oh wow...dark hair and white skin...must be the same person....feels like the "Diggle should be John Stewart" thing all over again
Evidence Against:
Many people seem to think, for some strange reason that his knowledge of the future suggests that Harrison Wells is actually the "missing Barry" spoken of in the newspaper. This thought is easily disproven by the little evidence we are given; the newspaper contains a photo. The photo below the heading of said newspaper features not only a new Flash suit, but CLEARLY features Gustin's face in that suit. IF the writers were to employ this crazy Harrison Wells is future Barry twist then why make it clear that it is Gustin running around as the Flash in the year 2024? Why not simply include a photo of the Flash running, with a blurred face, or no photo at all. The evidence to support this claim simply doesn't exist. ... although it could be contested that Barry was sent to the past, and then aged into himself (Wells now) BUT ... he clearly has contact with the future, we see this in episode 7 with his "future assistant" G.I.D.E.O.N.  so if he WAS Barry "stuck" in the past, why not the future?...go home?...its not like he is stuck.

The newspaper photo from 2024
This claim also goes hand and hand with the fact that future Barry "disappears" and could have been taken into the past and aged to Well's point (as I said previously), aside from the obvious fact that having future Barry doesn't help perpetuate the show, the disappearance of Flash in the lightning bolt is a clear homage to Crisis on Infinite Earths. As some may know there are things in CBM shows that simply CANNOT be changed as they hold so much comic significance, The Flash's "iconic" "death" in Crisis on Infinite Earths is one of them. To read more into the the easter eggs pertaining Crisis on Infinite Earth's click here and read "Harder to Find Easter Eggs" #1 and #2.

Crisis on Infinite Earths poster

*The lack of evidence for also serves as evidence against as Well. Wells' general characterization until this point also serves as a counter*

Pariah- aka the only other theory I found/find plausible, but to a much lesser degree
Evidence For:
In the second episode of the series, his character (Wells) refers to himself as a "pariah," who was a character who played a large role in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Refer to EDITORIAL: The Flash Guide to S01E01 With Spoilers ; the first two points in the section titled "Harder to Find Easter Eggs" for the Crisis on Infinite Earths easter eggs.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Pariah worked with different heroes from different realities, including Alexander Luthor, in an attempt to defeat the Anti-Monitor. Once the Crisis was abated, Pariah remained on the newly reformed Earth, relieved that his penance seemed to be over, and hoping to find a new life for himself.

Evidence Against:
Pariah has no strong ties to the Flash (although they were both prominent in a storyline they rarely interacted, nor has there been any mention or even minor hint that his character is anything like Pariah.

Then in episode S01E07 when Wells began to scream at his computer, G.I.D.E.O.N. to find ANY record of Barry Allen, to which it couldn't, I thought to myself...WOW...he COULD be Pariah...and then the episode ended with Wells taking the blood from the one villain who can take Barry's powers away, which seems to imply he would do the same; I'll touch more on this later though.

The new newspaper after Barry "lost his powers"
*The lack of evidence for also serves as evidence against as Well. Wells' general characterization until this point also serves as a counter*

Booster Gold - 
Evidence For:
Honestly, again all I can say is the same for Rip Hunter...from what I have seen this is just a fan theory, there has been little to no support that he is Booster. The only semi-support I have seen is that Geoff Johns, who co-wrote the first two episodes of The Flash and is an executive producer on the series, wrote a year's worth of Booster Gold and Rip Hunter team-up stories in 52 and followed them up with another year on a relaunched Booster Gold series.

Evidence Against:
Much like Bart Allen, Smallville has already ruined Booster Gold, and many have displayed their dismay for this as they did with him, that, coupled with the fact that the writers/producers have said this show sticks pretty close to source material kind of goes against the Booster theory.

I have however seen people claim that G.I.D.E.O.N. is a modified version of Boosters famous pal Skeets...but lets be honest...if we watch the scene again, the sentence could have easily been said without the computers name, so if he was Booster...why not just NOT give the computer a name until who he revealed...

