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EDITORIAL: The Flash Guide to S01E01 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to S01E01 With Spoilers

More Obvious Easter Eggs:

1) Carlos Valdes = Cisco Ramon = Vibe

Vibe's sonic powers enabled him to create shock waves of considerable strength. His power could shatter concrete or steel. His agility was above average (and he was a superb breakdancer). Under Batman's tutelage, Vibe became a more skilled combatant.

Vibe's reintroduction in 2013 has sought to establish him as a more powerful character. Part of this was redefining his powers as having to do with interdimensional physics. Justice League of America establishes that Vibe's sonic waves have the power to disrupt the Speed Force, making him one of few characters in the DC Universe who poses a serious threat to the Flash. For this reason, he is recruited into the JLA by Steve Trevor, which exists to guard against the threat of the main Justice League going rogue. In Justice League of America's Vibe #3, Amanda Waller says "Cisco Ramon might be one of the most powerful super-humans on the planet. He wields vibrational powers that could in theory shake the Earth apart. And he's the only person we know of who can find and track interdimensional breaches." He is also undetectable by security cameras.

2) Kaitlyn Panabaker = Caitlyn Snow = Killer Frost

Her new state is very basic, almost primal. Her body is completely encased in permafrost. She is not made of ice but she generates organic ice-like cells which make up her changed genetics She can generate ice spikes to spear her opponents, kill a man by freezing him with a kiss and/or create frost cold enough to kill multiple people with just the snap of her fingers.Killer Frost needs to feed. She is always hungry, desiring warmth. She is only sated by the warmth of a human's life. She is also S.T.A.R labs' youngest and brightest scientist. Solving difficult equations in a single day's time as well as being able to repair and operate heavy, energy generating machinery.

3) Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) is Cobalt Blue? and Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) is Reverse Flash OR Eddie Thawne is Reverse Flash.

Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells is Zoom/Reverse Flash

If you have seen the pilot, by now you all well know that Harrison wells knows something of the future, as seen in the scene where he walks (not wheels) up to futuristic newspaper in the futuristic room. The case for his future knowledge helping him out is that Eobard Thawne is from the 25th century...so although the dates don't exactly match up (the paper said 2024) he IS from the future. Another piece that supports this history is that due to Barry's age on the show, if they ever DID introduce Wally he would be much younger...and it is highly unlikely that he would replace Barry until a MUCH later season...if at all...if they even go with Wally!...maybe they would chose Bart?! The point is...there is going to be some merging of the typical Wally as Flash history and the Barry as Flash history. Therefore...if the CW chose to draw from the fact that Wally's Zoom, Hunter Zoloman was trapped in a wheelchair for some time...maybe that is his reasoning for being in the wheelchair?...and he has knowledge of the future, and he knew that to leave this wheelchair he had to create the Flash so he could become the Reverse Flash. (This only works if the room he was in is what helped him walk and he wasn't really faking) Other fans have speculated that the wheelchair is simply to KEEP him from using his super speed. ALSO, the only reason Reverse Flash EVER exists is BECAUSE Barry Allen became the Flash...so who has the most to gain by Barry being struck? and who has the most control? Harrison Wells...Now on top of all of this, we know that this twist is one that the Arrow producers have used, although to a lesser degree, in the past; we all know at some point some of us thought, prior to Malcolm's introduction that Tommy Merlyn WAS Merlyn the Archer, we all know that some of us thought Laurel would be the first and only person to suit up as Canary, and we ALL thought that the masked man on the island was Slade Wilson until we found out it was Wintergreen.

POST OFFICIAL RELEASE NOTE: BY THE WAY did anyone notice Harrison Wells being "engulfed" by YELLOW lightning to close the show..an effect the ADDED from the leaked copy...further support that HE, not Eddie is Reverse Flash

Harrison Wells as Future Barry Allen...Come on.... 

Many people seem to think, for some strange reason that his knowledge of the future suggests that Harrison Wells is actually the "missing Barry" spoken of in the newspaper. This thought is easily disproven by the little evidence we are given; the newspaper contains a photo. The photo below the heading of said newspaper features not only a new Flash suit, but CLEARLY features Gustin's face in that suit. IF the writers were to employ this crazy Harrison Wells is future Barry twist then why make it clear that it is Gustin running around as the Flash in the year 2024? Why not simply include a photo of the Flash running, with a blurred face, or no photo at all. The evidence to support this claim simply doesn't exist.

