Monday, October 20, 2014

THE FLASH NEWS: Robbie Amell Talks Firestorm (in Detail!)

THE FLASH NEWS: Robbie Amell Talks Firestorm (in Detail!)

Finally we get some quotes from Robbie Amell on what he will be doing as Firestorm and when we will see him (December). 

"You meet Ronnie Raymond tomorrow [in "Fastest Man Alive"] and then in December, you meet Firestorm," said Robbie Amell in an interview with Hollywood Reporter. He went on to say that,  "It'll take a minute before Firestorm turns back into Ronnie because when they find him in December, my character is really going through some stuff. He's schizophrenic, doesn't know what's happening, he's confused and dangerous to the people around him. You may not see Ronnie Raymond for a little while, but you'll see Firestorm." 

People wondered just how close this costume and look would be to the comics, Robbie Amell chimed in that,  "People will barely recognize him in December,", "but they'll know it's him when the fire bursts in the hands and the fire bursts in the head. The particle accelerator almost killed Ronnie and the fallout from it will definitely be seen in December."

Victor Garber (Fringe) was recently announced to be playing the second half of The Firestorm matrix as Martin Stein. Robbie stated that... "I gotta start watching Alias and start working on my Victor Garber impression. Sometimes Firestorm is Ronnie and sometimes he's Martin Stein, but physically it's going to be my body. I'm just excited to work opposite him because, I mean, he's Victor Garber. The fact that I get to share a character with this guy is going to be really fun." Not sure how I feel?.. do you like the persona switching? or would you prefer the second voice in his head?

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