Booster Gold as seen on the CW's Smallville
*The lack of evidence for also serves as evidence against as Well. Wells' general characterization until this point also serves as a counter*

Bart Allen - 
Bart Allen as Impulse on Young Justice
Evidence For:
Being quite honest the only support I can seem to find for this theory is that Wells is from the future and he has ties to Barry.

Evidence Against:
Some fans go as far as to say Harrison Wells is a grown version of Bart Allen that comes back into the past to "help" his grandfather. This response will definitely contain some opinion as I see this thought as confusing and rather un-needed. Smallville already ruined Bart Allen, and many have displayed their dismay for this, that, coupled with the fact that the writers/producers have said this show sticks pretty close to source material. 

Arguably they HAVE tried to fix him in Smallville Season 11 (the photo on the right)...but still...
Bart Allen is Barry's young, brash, fun loving grandson who comes back from the future and, after starting as Impulse, eventually takes up the mantle of Kid Flash. None of the essential traits are even remotely possible, nor do they seem like they will become apparent as time goes on. On top of this, the New 52 shows us that although not The Flash's sidekick, Bart Allen is actually the first Kid Flash, so who knows? It is more likely that he will be the first Kid Flash, then that he is Wells, although some may contest this point and claim there are "two different versions". The killing featured at the end of the end of the second episode would be extremely out of place even for a seriously disturbed Bart.

Evolution of Bart Allen, although after being the Flash he did return as Kid Flash prior to the reboot
*The lack of evidence for also serves as evidence against as Well. Wells' general characterization until this point also serves as a counter*

Things You Can't Outrun - S01E03
The third episode of the Flash has a few minor hints that support the theory that Wells is Eobard Thawne, those include him saying I have "waited for this day for centuries" - as many do or do not know, again, Eobard Thawne is from the 25th century. He also says, "That future will be here faster then you think". Wells also says, "Surprised what you can get used to" ... as in chilling in a wheelchair when you have super speed??? The final scene seems to make it clear he knew that this accident would create the Flash...He clearly knew who Barry was prior to the accident and he knew what the lightning would do to him and did all he could to make sure it happened. 

Sidenote: The final scene disproves the theory that it is the room that helps wells walk.

He IS faking the paralysis, it ISNT the room that allows him to do the walking
Following this episode I also saw the emergence of two more theories...that I plan to invalidate :P...sorry theories :(.

Vandal Savage-
Vandal Savage as seen in Cartoon Networks Young Justice
Evidence For:
Much like many of the theories I have seen this is another that comes with little to no support. Yes...indeed it would be interesting if he was Vandal, but this theory stemmed from his many references to the future...but people seem to misunderstand, Vandal is NOT from the future, he is from the past, and he does not die, he has been around since the beginning of time. 

Evidence Against:
As I said before, "Vandal is NOT from the future, he is from the past, and he does not die, he has been around since the beginning of time". On top of this, although not completely supportive, Vandal has, to my knowledge and research NEVER squared off against the Flash 1v1.... many of the villains people claim Arrow uses that aren't Arrow villains....have actually fought him in the past and with reason, Vandal on the other hand has no such reason.

*The lack of evidence for also serves as evidence against as Well. Wells' general characterization until this point also serves as a counter*


Evidence For:
Support for this theory lies within the fact that they do defiantly have similar faces. On top of this, they both have the ability to hail from different points in time. Lastly and largest of all the support is the chair, they both confine themselves to chairs even though they are both capable of walking.

Evidence Against:
If you watched episode S01E07, "Power Outage, you would see Wells calls his future computer "G.I.D.E.O.N", and people believe this is support to the fact that he is a New God, or specifically Metron, yes..that is a possible interpretation...but in reality there are plenty of other New Gods that could have made more sense to reference, and considering Gideon the New God is a guy...why would the voice be female? (Voiced by Morena Baccarin) Considering the fact that this is such a minor throwaway, why then wouldn't they just make the voice male? I don't think it would give more/tarnish the support of this G.I.D.E.O.N = New God Gideon theory at all.

