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EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E02 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E02 With Spoilers

1) Episode 2 Support that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash (an amalgam between Eobard and Zolomon) To see the support so far click here and scroll to the Harrison Wells as Reverse Flash section.
-Helping the Flash
-Now he wants Barry to be the Flash
-Harrison Well's "suspicions"
-Harrison Well's THE KILLER....that last scene....really shows that Well's needs to protect Barry...but to what end?...I don't think the CW would go the "future Barry who kills route" especially as we are ALL so new to who the CW Barry is... nor do I think Rip Hunter, or Bart Allen would kill...so who does that leave?.... We have seen Eobard Thawne kill before...does this mean something?...again it isn't unlike him to want to help the Flash reach a certain point in his life/career so that he could be the Flash's ultimate enemy

Sidenote: The final scene disproves the theory that it is the room that helps wells walk.

2) Episode 2 Support that Eddie Thawne is the Reverse Flash (an amalgam between Eobard and Zolomon) To see the support so far click here and scroll to the Eddie Thawne as Reverse Flash section.
-Eddie Thawne sarcasm ... "not easy keeping a big secret"...although this could be just a funny nod that we know, not that he does...however, this point doesn't stress Reverse Flash, it just seems to suggest villainy, and considering Cobalt Blue was at the scene when Barry (his lone lost brother) was struck.
-The "not so secret" jerk

3) Diggin the new intro..."supposed to do the whole intro thingy" ... I found this a nice funny nod to the Arrow intro and how many people make those memes about how he says his name at the beginning of every episode.

4) Clearly he will get faster, something that is linked to point #7, many people complain about Barry being "to slow"...I think the answer to this is 2-fold...the first part being I think he WILL get faster...clearly this isn't his fastest...he is still learning to use his powers....The second part however, is that I feel that they will slow him down to some degree (not the the point of fan complaint), but just enough for it to seem realistic, yes a man running at super-speeds can be made realistic. If he can stop all crime in Central City in 0.0002 nano-seconds, it kind of defeats the purpose of the show.

5) Costume looks a little redder at points... just a quick thing I noticed...(will add photos later) but there were definitely points, especially in the daylight that the suit looked like a nice, typical Flash red. Could just be the lighting at points but it seems subtle details of the costume have been changed without acknowledgement, where it seems the big changes will come on the show in real time itself.

6) The Barry/Wally mindset..brains of Barry...mindset of Wally: Something I REALLY like is the incorporation of both the Barry Allen brains, but the fun-ness of the old Wally West... clearly, especially with their choice of Iris and Joe West, the writers are going for a more New 52-esk version of Wally, so its really nice to see that Barry is a merge between typical Barry and pre New52 Wally.

7) The Wally West mental speed block? ... the dizzy spells...a theory I had prior to finding out that the reason he was fainting was the lack of food. In the comics after Crisis on Infinite Earths (which has been hinted at multiple times already...click here and read the last few points as to where), after said Crisis, Wally West becomes the Flash, but due to a mental block (one he subconsciously puts on himself), his running speed is restricted. I thought this could be the reason for his dizziness which it clearly isn't, however it still may be the reason for his lack of uber-mega-ultra super speeds as of now.

8) Speed jokes, unlike Gotham (which don't get mad about this please) I feel like the semi-forced jokes about Barry's identity work. Gotham makes the Riddler speak in riddles, but he isn't the Riddler yet. Selina Kyle "has to be called the 'Cat'" because she will be Catwoman... that seems like very forced foreshadowing, however, with he Flash, the jokes aren't forced as all the fans know that Barry IS the Flash and the Flash IS Barry.

9) Flashbacks, something that seems to be more short-term until we get to know Barry, the flashbacks do add a very nice thing layer of storyline to each character we have seen.

10) Not just running, it was nice to see (in the lab scene where is machine isn't working) that we won't JUST see him running really fast and that he may be using his powers for things other than running.

11) Iris the journalist...reporter? A nice little nod to the comic in which Iris West is a fully fledged reporter when the Flash first meets her, its nice to see she will be following that route on the show. It was also nice to see her interest in actually being a reporter develop alongside her interests in the Flash

12) Simon Stagg...for those who don't know Simon Stagg is an inventor and the founder and CEO of Stagg Enterprises. His company is responsible for pioneering new, innovative methods in the fields of engineering, chemistry and genetics. Stagg, an unscrupulous man by nature, always resented the fact that his daughter, Sapphire, fell in love with the adventurer Rex Mason. Mason, a former employee of Stagg's, is more popularly known as Metamorpho – the Element Man.

Simon always concocted various schemes to keep Sapphire and Rex apart – some of which, even put Metamorpho's life at great risk. Simon Stagg was responsible for genetically engineering the sentient Neanderthal man known as Java. He kept Java under his employ as his personal bodyguard and chauffeur. Stagg later manipulated events, forcing Sapphire Stagg to leave Rex and marry Java. Sapphire remained with Java for several years, but never gave up her love for the Element Man.

Although Simon Stagg is not a villainous person by nature, his obsessive need to control his daughter's life has often placed him in opposition to Metamorpho. To this day, he still endeavors to keep the two apart.

Although some people think the CW is building towards a New 52 style Justice League of America/Canada/ Justice League United...I among others think they are building to a modified version of The Outsiders, and Metamorpho playing into the CW could defiantly support that thought.

13) Ronnie Raymond name drop.... "haven't heard her that mad since Ronnie".. :D... we ALL know we are going to see Robbie Amell and Victor Garber merge into the atomic being known as Firestorm...pumped to see this one happen.

Proud to say I made this :D

14) Cosmic Treadmill Origins? For those who don't know Barry Allen built the Cosmic Treadmill so that he could travel through time by use of super-speed. It was powered by cosmic rays and was coordinated with radioactive pulses from a cosmic ray clock. It released positive radiation when moving forward, sending its user into the future, and negative radiation when moving backward, sending its user into the past. To learn more click here.

15) The Flash eating complex another classic Flash trait, one more-so highlighted with Wally is his need to EAT! Something that I LOVE this show is doing! Since his metabolism is SO fast, The Flash needs to consume a great deal more than the average human, I defiantly think this will add a nice comedic effect to the show and bring it further into the world of the Flash.

16) Multiplex - do I think he is dead? No... I think the fact that he can clone himself is a huge hint that he isn't. They could have gone with a none-cloning villain but they chose not to, I think somehow, someway, this "prime" wasn't really the Multiplex/Danton Black Prime.

17) Captain Clone a nice little nod to not only Cisco coming up with the names, as well as Multiplex, for Flash's villains, but also that Wentworth Miller will soon be appearing as Captain Cold on the show.

18) The awesome super speed cut scene with Iris a nice little nod to the Flash's comedic side as he ran at super speeds around Iris telling her how he felt and what had happened, when she clearly was none the wiser.

19) The Red Streak....NO this WILL NOT BE ANOTHER SMALLVILLE... both "Harrison Wells" and the producers have confirmed that the name "Red Streak" will be dropped prior to the end of the season, I would assume even before episode 8, as the title DOES include the name "Flash v. Arrow".

Random Question: Just randomly thought ... in the crossover

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