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EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E07 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E07 With Spoilers

1) Who killed Sarah evidence (for and against) from Episode 6.. for the evidence from Episodes 1-6 of this season.




Other Archer:


Why? See guide

Why? See guide

Why? See guide

Why? See guide


Why? See guide

2) I'm Cupid...stupid....who is Cupid???...Carrie Cutter was a special-ops soldier, working for a top secret program, but when her performance as a government agent began to wane and she began to lose her grip on reality, Carrie underwent experimentation with the military organization COBALT. The experiment was able to rejuvenate her physically and enhance her abilities but at a loss of her memory and sanity. After murdering the operating doctors and escaping COBALT security, Carrie disappeared from the radar completely for some time. Wanna learn more? Click here...

3) What happened 6 months ago? Arrow saved Cupid!...Thats where the obsession begins.

4) LOL Ray Palmer on the Salmon Ladder...he looks pretty big

5) The color of the dress Ray gives Felicity...Atom blue....

6) Royal Flush gang reference

7) At least Oliver knows that it isn't Cupid as well..

8) Ray Palmer....quotes the Season 1 intro..."All of us are working together with only one goal in mind but to do so Queen Consolidated needs to be something else" on Channel 52 news!

9) Atom's surrounding the Palmer Technologies logo...reference to the Atom

10) How did he know to crush the arrowhead to find the note?

11) AWESOME...they modified the logo for the episode!

12) Thought Roy had bailed last episode...good to see he is still for Roy learning a lesson...lets bring up Oliver's killing spree of random bodyguards and henchmen...

13) Austin Butler's character Chase... is here...I had a random whim in my mind he was Prankster...and look who's hair has been grown out...much like Prankster...this 100% random whim is shaping up slowly... Who is Austin Butler Really Playing?

14) Will Roy be "off his game" after the events of last weeks episode?... Ollie confirmed as much later (see point 16)

15) Called him ARSENAL...officially....

16) I am VERY curious to how Carrie Cutter the point that she could take down Arsenal...or is he just off his game....GUESS he is off his game...Oliver said so

17) Carrie was sent to "Saint Walkers" to find peace....and hope..Saint Walker is the first Blue lantern...he promotes peace as well as hope

18) Oliver is asked to give "honest and sincerity"...good luck with that...we have yet to see any of it at all.

19) Finally another "your Robin Hood" tease

20) Katana's backstory begins to unfold in the flashbacks.

21) It's worth 2 million....saw that joke coming...but I was 8 million off

22) No way Cupids tech guy just pinpointed Verdant Club...this issue needs to be rectified in the future...

23) Well the sneak peak for Flash vs Arrow makes it look like Ollie gets his a** handed to him.

24) Marc Guggenheim said Ollie would be going to therapy in a way we wouldn't expect...that must be what he meant.

25) First look at Katana's AMAZING sword work... 

26) Can't shake this feeling...Austin Butler really looks like the Nightwing villain Prankster....this could be an ideal way to bring Nightwing in later in the season....and then crossover with TNT's Titans

27) Cupid drinks "Cupid's kiss" (the drink)

28) Arrow simultaneously teaches Cupid and Felicity a lesson 

29) Still VERY curious as to Carrie Cutter's training ... strange that I say "train"ing and he is about to be hit by a train...

30) Cupid is portrayed PERFECTLY as a psycho in this episode.

31) Harley Quinn reference

32) Cupid joins the Suicide Squad

33) Ollie is so close to putting his feelings out there...Ray and Felicity kiss...and now both relationships are ... where exactly?

34) Chances they go to Big Belly Burger?...dang...or Diggle's apartment.

35) Who is Ray on the phone with?...HE MENTIONS DWARF STAR ALLOW and THE ATOM EXOSUIT....GUYS...HERE COMES THE ATOM (Will post pics of that ASAP)

The exoskeleton (unless he is already planning on using it to harness the dwarf star) seems to imply Ray's powers will be two-fold...first he may appear in the exo-suit...and then the exo-suit with dwarf star matter.

For those who don't know...dwarf star matter is what allows Ray Palmer to shrink in the comics.


Fan Recognized:

1) Sherwood Florist - where Cupid takes her second victim - When Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance moved from Star City to Seattle, they lived in an apartment above Dinah's flower shop, the Sherwood Florist - a play on Oliver's Robin Hood influence. The ground floor was the shop itself, while the second floor was Dinah's living space, and the third floor was Oliver's. The florist served as the base of operations for both Black Canary and Green Arrow for the duration of their residence in Seattle.

This image was released a few months ago by Arrow producers but no one knew when the shop would make an appearance

2) The Outsiders - Katana was saying the meaning of the japenease word, Outsider, it refers to her when she was on the team The Outsiders

The Outsiders are a black-ops team of super-heroes originally led by Batman. They were formed as his alternative to the Justice League that didn't require public and political approval for their actions, allowing them more freedom. The original members included Black Lightning, Geo-Force, Halo, Katana and Metamorpho. The Outsiders were created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo, first appearing in Batman and the Outsiders #1. (1983) There is also an unrelated team of outcast mutants called the Outsiders who fight to protect humanity despite their differences. Their membership includes Amazing Ronnie, Billy, Doc Scary, Hairy Larry, Lizard Johnny and Mighty Mary. This team of Outsiders was created by Joe Simon and Jerry Grandenetti, first appearing in 1st Issue Special #10. (1976). To read more click here.

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