Gideon the New God (left) vs. G.I.D.E.O.N Wells' future seeing tech assistant ([voice of] right)

*The lack of evidence for also serves as evidence against as Well. Wells' general characterization until this point also serves as a counter*

Also there is the Abra Kadabra theory...didn't know where this should go because...well ... yea 

Abra Kadabra - 
Evidence For:
He is from the future...thats about it

Evidence Against:
All other theories and facts within said theories

*The lack of evidence for also serves as evidence against as Well. Wells' general characterization until this point also serves as a counter*

Going Rogue - S01E04

This episode saw Wells use a word that really stood out for me, but this also supports him being any character from the future, he uses the word "foresaw" with very heavy meaning behind it. This episode also saw the emergence of Wells MAD side, yes he killed prior to this, but he seemed calm and collected when doing so, now we see he can be "mad", but this again supports any villainy theory.

Plastique - S01E05
Just as a random fact this episode establishes that Wells has either been in the past for 10 years or has an established fake past of 10 years...this could mean Well's didn't double time travel as Reverse Flash...he went back once...killed Barry's mom...and then stayed in that timeline. He then uses the phrase "Reversing one's fortune"...ah...reversing :P.  Wells then got PISSED out of nowhere in the lab with Plastique...and he is trying to turn Plastique against him...very very manipulative...a typical characteristic of Eobard Thawne. Lastly, we saw more casually placed yellow lightning effect fading away from Wells. Unfortunately this episode saw the emergence of a new Wells rumor as well :P...Wells is "a humanoid Grodd".

Grodd's busted open cage from the pilot

Evidence For:
He is manipulative and "created" Grodd...yea...thats all. But for those who don't get the theory it is something like this... the particle accelerator effected Grodd as everyone thought, he gained mind control power. Rather than emerging as a brilliant gorilla right away, he decided to use Wells' as his puppet.

Evidence Against:
Quite a bit of things...almost everything aside from the evidence for actually...

*The lack of evidence for also serves as evidence against as Well. Wells' general characterization until this point also serves as a counter*

The Flash Is Born - 
In this episode we see Wells blatantly lying about time travel. We also learn that Wells moved to town when Barry's mom died. The episode ends with Reverse Flash destroying Joe West's evidence and home...people then said "it being Wells was to obvious"...but that could be exactly the point...why think Wells when it could clearly be Wells?!?

You Reverse Flash's CAN time travel silly!
This episode also puts to bed the "Wells is Jay Garrick" theory
Jay Garrick, the real first Flash
Evidence For:
Much like Wells, Garrick was a scientist in the comics. Not only is he a scientist, but he is a particle physicist

Evidence Against:
The lack of support stands for a counter argument as well as this easter egg (below) from episode S01E06 which seems to prove Jay Garrick, who may not show up, does exist to some end in this universe.

Keystone's History: Garrick's Wharf

Power Outage - S01E07
This episode actually made me reconsider the Pariah..until it didn't. When I first saw Wells frantically searching with G.I.D.E.O.N. to see if the future was unchained and looking for "all signs of Barry Allen"...I thought that Wells was trying to make sure the Crisis happened and was averted...I thought that until the episode ended ... until he took the blood of the one meta-human who could take Barry's power. Then I realized that Wells had asked G.I.D.E.O.N. to search for ANY trace at ANY time of Barry/The Flash...and something began to process. Maybe..just maybe the Crisis isn't a huge event Wells is trying to make sure occurs...but that particular paper is his guarantee that Barry Allen existed...his past self (from the future) gets his powers, and then Barry Allen disappears. In taking the DNA from the meta, it shows that Wells may want to synthesize a failsafe, or maybe even a neutralizer for Barry. All this "pushing Barry to be faster" may just be to ensure Wells becomes Reverse Flash. As many people may know Eobard Thawnes original plan was to be "the next Barry Allen" points he even went as far as to try to replace him in the comics...gaining speed and then allowing the Flash to lose his speed would serve this purpose as well. No matter how it is interpreted we learn that Wells' goal is to keep this particular future intact, which should help to take the "Future Barry Allen", and "Future Bart Allen" theories off the table, as they would both want to help their future selves/grandfather not harm him. 
Barry and Eobard
Flash vs. Arrow - S01E08
As of writing this, the episode has yet to be released, but we do have some details that may add to the theory. As of now those stand as "Oliver notices something strange about Wells". We will add more after the episode.