Rick Cosnett's Eddie Thawne is Malcolm Thawne(Allen)

But wait! What about EDDIE Thawne....thats a pretty obvious one....WELL lets think back to the fact that Arrow and the Flash share the same (mostly) creative team...then lets think back to Arrow Season 1 where 99% of us were SURE that Wintergreen was Deathstroke... we would have never FATHOMED that Slade would appear and become a trainer to Oliver. Seeing as Eddie could easily be a way to connect the two once Well's true name is revealed...Eddie and Eobard sound more connected then Malcolm and Eobard...but obviously its just a name. Based upon this is definitely plausible that Eddie is indeed a version of MALCOM THAWNE (Allen). For those who don't know, Malcolm Thawne is actually Barry's twin brother who was given to the Thawne family when there child died due to the doctor drinking and accidentally strangling the baby, and Barry's mother had twins...the doctor felt so bad that he decided to tell the Allen's one of their children had died...and gave Malcolm to the Thawne family. Malcolm learned of Barry's existence and the loving family that fate had decreed he would never know and used his gift for sorcery to give vent to his jealous rage.
He empowered himself with a mystic blue flame that was capable of stealing Barry Allen's superspeed and became Cobalt Blue.


Rick Cosnett's Eddie Thawne is Zoom/Reverse Flash

The other obvious option is that they have heavily modified Eobard's backstory (unless Eddie is from the future and has superspeed)... and Eddie Thawne is just Eobard...but that just doesn't seem to feel right...now does it? The way Eddie Thawne is portrayed in the pilot seems to acknowledge the fact that he is NOT a man of science in terms of how smart he is, by making him a cop it seems that the whole spectrum of him being from the future is out of question. Barry's nemesis the Reverse Flash is portrayed as extremely manipulative but also very pensive, two things a cop most certainly is not, cops rarely manipulate because they stand for what is right, and in terms of cops on TV they are rarely pensive as the plot needs to move on and the mystery needs to be solved.

Power Sets of Each Character:

Reverse Flash: Professor Zoom is able to move and travel at super-human speeds. Professor Zoom can travel up to speeds of 671,000,000 m.p.h. (the speed of light), deliver many different types of blows a second, run on water, create cyclones, and vibrate his molecules to pass through solid objects. In The Flash: Rebirth it is discovered that when Zoom duplicated the incident that granted Barry Allen his powers, he created a negative Speed Force by corrupting the positive version of it. Through this Speed Force, he also has the ability to create multiple after-images like Hunter Zolomon, the modern day Zoom, and can travel through and alter time. He also can erase people from existence. In the events leading up to Flashpoint, Professor Zoom has developed numerous powers including the ability to absorb other people's memories and experiences, change his age, and drastically alter time.

Cobalt Blue: Although unable to tap into the power of the Blue Flame, Malcolm was granted access to the Blue Flame through a talisman given to him by his adopted grandmother.Malcolm can burst his flame out of his body and sword causing flames to leap out of his person.Malcolm can create objects out of his Flame and his favorite is his flaming blue sword.Malcolm used his hatred to channel the Blue Flame to steal objects and power from his enemies. In most occasions he uses this power to steal speed from the Flashes.Malcolm can reach incredible amounts of speed by using his Blue Flame to steal speed from opponents. He can steal multiple levels of speed from different sources and achieve speeds to assault even Wally West. The Blue Flame was mainly used by the Thawne family to "heal" and presumably Malcolm has the same ability but he hasn't shown the ability to produce healing flames as of yet.

UPDATE: First low res image of Reverse Flash??? Sure looks like the man has some older...Harrison Wells like facial features

Renditions for a possible look done prior to the leak by me

UPDATE: Many people are asking why Wells would "help Barry" as stated above...The Barry of his time (Wells') disappears...and Reverse Flash KNOWS he will only be created IF the Flash is created...and the Reverse Flash loves being...well he loves being the Reverse Flash.... he goes back to ensure that Barry becomes the Flash

UPDATE: People have been citing an interview with Geoff Johns where he says Wells is a new character as proof that Wells isn't Reverse Flash...BUT the actual quote from Johns is... "Harrison Wells is a new character that was created, the name obviously is brand new. I don't think we can say anything else about it," says Johns. " ... the NAME IS NEW...the character is not...it is quite clear that "Harrison Wells" is a play on the name H.G. Wells, who wrote...wait for it...The Time Machine.

4) WayneTech Queen Consolidated Merger

Although this confirms that Bruce Wayne exists in the Arrowverse in the year 2024 ( I am sure he exists before then), I feel his appearance is highly unlikely, although it is possible some of his disciples will show up, these points will be further explained in another editorial linked here: http://arrowverse.blogspot.com/2014/09/why-batman-shouldnt-show-up-on-arrow.html

5) Ferris Aircraft = Carol Ferris = Hal Jordan?

For those who don't know Ferris Aircraft is not only the place where Hal Jordan worked as a test pilot prior to and after becoming Green Lantern, it is also owned by his love interest, Carol Ferris.

To see how the CW could, should, and most likely will execute a CW GL Show check the link here: http://arrowverse.blogspot.com/2014/09/all-about-cw-gl-show.html

6) Gorilla Grodd!

