Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ARROW NEWS: First Look at Laurel as Black Canary and a Thought

ARROW NEWS: First Look at Laurel as Black Canary and a Thought

WOW I for one LOVE the suit...(another image below) is a very practical take on the character...the whole fishnet's thing isn't very practical especially for someone who is JUST starting out. When Ollie goes sleeveless...she will go fishnets.

Something i would like to note about this costume is that is seems to be reminiscent of Wildcat's old costume from the sizzle reel of upcoming episodes which makes me think MAYBE Laurel will become a ward of Wildcat's in more of a training fashion...rather than working with Ollie right away they develop a mentor/hero dynamic. Therefore Wildcat creates her costume with her and monitors her actions before he induction to team Arrow.

ALSO for those saying "she has yet to train enough" I think it is pretty clear that Laurel has quite a bit of training...but a hard time putting it to use. She has said multiple times that she took various fight classes from an early age AND demonstrated this in Season 1 a few times, most notably when saving Oliver and Tommy from the security guards. The boxing is a two-fold thing, YES it is MORE training...but it seems to be more of a funnel for the new training and what she already knows...

What I like more than Sara's Costume:
- The blonde wig... unlike Sara's wig which was blonde on blonde this one actually makes sense to wear
-The REALLY confused me that EVERY league member BUT Sara had VERY similar grab...
-The mask...I like the more open eyed look
-Less makes sense for someone who is just learning the vigilante trade to protect themselves as much as possible...

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  1. I'm digging the tactical look of the suit. No useless decoration, all about looking both intimidating and practical. Also good riddance of the push up bra. That was plain ridiculous. And for those who want to see fishnets - please don't. It won't fit in with the rest of the Arrowverse costume design. The way they implemented it in Sara's suit worked, but no more than that.