The Man in the Yellow Suit - S01E09
No...the summary for Episode 9 "The Man in The Yellow Suit" does NOT disprove that Well's is the main Reverse Flash...hell it even fits with my previous theory.

First...Again I doubt they would reveal something that large in a synopsis...which says that Wells helps the team attempt to capture the Reverse Flash. doesn't mean he isn't Reverse Flash...way I see it (as I have said)...based on the evidence we have there will be a Reverse Flash "beta" of sorts..this will be a modified Hunter Zolomon-esk character...(definitely not Zolomon himself...ut will draw from his character overall...if this decoy IS Eddie...and then he looses the speed...that brings in even more motivation and tension for the reveal that he is Malcolm Thawne aka Cobalt Blue...which again there is actual evidence to support this) who Well's aka the REAL Reverse Flash has been pulling the strings for the whole time. Who killed Barry's mom and took the files from Joe?...Well's....BUT who will they try to "catch" this episode .... Reverse Flash "Beta"... I think it is clear Well's is Eobard...and they may modify the rules ever so slightly so that we have a decoy RF before isn't unheard of and would prolong the mystery.

It seems the CW is basing 2 characters on 3 comic characters...which isn't an issue considering as of the New 52 they don't exist ....

Wells = Eobard with slight elements of Hunter (aka Zoom (Reverse Flash 2))

Eddie = Malcolm Thawne with more features of Hunter

Now in a recent interview Grant Gustin said two things, "all fan theories are wrong" and that we won't see Reverse Flashes face because he will be using the same face vibration trick that Barry has been using. To touch on the "all fan theories are wrong", many should realize actors are literally paid to do just this...he can't come out and say "I have seen the rumors...some may be true"...because it takes a lot of the mystery off the table.

As I said I don't doubt Wells WON'T be the first Reverse Flash we see..but he will be the "real" one.

Something I didn't know where to include is the "Henry Allen is Reverse Flash Theory"
I see this theory circling that John Wesley Shipps character, Henry Allen, is actually the Reverse Flash, and the Reverse Flash is a future version of Henry driven mad by the murder he is blamed for ... soon snaps and actually commits the murder in the past. First just doesn't make sense...he has been characterized as ever hopeful and every committed to his seems not a character twist but 100% out of character for him to eventually snap. Second...if this ever were to come to fruition I would be, personally, EXTREMELY disappointed.

Wait So Who Is Eddie Thawne?

Many people right off the bat assumed that Eddie and Eobard were one and the the show progressed I would hope that they changed their minds...especially considering the only thing he shares with Eobard is the first initial of his first name...and his last name. I said this in the beginning and I will say it now, Arrow is known for its small red herrings...this is a HUGE red herring in my opinion...

Not Merlyn the Archer (left) and Misled Deathstroke (right...3rd image)
Now who is Eddie Thawne then? Well many people don't know this, but Barry Allen had a twin brother... Malcolm. Malcolm Thawne was raised by the Thawne family after Mrs. Thawne lost her baby and the doctor pretended that it was actually Mrs. Allen who had lost one of her children. Malcolm is actually the great grand-father of Eobard Thawne, the first Reverse Flash, but that was never his only purpose in the comics.

Like I said in the beginning...I do think he will be shown as Reverse Flash...but for a very short time..the fans will think "this IS Reverse Flash"...and then we will find out Wells is the true mastermind behind the problems. After losing the temporary power given to him, we have a substitution for his push to get the power his family had. Rather than NEEDING to obtain the power of the blue flame as he did in the comics (and having to explain ALL of his family heritage), the show could simply show that he misses the power Wells temporarily gives him.

