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ARROW NEWS: Interview Reveals Season 3 Plot Points and Someone's Return

 An interview with executive producers Marc Guggenheim has revealed the following plot points...the bold are my thoughts on them.

Here are the main plots of the interview ... my thoughts on each are bolded

1) Tommy will return..."I'm so glad we do flashbacks on this show!" So yes, you have not seen the last of Tommy Merlyn." and "you will see him again on the show but it won't be the way you're expecting." I think it seems pretty clear that the two most prominent theories are flashbacks ( I have no issue with these) and Lazarus Pit (which seems to be peoples go to..but it makes little to no sense). There are a few general flaws with this hope, the first being the time Tommy has been dead. Off the top of my head, there is a limit to the Lazarus Pit’s use… you can’t toss a skeleton in there and assume it will return a fully fleshed human, it has its threshold of use.The second issue, and this applies to Sara’s resurrection as well, the Jason Todd comparison. Many people believe that the CW’s version of Green Arrow is very similar to Batman, something that I will disprove/elaborate on in another editorial (working on it). People complain that the CW’s Arrow is a ripoff of Batman, and resurrection a friendly character as a villain especially via Lazarus Pit just begs for Jason Todd comparisons…why call attention to one of the most common complaints that people have about the show? The third large issue with Tommy's return is coincidence (for lack of better word)... why...of all characters are the Merlyn's the ones who are returning in unknown ways?  So in the end... Lazarus A) Doesn't make sense and B) Has quite a few un-needed flaws. On top of all of this...who would bring him to the Pit? I could see Ra's doing it as a means of provoking both Merlyn and Oliver...but when he has an entire League at his disposal AND has yet to come face to face with Oliver? Not sure about that either...

If it happens...I won't be mad...but DON'T take the easy way that all the fans are claiming you should do...using the Lazarus Pit...ESPECIALLY if he returns as a villain does more harm then good for the show

However if they do it correctly...and he ends up being a villain...I wouldn't mind...surprisingly this comes in conjunction with his recent return in Green Arrow #36...although in the comic he wasn't dead but in a coma.

Tommy Merlyn returns in Green Arrow #36 as (seemingly) the new Merlyn the Archer

2) Oliver will be going to therapy? Well...not to sure what to say to that's possible this therapy could help him open up again...allow him o reconnect with his feelings...which is the next big step on his journey to being joking/fun loving Oliver.

3) Ray and Felicity....yea...well thank god we may see the end to Olicity...I wish fans of the show...who know 0 about comics...would stop with this stuff...

4) Laurel may get a costume...but her journey isn't over yet...THANK YOU...I feel like this is so obvious and people are complaining that she "evolved to fast" CLEARLY she isn't done...

5) A HUGE secret about Oliver will be revealed...if I see one more person saying its about his kid...I'm going to end the internet...really? You think they are going to introduce another LONG TERM huge character this early? No...and also...look at the wording of the question and makes it seem as if Oliver knows the secret and it is being revealed to others...on top of that...there are about 5 other reasons Connor shouldn't be introduced (off the top of my head) right now.

Connor Hawke...Oliver's son who was teased last season

6) Malcolm has his own plans....clearly....Thea and Malcolm v. Roy and Ollie v. The League v. Ted and Laurel....?

The Interview:

Q: When we saw Tommy return earlier this season—in a flashback—I absolutely loved seeing him back on the show! Is there any chance we'll be able to see him later on this season again?
A: We love Colin Donnell and we love having him on the show. I was on set for his scene at the end of season one and the second we wrapped him, I said to him, "I'm so glad we do flashbacks on this show!" So yes, you have not seen the last of Tommy Merlyn.

Q: Amazing!

A: Though I will say this, the next time you see Tommy Merlyn, you will see him again on the show but it won't be the way you're expecting.

Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn

Q: We're about to meet Carrie Cutter, aka Cupid (played by Supernatural alum Amy Gumenick)! How is Oliver going to react to her rabid obsession with him?
A: [Laughs] It's interesting! I will say this—it's going to send Oliver to therapy...ish.

Q: Wait...what?! He's not actually going to be laying down on a couch, talking out his emotions with someone, right?
A: There won't be any laying down on a couch, but Oliver will be seeing a therapist.

Q:I can't even imagine what that would look like seeing as how Oliver constantly lies about every aspect of his life.

