Friday, November 28, 2014

ARROW NEWS: Brandon Routh Super-Teases The Atom

ARROW NEWS: Brandon Routh Super-Teases The Atom

Last episode ended with Ray Palmer rendering the A.T.O.M exoskeleton. People seem to think this implies Ray's powers will be two-fold...first he may appear in the exo-suit...and then the exo-suit with dwarf star matter. BUT if you listen closely to what he says before rendering the suit. He doesn't call it "dwarf star matter" , BUT "dwarf star ALLOY". This could imply that the entirety of the suit is built out of the alloy. 

For those who don't know...dwarf star matter is what allows Ray Palmer to shrink in the comics.

Routh posted this photo to his Instagram recently. Although in my opinion this seems more of a tease and seems more likely to be just an Iron Man suit looks more like the Iron Man movie suit than the render the show showed us.

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