Set photos show a stunt double that looks more like Eddie than Wells...but other leaked photos and evidence suggest a second Reverse Flash.
Malcolm's adoptive parents were con artists, using a strange inherited Thawne power, a blue flame, to heal people, afterwards selling jars of petroleum jelly with blue food coloring to the healed and their friends. All the other members of his family had this power except for Malcolm, and they constantly taunted him for being inferior. Finally, when he was seventeen, during one of their many arguments in which Malcolm asked to be taught the power of the blue fire, his mother told him that he had been adopted. Going to Fallville, knowing that was where he was born, Malcolm sought out Dr. Gilmore. The doctor told him of his origins, and the enraged lad killed the doctor for having picked him to give to the other family.

Barry Allen and his twin, Malcolm Thawne
Malcolm traveled around the world and got into trouble with the law. Upon his decision to finally confront Barry with his existence, he learned that his brother had become a policeman. Envious, Malcolm got a job as a janitor for a cleaning service used by the Central City Police Station. He watched Barry from afar, even witnessing the accident that gave him the power of superspeed. He grew to hate Barry for having everything that Malcolm thought should have been his own. He went to his adoptive grandmother, the mother of Hugo Thawne, to learn more about the blue flame the Thawne's wielded. It turned out that it was an art with many more capabilities than what Hugo and family had been using it for. Malcolm's grandmother taught him that the flame could steal anything that your heart desired, feeding on passion. Using this power, she taught him how to place his hatred for Barry Allen inside a talisman, which he wore on his chest. Malcolm drew his power from this talisman, and adopted a costume as the super-villain Cobalt Blue. When he faced the Flash and Kid Flash, he had the ability to steal their speed by enveloping them in his blue flame. After a battle at the zoo, Cobalt Blue appeared in Barry's lab, revealing his knowledge of Barry's identity. After a high-speed chase with a Flash created from the blue flame, Cobalt Blue was engulfed in his own blue flame. Wally thought that he had caught a glimpse of the face behind the mask, a very familiar one.

Now why do I think Rick Cosnett's Eddie Thawne is really Malcolm Thawne (with a little bit of Hunter Zolomon tossed in?)?...The answer ... is about to be broken down my friends...

Malcolm Thawne as Cobalt Blue
One thing many fans point out is that in terms of looks..Rick Cosnett and Barry Allen...are pretty similar...moreso than Grant Gustin himself. Now, in a realistic take of a show where you were trying to hide a big secret...would you make two characters identical twins...when you didn't want the audience to know they were related? No. So what is a logical way to adapt that? Make the characters fraternal twins, or brothers, so they wouldn't have to look exactly the same. Now what could be another very cool way to homage what you are doing if the actor you chose for Barry Allen doesn't exactly look how the fans wanted (by the way...I am NOT ripping on Grant...he does a SPECTACULAR job... but there were definitely fans who had their reservations simply based on looks...) but a cool way to homage that in this situation would be to make the fraternal brother...or brother...look like the character he would typically be an identical twin of.

Something a fan actually pointed out to me was how similar John Wesley Shipp, who plays Henry Allen, and Rick Cosnett, who plays Eddie Thawne actually look, and I felt this just added plausibility to my initial thought.

*A large part of the Zolomon influence comes from the fact that Malcolm worked as a janitor when he found of the Barry was his brother (at the police station), but Hunter was a cop at the station before figuring out Wally's secret*

The Blue Talisman (discussed below)
Before I begin...I would like to clarify Malcolm's Cobalt Blue powers as well, as Cobalt Blue Malcolm possess the Blue Flame Talisman. Although unable to tap into the power of the Blue Flame, Malcolm was granted access to the Blue Flame through a talisman given to him by his adopted grandmother. The talisman allows him to burst his flame out of his body and sword causing flames to leap out of his person.Malcolm can also create objects out of his Flame and his favorite is his flaming blue sword. Also, Malcolm used his hatred to channel the Blue Flame to steal objects and power from his enemies. In most occasions he uses this power to steal speed from the Flashes. Much like Flashes Malcolm can reach incredible amounts of speed by using his Blue Flame to steal speed from opponents. He can steal multiple levels of speed from different sources and achieve speeds to assault even Wally West. Lastly, the Blue Flame was mainly used by the Thawne family to "heal" and presumably Malcolm has the same ability but he hasn't shown the ability to produce healing flames as of yet.

