Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ARROW NEWS: J.R. Ramirez Keen to Suit Up As Wildcat

Maybe rather than having him be a vigilante now we can add a new layer of flashbacks to the storyline and have some (not many Wildcat flashbacks).

With the likes of Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer/ The Atom and Rila Fukushima's Tatsu Yamashiro/ Katna making the leap from DC Comics to Arrow, next to appear is J.R. Ramirez as Ted Grant/ Wildcat. THR spoke to the actor ahead of his debut in the next episode where he spoke about his love of comics, particulary Batman. 'Just like any other young kid, I was obsessed with Batman and Superman. It was a complete obsession, till this day, I'm a Batman addict. But I didn't really read too many comics to be honest with you but when I read the role, I didn't really know his back story, reveals Ramirez, 'I just saw that he was a boxer and had a nice story arc with Laurel, but when I realized that this guy was named Ted Grant, a character who exploded in the comic-book world, I was like a little kid in the candy store doing research. That's when I really got excited about the whole thing because I knew how successful the show was.'

Ted Grant's initial role on the show will be training Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance of which he says that 'I feel like right now he's wanting to take that step by step and not get too ahead of ourselves and work on the technique and the training. It's not about having her go out and fight people, it's more about really loving the sport and hoping that she sticks to loving what boxing is and not any other reason. It appears that the road of Laurel adapting the Black Canary mantle is till a way off yet but heading in that direction. Although Laurel will take a shine to Ted, it seems that Oliver will take a little while lopnger to warm up. Acoording to raimerez, 'There will be many stand offs between Ted and Arrow.' Could we see Ramirez suiting up as Wildcat sometime in the future? Ramirez says that 'we haven't gone down that road yet on where they're going to take him and how involved he's going to be as a vigilante — if he's going to even be a vigilante. None of that has been established yet. I'm more than willing to suit up. I will be like a little kid in the candy store if that were to happen.'

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