Tuesday, November 11, 2014

EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E05 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E05 With Spoilers

Aplogogies for the late post

1) Episode 5 Support that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash (an amalgam between Eobard and Zolomon) To see the latest theory click here.
-Random Fact: We know Well's has been in the past for at least 10 years now...which means maybe Well's didn't double time travel as Reverse Flash...he went back once...killed Barry's mom...and then stayed in that timeline
-Support: "Reversing one's fortune"-H. Wells
-Random Fact/Kinda Support: Well's got PISSED out of nowhere in the lab with Plastique...and he is trying to turn Plastique against him...very very manipulative...a typical characteristic of Eobard Thawne
-Support: More yellow lightning effect fading away from Wells

2) Episode 5 Support that Eddie Thawne is the Reverse Flash (an amalgam between Eobard and Zolomon) To see the latest theory click here.

3) General Wade Eiling is a military tactician who blackmails the accused Nathaniel Adam into participating in an atomic experiment. This turns Nathaniel into the nuclear being Captain Atom. It causes Adam to disappear for 18 years. This is considered a failure by Eiling and Megala, the project's main scientist. They would attempt the experiment again, which ends up with the creation of Major Force, a murderous villain. Click here to learn more.

-Seems to be an enemy (clearly) of the Flash
-Very anti-hero
-He HAS "that voice" that is needed for this role!

Clancy Brown played him tonight...but as a General..not the hulking GENERAL...will we see this transformation?!?
As he appeared tonight

4) Plastique

- She seems to be more scared then mad...which is nice its not 2 villains right away

Kelly Frye as Plastique

Name: Bette San Souci

Codename: Plastique

Short Bio:
-Plastique is an explosive super-villain, originally seen as an enemy to Firestorm.

-Beginning her career as a terrorist, she eventually reformed and became a mercenary.

-The President pardoned her for helping the government, and she became married to Captain Atom. 

-Following their divorce, she returned to a life of crime.

-She has been a member of the Bomb Squad, Extreme Justice, the Secret Society of Super-Villains, and the Suicide Squad.


Bio-Chemical Projection: Plastique possesses the ability to project explosive force from her body

First set photo of Kelly Frye as Plastique

5) Grodd!!!!!!!!

CGI as Gorrilla Grodd

Name: Grodd, Gorilla Grodd

Codename: Grodd, Gorilla Grodd, King Grodd

Short Bio:
-Gorilla Grodd is an evil super-intelligent gorilla with incredible strength and agility.

-His arch-nemesis is The Flash.

-Born in Gorilla City, he gained his powers through exposure to a meteorite that also affected the heroic King Solovar.

-He has been a member of the Anti-Justice League, the Secret Society of Super-Villains, the Injustice League, the Simian Scarlet and Tartarus


Gorilla Physiology which includes, fangs, superhuman durability, superhuman, strength
Telepathy which includes, animal control, mind control, mind transference, telekinetic bolts

6) Barry is talking about "friends" and then we see a dart cross the screen in a very Arrowlike fashion...nice nod to Ollie and the gang

7) Barry Allen drinking!??! That should put to rest the whole "he is a child" argument...but he doesn't feel anything! That's cool?!?!?

8) "Does that make me like Felicity" - Caitlyn... pretty funny and nice to see the two of them out of the lab.

9) We have a confirmed age! Barry Allen is 25!

10) Running up the wall! As I said and guessed we will see Barry "unlocking" his true potential...the TRUE speed has yet to come

11) The Flash comes face to face with Iris...the start of a long standing comic relationship! AND Iris now knows..."The Flash" is real

12) The face vibrating trick comes back! We saw it before...its back...this is a trick Jay Garrick and Superman have both used in the past

13) Iris is GOING to write about the Flash...unlike Arrow I think Flash is going to be a city wide hero by the seasons end

14) Cameron Scott is Plastiques In Case of Emergency Contact?!?!? That is one of CAPTAIN NATHANIEL ATOMS ALIAS'!!! He has ties to The General in the comics as well!

Nathaniel Christopher Adam, alias Captain Atom was a United States Air Force officer of the Vietnam War era. Adam had been framed for a crime he didn't commit and sentenced to death under the watch of Col. Wade Eiling in 1968. As an alternative to execution, he was invited to participate in a military experiment with little chance of survival, in exchange for a presidential pardon. The experiment involved testing the hull of a crashed alien ship's durability by exploding a super nuclear bomb under it. Adam survived as the metal melted into his body and the excess energy threw him forward in time nearly twenty years (not incidentally, this coating with alien metal gave the revised character a full-body silvered metal look distinctly different from his previous incarnations). To learn more about Capt. Atom click here.

15) "Naked Flash".... haha...no more costume = UPGRADE??!?!???!! ... or not... unfortunately he has more of that old suit

16) Harold Hadley - a character who knew Capt. Atom's secret... in this episode he performed surgery  on Plastique.

17) Wait is Plastique meta? Or an experiment.... is she Capt. Atom V1 in some sense?....Scratch that she is meta...

18) Plastique knows the Flash's secret?!

19) Cisco....I love how awkward you are! He is the male Felicity.

20) Caitlin holding the Boomerang...reference to Capt. Boomerang's appearance on Arrow soon.

21) Plastique reminds me of Rogue....."I can't touch anyone....no love"....

22) "A friend told me I was given my speed for a reason".... You dog...just say it was The Arrow.

23) The voice disguise! Dude... thats a nice trick...defiantly appreciate they cover all the bases and don't use just another voice modifier.

24) Sorry....the roof is Oliver's place not yours. BUT only the Flash would lounge around not stand all seriously like Ollie.

25) Ironically Iris tells Barry about Barry's life.

26) Plastique can't be fixed because her DNA can't be spliced....that is a pretty big part of the DC Universe...if your interested click here.

27) Even Joe West thinks the vocal chord vibration is funny and very Flash-esk. Keep it up Guggenheim and Berlanti!

28) Joe knows Barry is in love with Iris...and Barry HAS his blessing! So that opportunity is there! But Barry was "to slow" ... haha it's ironic

29) Plastique is dead??? Thats my one big flaw so far...people are dying.

30) Barry should start to doubt Wells after Plastique's dying words.

31) Run on water...unlock that speed Barry.... Run Barry Run....I mean that...that is AWESOME

32) Also keep your damn mask on Barry :P

33) Channel 52...ala New 52...similar logo as Well(s) ... I can be punny like the Flash.

34) Eiling found out Well's is "dirty"...whose next?

35) GRODD....Well's meant to create him to...


  1. is it me or does Barry's disguised voice to Iris sound a lot like talking into a fan?

    1. Well theoretically that is what it sounds like and should...he is vibrating his vocal chords which creates the same echo(ey) and reverberating effect as talking into a fan