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EDITORIAL: Tommy and Sara A Future? ... Or Nah...

Tommy and Sara A Future? ... Or Nah...

A common theory/hope that I see around the web is the hope that either Tommy or Sara (who literally just died) will return.

Personally I wouldn’t mind if they returned, I would much prefer that they stay dead. Not only have their/will their deaths pushed for HUGE character evolutions, but those evolutions wouldn’t be slightly negated by their returns. i.e. Laurel’s evolution into (Black) Canary, Oliver’s no kill rule, Oliver’s emotional change, etc. Although arguably their respective returns could bring on more change, it brings more harm then its worth (see below).

On top of this, the largest complaint about Marvel’s MCU is that characters don’t stay dead, and that detracts from the movies: Nick Fury, Loki, Coulson, and now recent theories/rumors that state Thor could die in Age of Ultron and wake up in Hel (one of the 9 realms). Lastly, Arrow seems to really be pushing for more comic characters who have backstory. Although Diggle and Felicity seem to fall into that bracket, they have recently been introduced, so their backstories (comic-wise) can still grow. Stay tuned for my predictions as to what will come in the future for them. Debatably, Sara is a take on Dinah Laurel Lance, in the sense that she was the first Canary, and has now passé on the mantle to Laurel, as Laurel’s mother typically does (that would be really strange on the show…Mrs. Lance/Drake in the Canary costume fighting crime). So this is my initial reasoning…And arguably Tommy has been introduced in the New 52...but his role is very very minor as of now and has yet to be touched on for quite awhile. However, taking that point into consideration or not, here are my further thoughts on the matter...

Tommy Merlyn:

Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn
Tommy Merlyn was introduced as a red hearing for fans looking for DC easter eggs in the first few episodes of Arrow, many fans believed that he, not knowing of his father yet, was Merlyn the Archer. However, Colin Donnell's portrayal of the character soon became a fan favorite, and his death sparked theories and hopes all around the web.

A look at the New 52's Tommy Merlyn
People want to see Tommy return as more of a challenge for Oliver, some fans were happy to see him show up again in Hong Kong, but other were disappointed in the fact that he was put back in that way rather than actually bringing him back

Merlyn The Archer, the character many thought Colin Donnell was playing
The most common suggestion is that Tommy be resurrected via Lazarus Pit and return aggravated as a villain and to oppose Oliver…Tommy could become the true “Merlyn the Archer” that many people believed him to be before we met Malcolm.

Yea! ... No...

However there are a few general flaws with this hope, the first being the time Tommy has been dead. Off the top of my head, there is a limit to the Lazarus Pit’s use… you can’t toss a skeleton in there and assume it will return a fully fleshed human, it has its threshold of use.

Quite possibly the best screenshot from Batman: Under the Red Hood in which we see a crazed Jason Todd rise from the Lazarus Pit
The second issue, and this applies to Sara’s resurrection as well, the Jason Todd comparison. Many people believe that the CW’s version of Green Arrow is very similar to Batman, something that I will disprove/elaborate on in another editorial (working on it). People complain that the CW’s Arrow is a ripoff of Batman, and resurrection a friendly character as a villain especially via Lazarus Pit just begs for Jason Todd comparisons…why call attention to one of the most common complaints that people have about the show?

The third large issue with Tommy's return is coincidence (for lack of better word)... why...of all characters are the Merlyn's the ones who are returning?  That seems all to convent and coincidental, harkening back to the point about keeping more comic based characters around... they should go ahead and kill one of them off just to bring them back eventually... but not this Merlyn...nor the following Lance.

Ollie...this should never happen - Tommy Merlyn

Sara Lance:

Caity Lotz as Sara Lance
To start Sara was introduced, debatably, as a means of including the original Black Canary, Dinah Drake Lance, in a way that made sense. Rather than having Laurel's mom suit up and play Canary, like the comics, in realtime or flashbacks it would seem they split her character in two and gave us Sara Lance, and Dinah Drake Lance. Seeing as Sara is now dead, its clear her purpose has been served, to pass the mantle onto the current, and more popular Black Canary (comic-wise), "Dinah Laurel Lance".

A few fan theories include Sara returning via Lazarus Pit based on Nyssa's love for her and the New 52 Futures End incarnation of Black Canary who runs the League of Assassins the Red League....but at this point we don't even know who killed Sara...what a twist it would be if it was here for evidence up to episode 2 as to who killed Sara. Simply stating "because Nyssa loved her" and "because this Ra's will be more faithful to the comics" does not suggest she will return. Especially considering some fans believe that was Malcolm's means of returning...then will the Lazarus Pit just become "everyones out"?.... "Oh no! Roy lost his arm and is going to die...Lazarus Pit!" ... "Felicity fatally wounded...bro its ok...Lazarus Pit!".... "Oliver got shot....Lazarus Pit!"... Using the same method of resurrection detracts from the shows believability (in that world) and could easily be seen as repetitive.

Damian Wayne in casket
Fans also suggest, in conjunction with the point above, a stolen casket type of deal where someone, typically Nyssa, steals Sara's casket to resurrect her, although the connection is again calls unneeded argument to a very current batman storyline in which Ra's Al Ghul steals the caskets of Damian Wayne and Talia Al Ghul to resurrect them

The White Canary
Another slightly more plausible theory is, "The White Canary", although I still see it as a little bit out there. For those who don't know The White Canary is Lady Shiva-esk Birds of Prey villain who is extremely skilled in martial arts and general fighting forms, and is able to stand toe to toe with Black Canary. Although there really aren't any connections between Sara and The White Canary with exception to the ability to hold their own in a fight, some fans think it would be "cool"to have Sara become the White read more on the White Canary click here.

White Canary vs. Black Canary AND Huntress

Many of the Tommy theories apply to Sara as well and vice is the final theory from fans which...I will simply allow the picture to explain. However, this won't be happening...we don't even have GL yet...and no...Diggle will not be here to take a look at that...

Sara Lance aka The Black Cana.... Lantern...

In the end...people only want them back because they are fan-favorites...when Oliver gets a new buddy (or Roy grows into the role) and when Laurel becomes Black Canary...and everyone likes her we will forget about these two.

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