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EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E05 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E05 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Arrow...Who Killed *Spoiler* Updated with Episode 2 Info.

1) Who killed Sarah evidence (for and against) from Episode 5.. for the evidence from episode 1 and 2, see the link above. (will be updated soon)

ROY KILLED SARA? I think its pretty clear thats set there just to "confuse people" ... they have said 100 times over that this is Roy's redemption year...and that it is going to be tough because he killed a cop last year. I doubt he killed Sara...I think it is pretty clear it is just his remembrance of the mirakuru phase and his mind trying to remember everything while coping with the current. As for him remembering/dreaming how Sara died...I think thats more of a fan service to make it believeable just like when Oliver "retraced' the other archers footsteps and made it inferred how Sara died. Roy is already in the process of redeeming himself for last season (and he still doesn't remember the worst of it)...I think this whole ordeal will end with something like this:
Roy freaks out because he thinks he killed Sara
Oliver confesses to Roy that Roy killed a cop last year
Memory's flood back faster and the true memory's reveal themselves
Enter Cupid in S03E07

Plus in terms of Roy he was dressed in his "Royd rage" (get it) outfit from last year.... plus the whole throwing of the arrows... very reminiscent of the Mirakuru rage







Other...or Rogue League Member

2) Throwback escrima battling Roy v. Olie (will add photos to from that awesome fight sequence ASAP)

3) Laurel training v. Ted (will add photos to from that awesome fight sequence ASAP)


5) Thea v. Merlyn training! (will add photos to from that awesome fight sequence ASAP)

6) Felicity flashbacks! Very cool...very nice touch...nice to see a little less Oliver flashbacks.

7) Speedy namedrop! Who is Thea Queen?

Click the link above and check out WHO IS THEA QUEEN!

8) "Stop by with popcorn" Well now we know where Stephen Amell's weekly meme came from!

One of the many memes of the week
9) BROTHER EYE! Omac was hinted at 2 episodes ago in Queen Consolidated Brother Eye! Brother Eye is an A.I. satellite that aided the hero OMAC. It originated in the reality of Earth-AD, but was introduced into mainstream continuity. Brother Eye was created by Jack Kirby, first appearing in OMAC #1 (1974). 
Brother Eye
10) They should have Roy babysit for baby Sara one day...lets not lie it would be HILARIOUS know you want the scene

A CW GL Show? Click the link above.

12) Laurels got that physical and literal power. #ActingDA

13) Roy has his own motorcycle! Now all we need is a Roy bow upgrade and an Ollie suit upgrade.

This isn't from the show :P

14) Honest question...why is it ALWAYS five years...? Felicity could have made the virus...6...4..3 years ago?

15) Oliver avoids that question :P "Do we really know what happened to you those 5 years?"

16) "I drive a hybrid it's blue"...What color are your shoes..."They're blue"...hmm

17) She wasn't the mother Felicity wanted...but the one she deserved.

18) WHO is Felicity's father? People have said Ivo...but that has been confirmed as false...who is he?

19) Felicity is not a natural blonde?!? Father has black hair?

Felicity's college years!

20) Brother Eye has been involved the WHOLE time....her boyfriend...

21) Arrow v. Sentry Guns....sweet!

22) Cooper = Sara...essentially the hint there...

23) Defiantly the Black (Canary) sweatshirt....Laurel....and your foreshadowing

24) Popcorn meme! and another Speedy namedrop!

25) Is Malcolm watching? Called it......BUT does he not want Thea getting close to Oliver?

26) Smartwatch "life saver" pun....because it actually saved their lives

27) ROY KILLED SARA? NO CLEARLY HE WAS REMEMBERING HIS MIRAKURU RAGE AND TWISTED IT.....Again WAY to for "how does he remember it the way it happened"... that is more to show the fans the same scene so it seems did Oliver know exactly how it happened when he reimagined the scene in episode 2? Same thing...

Fan Submitted: 

1) Cooper Seldon was wearing a shirt with what appeared to look like Starro?

2) Myron Forest is very very connected to Brother Eye/OMAC.

Doctor Myron Forest was a scientist in the early 21st century on a parallel world known as Earth-AD. Forest worked closely with the Global Peace Agency and was instrumental in the creation of the world's most advanced artificial intelligence, Brother Eye. The Global Peace Agency assigned Forest to a special program known as Project OMAC. The GPA provided him with a candidate to physically interface with the Brother Eye network. The test subject was timid Buddy Blank, an employee of Pseudo-People, Inc. Due to Doctor Forest's work, Buddy Blank was able to tap into Brother Eye's satellite systems and transform into the "one-man army corps" known as OMAC.


  1. Flashback Felicity's whole look with her ankh pendant.....looked a lot like the personification of Death?
    Also Cooper Seldon was wearing a shirt with what appeared to look like Starro?

    1. her hair was naturally black in the comics
      also Myron Forest is very very connected to Brother Eye/OMAC -