A: Well, as with all things Arrow, we of course put our own little unique spin on it.


Q:The final scene of last week's episode pretty much gave me a heart attack. What can you tease or reveal about why Roy (Colton Haynes) is dreaming about murdering Sara (Caity Lotz)?
A:Well, I can't reveal anything! You know me. But I can certainly tease that as Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] will say in the episode, memories are often resurfaced in dreams. What you saw may not actually be a dream at all but rather a memory of something that happened.

Q: Well, crap. Does that mean that we should suspect Roy as Sara's murderer?
A: Um...maybe? We've certainly does crazier things on the show!

We should know why that is crossed out guys.... 

Q: That is very true! How is Felicity going to help Roy with this memory/dream situation?
A: They're going to have some rather intense scenes together. One of the fun things about it is the fact that we have not actually had too many one on one scenes between Felicity and Roy. Usually they're having their scenes in the context of Team Arrow in general. It's fun to see Colton and Emily share the screen together. They're terrific together and they're very close friends in real life and that shows up on screen.

Q: Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) is about to take Felicity out on a date. Should Olicity fans be worried?
A: Well, I've never known Olicity fans to not be worried! There are two types of Olicity fans. There are the ones who want them to be married with a kid or two or three in the next episode, and then there are the ones who favor the slow burn, on-again/off-again, one step forward two steps back kind of relationship. Certainly the fact that we've released a promo showing Ray Palmer kissing Felicity suggests that the approach we're taking is very much the latter.

Q: Laurel (Katie Cassidy) is well on her way to becoming Black Canary now that she's in training. How long of a journey is that going to be for her?
A: It depends on how you define "journey." What Laurel is going to discover is that being a hero is more than wearing a mask and that wearing a mask and costume does not a hero make. It's not going to be an easy road for Laurel no matter how quickly she suits up.

Q: The Arrow/Flash crossover episode is going to reveal a big secret about Oliver. What can you tease about what that secret is?
A: We're going to answer a question that fans have been asking us for a while now. It's honestly such a big secret that I don't even want to come close to spoiling it. It's fairly major. It's one of the biggest bombs we've ever dropped on the show, except we're not even doing it on the show! We're doing it on Flash.

Q: We briefly saw Ra's al Ghul (Matt Nable) when he declared war on Oliver. How are we going to see that war commence?
A: Oooh. That's going to be the question that much of the third season will be spending time with. The consequences of episode 4 are really explored in episode 9 which is our midseason finale. By the end of episode 9, you'll have seen a whole lot of Nyssa [Katrina Law] and Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins.

Q: Talking about what started that war to begin with, now that Malcolm (John Barrowman) is under Oliver's protection, what is his next move?
A: Malcolm does have a game plan. You'll see what he has up his sleeve by the end of the midseason finale as well. A lot of cards will have gotten turned over by the time we reach our midseason point.

Q: What can you tell me about what we'll see in flashbacks in the next few episodes?
A: We've been doing a lot of table setting with the flashbacks. I would say starting in episode 9, once the chess board has been set, we'll start to see some real interesting twists and turns and reversals. We're planning on doing something in the flashbacks later on in the year that I think most people will find to be wholly unexpected and probably the last thing anyone expected us to do with the flashbacks, but we're going to end up doing it!

Q: I loved what we learned about Felicity in the last episode, but now that Team Arrow knows these darks secrets about her past, is that going to change how anyone sees or treats her?
A: Everyone on the team has great affection for Felicity. Certainly no one is judging her for what happened in episode 5. I think if anything the events of that episode made Felicity feel a little bit more human and pointed out the fact that they didn't know her as well as they thought they did.

Q: What are you most excited for fans to see from these next few episodes?
A: Ooh. I've got to tell you, it's a photo finish between episode 8 which is The Flashcrossover and episode 9 which is the midseason finale. They're my two favorite episodes of the show that we've ever done!

Q: That's high praise!
A: I'm really proud of them. They're two very different kinds of episodes, but I think that's one of the reasons why I'm excited about them. They really show the length and breadth the show can live in. Episode 8 is a really crazy superhero crossover story and episode 9 is a really crazy midseason finale where a bunch of cards get turned over. It's epic. I hope they live up to my hype! But I'm pretty confident they will.

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