For those who don't know!... Grodd is a super-smart ape who's powers include psionic abilities allow him to place other beings under his mental control. Grodd can also project telekinetic force beams, telekinetically transmute matter, and transfer his consciousness into other bodies. In recent issues he has shown the ability to absorb intelligence through the consumption of human brains. He possesses great superhuman strength far exceeding that of an ordinary gorilla. He is a scientific genius who has mastered Gorilla City's advanced technology and who has created many incredible inventions of his own. He also uses big laser guns. However, his thought process still operates at a relatively human rate of speed; the Flashes have shown some degree of immunity to his telepathic illusions by moving so fast that their thoughts process Grodd's illusions in slow motion. In one story, he gains vast telekinetic powers from a pill he develops after evolving himself into a human, enabling him to control the forces of nature such as lifting thousands of tons mentally. But after he turns back, he loses this power as his brain is not evolved enough. He was able to engage Kalibak in hand-to-hand combat but was visibly not quite as strong as Kalibak.

7) But wait! The Weather Wizard is dead? maybe?

So! We see in the episode that Clyde Mardon is what fans have been calling "the Weather Wizard" in the pilot...many fans were disappointed to see him possibly die in the closing minutes after being shot....BUT...in the comics...Clyde is the weather wizards BROTHER....it is MARK not clyde that becomes the actual Weather Wizard...so watch out folks...the really Weather Wizard is most likely on his was.

Harder to See Easter Eggs:

1) Crisis on Infinite Earths: -"Saving people in a Flash" -The Lightning Chose Him

It kind of bothers me when people take things at face value for the purpose solely to insult them, this quote, is one of those things. Since the extended trailers release people have complained (not all but some), that this line is just "bad CW writing" and it "comes off as corny"... but if we delve quickly into the history of the Flash, then we see that it may not be that at all.

There is a certain Flash storyline *cough* Crisis on Infinite Earths *cough* where Barry Allen runs back through time and BECOMES the bolt of lightning that struck himself...hm....so maybe the lightning did chose him. This is just the kind of storyline easter egg that Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti would throw in, so stop taking things you dislike at face value...I encourage you to delve deeper into the mythos.

Additional Note: Crisis on Infinite Earth's is also the storyline many speculate DC will adapt to eventually merge their TV and cinematic universes

2) Crisis on Infinite Earths: - Red Skies

"A reference to a a Red Skies Crossover which is a tangential tie-in to a Crossover event. Featured prominently and initially in Crisis on Infinite Earth's, in which there were several issues released as crossovers that featured little connection other than characters wondering why the skies were red, and then going on with their lives. his happens when a comic book is advertised as being part of a larger storyline, but that actually has very little to do with the plot. There is only a brief mention of the crossover, or several panels dedicated to one of its elements, but the rest of the issue is entirely focused on its own narrative without interruption. It's a marketing technique designed to create interest in more comics... this can go either way. Although it is annoying to buy a comic thinking it's part of a crossover and then realize that it really isn't, this can also attract new readers to books that they wouldn't otherwise pick up. " (DC Database)

3) Flashpoint:

As many people may have noted, the Flash show begins with the death of Barry Allen's mother, which people can assume, is at the hand of the Reverse Flash, as many comic incarnations have it. But what many fans do NOT notice is the distinct Red Blur and the distinct Yellow Blur. Yes, Reverse Flash does have some red on his costume, but not to the point where the two colors would become distinctly different entities. And just how does Barry end up outside of his house and down the block? The answer is simple....this is the Flash AND the Reverse Flash... It is Barry's older self that saves him from an early death at the hands of the Reverse Flash...and it is Barry's older self that ALLOWS his mother to die. Yes...he lets her die...and what does this mean?...It means Flashpoint, for this future Barry...has already happened. In the Flashpoint storyline Barry Allen awakens in another timeline where it is eventually revealed to him by the Reverse-Flash that he himself (Barry) created the Flashpoint timeline after he traveled back in time to stop the former from killing his mother. Barry pulled the entire Speed Force into himself to stop Thawne, transforming the timeline by shattering the history of his allies. Thawne resets Barry's internal vibrations, enabling him to remember this. According to Thawne, these actions transformed him into a living paradox, no longer requiring Barry to exist and allowing him to kill the Flash without erasing his own existence. When Flashpoint ENDED however, we saw Barry merging with his younger preFlashpoint self so that he would not save his mother. Which, to some degree I find more likely then beginning the show with future Barry failing to save his mother, it would seem more plausible that the beginning of The Flash, is actually also the end of Flashpoint.

So the question now remains...did Flashpoint ALREADY happen?

Barry Allen attempts to stop Reverse Flash from murdering his mother

A Family Tree 
For those of you who read this long...here is a little treat, a timeline using characters we WILL most likely see over the entirety of the CW Flash Series.

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