Now onto actual evidence.

The Pilot - 
Aside from what was said above, the pilot showed that Eddie was at the station when Barry was initially struct, as was Malcolm in the comics. In an interview Cosnett dropped the Cobalt Blue name which is "strange" considering the fact that Cobalt isn't a huge character. In a later interview he implied things would be moving at a fast pace in the show, some fans took this as Reverse Flash can easily also be applied to Cobalt Blue... again it would seem that Eddie Thawne is the obvious herring, and every interview with him he seems to heavily hint at the Reverse-Flash, something Guggenheim and Berlanti wouldn't typically seems he is just perpetuating the red herring for the sake of the show.

Making him Barry's TWIN would make it kind of obvious...a long lost brother/fraternal twin brother
Fastest Man Alive - S01E02
Eddie Thawne sarcasm ... "not easy keeping a big secret"...although this could be just a funny nod that we know, not that he does...however, this point doesn't stress Reverse Flash, it just seems to suggest villainy, and considering Cobalt Blue was at the scene when Barry (his lone lost brother) was struck it's equally possible.

Things You Can't Outrun - S01E03
I noticed in this episode that Eddie seems to have actual feelings for Iris...people think that he is merely dating her to one-up Barry, despite Eobard wanting to replace Barry Allen in the comics, that was his only motivation for also taking Iris from him (initially). As of now, Barry doesn't have Iris and therefore taking her would mean nothing, this same trend does follow suit for Malcolm as well. After discovering that Barry is his brother AND the Flash, he begins to believe that the powers of the Flash... are "his birthright". It could just be his character (as he is written)...but Eddie seems to not care at ALL about the Flash ... more so about Barry which sits less with the Reverse Flash theory and more with the Cobalt Blue theory.

The Flash Is Born - S01E06
Anyone who saw this episode would know that the scene below...and the entire relationship between Barry and Eddie this episode REALLY seemed like "bro bonding" more than anything. He also mentions his childhood and past in a very typical way...which seems to imply he grew up in the 20th century, a normal kid.

Power Outage - S01E07
The SECOND Eddie got shot I thought to myself...will he heal fast? It's a power that both Flash and Reverse Flash share...and then he didn't...didn't heal at all...almost died in fact.

Flash vs. Arrow - S01E08
The plot synopsis claims that " Iris (Candice Patton) is furious when Eddie (Rick Cosnett) tries to get a task force to stop The Flash". Do you guys honestly believe that they would do a 90 degree flip with how this character views the Flash the episode prior to introducing the real Reverse Flash? This should clarify that either:
A) He isn't the real Reverse Flash or RF at all
B) The R.F. of the next episode is not the "beta" version
C) He is tainted/under Wells'/someones control while Reverse Flash Beta

The end solution as I see it.

* I would just like to end with the point that any "alternate timeline" theories are WAY out of proportion for a show introducing characters, time travel, and mysteries in the first season..."*

*Justalso want to point out I didn't take into account the whole "Future Eddie" and "Future Wells" ideas because introducing yet ANOTHER character would really really crowd the show in my opinion...especially in its first season*

Third Plausible Theory from Reddit:

One thing that you should look into about the “Harrison Wells” theory, is an old, 1980 Super Friends episode, “The Elevator to Nowhere”. In the cartoon, Wonder Woman and the Atom are summoned by a Dr. Wells. He tells the duo that he can be reached below ground and for them to get into the elevator, which is really a time machine, and they are forced to go on a time traveling adventure unwillingly. Eventually they get back to the present (1980) and incarcerate Dr. Wells. I never says Dr. Wells’ First name, but I would assume this is the same, infamous Dr. Harrison Wells.

However in this case it is just as likely that the writers had the same idea..HG Wells the time traveler was their inspiration



  1. now we know Eobard is Wells. The point is Eobard said Eddie as "distant relative" of him. Could it be Eobard is a future of Eddie? Majalah marketing online jasa social media management

    1. Definitely not...Eddie is Malcolm Thawne ... always has been... Wells wouldn't be complaining about "getting back to his time" if his time was 10 years in the future.