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EDITORIAL: Why I am Tired of Hearing "I Hate Laurel Lance"... The Real Black Canary

EDITORIAL: Why I am Tired of Hearing "I Hate Laurel Lance"... The Real Black Canary

Sorry for another long title :P
A photo-based write-up

One of the most common complaints I see and hear about Arrow is the line, "I hate Laurel (Lance)". When I ask people for their backing to this claim I typically get one of three answers, which I will analyze below, in order from how often I tend to hear each:
1) She is to whiney/emotional
2) Sara
3) I don't like the actress

I will use my own writing and Facebook comments from logical people (commenting on my argument) to explain. Just figured this format would be new and different...just to change it up a little.

A photo-based write-up

1) She is to whiney/emotional...I can't see her as the Canary....

A) That's because she is supposed to be! Laurel was (up until this season apparently) written as an unlikeable character....

The writers/producers, Stephen Amell, and even Katie Cassidy have acknowledged this and subtly hinted to the fact that it is kind of on purpose. It seems clear that they are setting up Laurel for a bigger shift then most characters (with exception to Oliver). 



D) You can even see how committed she is to her emotional journey in how her face has changed per season.

S1 - The side character
S2 - The slimming down drug addict
S3 - The muscle building comes the Canary

2) Sara....

A) Sara = Dinah Drake Lance aka Black Canary 1...She passed the mantle onto her daughter and that is Sara's job here...

B) This is Sara now...get over it

3) I don't like the actress (or she isn't good)

1) Although I disagree with his Felicity point

2) Watch her more recent work if you don't think she can pull of the role... The Scribbler (2014)...Supernatural

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