Sunday, October 19, 2014

EDITORIAL: Ronnie Raymond...He is Mist??....

EDITORIAL: Ronnie Raymond...He is Mist??....

No! I do not mean he is Mist, the villain of the next episode pictured below

However...Ronnie Raymond (played by Robbie Amell), who  many know is 1/2 of the Firestorm matrix IS presumed dead...and missing...something Harrison Wells says makes it seem like Ronnie has been dissipated and is roaming around unable to recreate his own body...

It would make sense, he is floating around as particles and that is why they all think he is dead...seeing as many, myself included, think Well's is from the future *cough* Reverse Flash *cough*... maybe he has knowledge of where Ronnie Raymond is and who he becomes... may just be how the actor, Tom Cavanugh, speaks...but rather than saying he is missed, it sounds more like he is saying he is mist. This is then followed by a slight zoom (pun intended) in on his face and a weird glance, possibly implying there is more to his response. (The clip mentioned is below)

If you don't get what I mean...this may help

Stay tuned to see Ronnie Raymond appear as...Firestorm!


  1. overanalysing, he said "missed"

    1. If you listen close there is a "t" sound rather then an "ed"...and then also why the "he is..................mist(missed)"?

    2. it's just how the actor (Tom Cavanagh) pronounced it

      Robbie Amell was cast as Ronnie Raymond, who is Caitlin Snow's fiance and comprises one half of Firestorm....this has been on several websites now and confirmed, so why are you overlooking this?

    3. I am not overlooking it....where is Robbie Amell right now...he is in he can't form a body....or is he just not around?...

      No...there is a reason....

      Clearly I am not overlooking it...there are photos of Robbie Amell at the end of the post...