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ARROW NEWS: Arrow First Look at Nick Tarabay as Captain Boomerang

NEWS: First Look at Nick Tarabay as Captain Boomerang

Surprisingly Boomerang won't be making his first appearance on The Flash alongside his fellow seems has if this version of Boomerang will already have been in the Suicide Squad and bailed on Argus...he may even be the reason that Amanda Waller started implanting the chips into the Squads heads. 

The description released says

Digger Harkness,' aka 'Captain Boomerang' (Nick Tarabay) will debut in the seventh episode of CW's Arrow. The character is described as being a "former A.R.G.U.S. operative, highly skilled in martial arts and espionage, with a deadly thirst for vengeance against his former employers." Comic book fans will recognize 'Captain Boomerang' as being from The Flash's rogues gallery, but don't fret this villain will also appear in the following episode which is the crossover episode with the Scarlet Speedster.

Who is he??...

Nick Tarabay as Digger Harkness aka Captain Boomerang

Name: George "Digger" Harkness

Codename: Captain Boomerang

Short Bio: 
-He is a violent thug from Australia

-Uses a variety of high-tech and "trick"boomerangs to commit his crimes

-In the past he has been a member of the Suicide Squad, Injustice League, The Secret Society of Super-Villains, and EVEN The Black Lantern Corps

-Harkness was killed during the Identity Crisis story line and was later resurrected, as mentioned above, in the Blackest Night storyline

-He is the father of Owen Mercer (mentioned below)

Mastery of throwing boomerangs such as:
1) Explosive Boomerang: A boomerang that explodes.
2) Collapsible Boomerang: A boomerang that collapses so that it can be easily concealed.
3) Lightning Boomerang: A lightning-fast boomerang that even knocked out the Flash.
4) Rocket Boomerang: A large boomerang capable of launching into space.
5) Razor Boomerang: A boomerang capable of cutting through bone and flesh when thrown correctly. He used this boomerang to kill Jack Drake.
Marc Guggenheim tweeted the photo below from the storyboard taken from one of the two crossover episodes, "Flash vs. Arrow" or "The Brave and The Bold"

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  1. Clockking will appear in Flash episode 7 too so expect these two episodes to be prologues of the crossovers