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EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E07 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E07 With Spoilers

1) Episode 7 Support that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash (an amalgam between Eobard and Zolomon) To see the latest theory click here.

Top 2 Well's Choices for me: Reverse Flash, and then Pariah

No...the summary for Episode 9 "The Man in The Yellow Suit" does NOT disprove that Well's is the main Reverse Flash...hell it even fits with my previous theory.

First...Again I doubt they would reveal something that large in a synopsis...

Second...doesn't mean he isn't Reverse Flash...way I see it...based on the evidence we have there will be a Reverse Flash "beta" of sorts..this will be a modified Hunter Zolomon-esk character...(definitely not Zolomon himself...ut will draw from his character overall...if this decoy IS Eddie...and then he looses the speed...that brings in even more motivation and tension for the reveal that he is Malcolm Thawne aka Cobalt Blue...which again there is actual evidence to support this) who Well's aka the REAL Reverse Flash has been pulling the strings for the whole time. Who killed Barry's mom and took the files from Joe?...Well's....BUT who will they try to "catch" this episode .... Reverse Flash "Beta"... I think it is clear Well's is Eobard...and they may modify the rules ever so slightly so that we have a decoy RF before hand...it isn't unheard of and would prolong the mystery.

It seems the CW is basing 2 characters on 3 comic characters...which isn't an issue considering as of the New 52 they don't exist ....

Wells = Eobard with slight elements of Hunter (aka Zoom (Reverse Flash 2))

Eddie = Malcolm Thawne with more features of Hunter

If you want to see actual evidence check out the Editorial "Who is Harrison Wells" (click here to read it.)

2) Episode 7 Support that Eddie Thawne is the Reverse Flash (an amalgam between Eobard and Zolomon) To see the latest theory click here.

3) Farooq/Blackout

Blackout was recruited into a team of American heroes by Cyborg. This team's mission is to take down both Emperor Aquaman and Wonder Woman and stop the Amazon and the Atlantean war which has devastated Europe. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are attempting to take over the world. The war between their nations resulted in millions of human casualties. The team which Blackout was recruited to aims to end that war.

During a meeting with Batman, the Outsider revealed that had been hunting Blackout, because he wanted to use Blackout's electric powers to light India. This hunt resulted in the loss of Blackout's girlfriend and his departure from his school. The Outsider was also recruited into Cyborg's team. Blackout voiced his reluctance working in a team with his worst enemy.

4) It's nice to see another character, like Clock King make the shift from Starling to Central City, Knepper once again RULES in the role. It's nice to see since recently Marc Guggenheim said that superpowers/ meta-humans could and almost possibly WILL be introduced on Arrow, which means we may mean we see a shift of characters from Central to Starling City.

5) Gideon Wells' personal assistant...There are a few Gideon's in DC Comics history but no one that seems like a significant match in my opinion/from what I have found.

6) What IS Wells' goal? He seems to WANT to keep the future intact? 

7) Felicity reprogrammed Star Lab's equipment

8) My only problem with this episode is the whole "Barry loses his speed"... its like Clark losing his powers mid-season on Smallville....who HONESTLY is in suspense as to whether he will get them back.

9) Temporary Speed Force drain....watch the Speed Force be semi-established this episode...

10) If Barry get's his speed back like Zoom from Zoom Academy for Superheroes...I swear....the whole .... he needs it most at that point to it returns because he didn't believe in himself thing...please don't do that....

11) Barry awkwardly looks at his watch as William Tockman aka CLOCK KING shows up!

12) Wells' goal IS to keep the future intact...this should take the "Future Barry" opinion off the table for people...

13) WAIT...POWER IS OUT....DOES EVERYONE ESCAPE FROM THE PARTICLE ACCELERATOR HOLDING CELL???....That would explain the "flashbacks" they showed at the beginning of the episode...

14) FLASHPOINT PARADOX ... he attempts to replicate his powers....will it work the first time???

15) WAIT...is this the birth of the COSMIC TREADMILL???? The excess Speed Force energy...bond to the Treadmill? 

16) Sneaky sneaky Eddie Thawne...

17) Is Well's Pariah....or R.F.

18) IF EDDIE IS REVERSE FLASH LIKE PEOPLE CLAIM...Let's see how fast he heals...

19) Wells' freely walking? Is he THAT confident no one will see him?

20)  The Flash v Arrow trailer looked AMAZING

21) The lightning chose him....#OliverQuote

22) The treadmill took the Speed Force Energy?.... Cosmic Treadmill

23) Eddie isn't healing to fast is he?

24) *Officially named "The Clock King"*

25) Villian who knows his identity...dies...new villain now knows his identity

26) The tension with Wells' begins

27) ... It's mental.... Dude this IS Zoom Academy for Superheroes....:P

28) What did Eddie whisper to Iris????...ah "ankle holster"

29) Well's mentions the accelerator hurt:

Grant Emerson aka Damage (hero - JSA)
Al Rothstein aka Atom Smasher (hero - JSA)
Jake Davenport (N/A)
Daria Kim (N/A)
Ralph Dibny - Elongated Man (hero)
Will Everett - Amazing Man (hero)
Beatriz da Costa - Fire (hero)
5 More heroes mentioned!

30) This is Zoom academy for superheroes....

31) Wells = Pariah???

32) SPEED FORCE is born!

33) Flash and Iris on bad terms now?...

34) *Named...Blackout..by Cisco*

35) True speed UNLOCKED! 

36) Judging by the final scene between Iris and Barry ... Barry is ALOT faster

37) Well's wants to know how to steal Barry's power...to hmm replace Barry in the future? ala Eobard Thawne?

My final thought...is Well's R.F....Pariah...?

Definitely not: Future Barry, Future Bart Allen, Vandal Savage, Abra Kadabra 

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