Tuesday, November 4, 2014

EDITORIAL: The Barry Allen Hair Dilema

EDITORIAL: The Barry Allen Hair Dilema

Flash ala Grant Gustin (left) and Flash ala the comics (right)

On of the most insignificant and semi-complained issue with the CW's Flash is his hair color. I for one have NO problem with hair color seeing as Grant Gustin encapsulates a blend between the New 52 Barry Allen and PreNew 52 Barry extremely well. However, there are still fans who disagree and detest the fact that his hair is not the "classic" shade of blond it used to be...so here I am...presenting a strange/cool/out of the ballpark way the CW could theoretically fix the issue.

Some renditions of Grant Gustin with blonde hair and blue eyes

Here is my theory....technically Barry Allen, as we have seen he has yet to reach his true potential, COULD enter the speed force for the first time and leave a physically changed man. The thought of having a hero change appearance is not a new one, nor is the notion of hair changing a new one either...although unlike previous incarnations of the idea, this change would be a permanent one. If you are struggling to think of examples, here are two very popular ones: Danny Phantom, and Goku. Danny Phantom's experience, he steps into a chamber, and is flooded with "ghosts" only to wake up with "snow white hair and glowing green eyes" could be mimicked by the CW, only the "ghosts" would be the Speed Force, and he would not step into it...but run into it. Below are a few mockups of Grant Gustin with "speed force style hair"

Danny Fenton/Phantom and Goku/Super Sayain Goku

Barry in the lab

Nice to meet you...I'm Barry Allen


  1. i don't see a problem with his hair... tacos it shouldn't matter as long as the show is good

    1. Again...neither do I ...but I see people saying they "won't watch" simply because of the hair

    2. That is just plain stupid

    3. Believe me I agree...it is the stupidest reason not to watch anything