Friday, October 31, 2014

EDITORIAL: Random Thought on Austin Butler's Character

EDITORIAL: Who is Austin Butler Really Playing?

The CW’s Arrow recently cast Carrie Diaries alum Austin Butler in the recurring role of Chase, a charismatic DJ whose talent and wiles will catch the attention of Oliver’s sister Thea. That was then...but rarely do "known" actors get cast randomly for a reoccurring role...who isn't a comic character. So lets take a look as to who he could be...assuming Chase isn't his real name on the show...(or it could be a place holder prior to the characters reveal). This is me purely guessing...but it would be a very cool concept.

Austin Butler (Chase) and Willa Holland (Thea)
This is 100% guesswork...just so everyone knows.


Who is he?....well here is Comic Vine's short description....

"Prankster has been re-imagined for the New 52, and is now a featured villain in Nightwing. Prankster is now a mysterious masked man in his early 30s. The new Prankster is tall, thin, and has blond hair, and he wears a tailored jacket and custom-designed mask.

It is revealed that Oswald Loomis was young when he witnessed his father, who was the electrical engineer die in an accident. William Cole, Mayor Cole's brother took the fall. However, he blamed both brothers for the death of his father and has sense had a vendetta against them.

Prankster is primarily known for being a cyber-criminal, having broken into several major corporate and government systems. He is fluent in several programming languages, and is adept at cryptography and computer security. The nickname "Prankster" derives from his online handle. He is considered a threat to the city of Chicago, where he resides and operates, as well as to the rest of the world.

Recently, he has begun a series of attacks that extend beyond Internet crimes. His pranks have evolved into complex death traps, and he has kidnapped at least two civilians, including a Chicago alderman." ~ Comic Vine

Why do I think this random thought?

Quite's just that...a random thought. The second I saw Austin Butler I thought ..."woah that dude totally looks like New 52's Prankster"...and from there my mind went to semi-truth's and facts.

"Who is Pranksters main hero-opposer in the New 52?" - Nightwing

"Who is going to be the headliner of the TNT Titan's show?" - Also Nightwing

"Is the Titans show going to be part of the Arrowverse?" - A 100% maybe

"Should Steven R. McQueen play Nightwing?" - here to see why :D

"Would bringing a Nightwing villain onto Arrow be a nice way to start Nightwing off before he hits the screen with the Titans at his side" - YES

"Again who is Pranksters main hero-opposer in the New 52?" - Nightwing

"The main anti-hero of a majority of the Nightwing run was?" - Prankster

That was essentially my logic on this whim...1000% guesswork...but boy would it be fun to see happen in just that way.

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