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EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E04 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E04 With Spoilers

Posted 1 minute after the show ended...I got this done...in a Flash :D

1) Episode 4 Support that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash (an amalgam between Eobard and Zolomon) To see the latest theory click here.

-"Foresaw" - just some keywords that stand out

-Harrison Wells the PISSED off protector...now we see Well's dark side...

A newer look at Eobard Thawne, who is significantly older than Barry.

-The mad/pissed version of Harrison returned at the end of the episode :/

2) Episode 4 Support that Eddie Thawne is the Reverse Flash (an amalgam between Eobard and Zolomon) To see the latest theory click here.

-Just realized...many people say Rick Cosnett could have played Barry based on looks...maybe this is a nod to Malcolm being Barry's twin in the comics? He is a twin to comic book Barry!...as opposed to  Eobard who is typically portrayed as older than Barry (see above and below).

An older non-masked Reverse Flash, drawn to look older than Barry

3) Barry says "almost as bad as Bartholomew ".... and thats is ....his grandsons name (and technically his own). Bart Allen is the New 52's current Kid Flash.

4) Almost calls himself the "Fla---" Flash ala the Man of Steel cut-off line.

5) Cisco and Kaitlyn learn who the Arrow is? and possibly H. Wells? Cisco and Kaitlyn kind of learn that Barry knows Ollie's secret....but they don't know it is Ollie under the hood...will they find out? Possibly in the crossover?

6) Captain Cold....this is just a testament to the fact that we are getting the Flash we deserve...and quickly!

-This Captain Cold is a thinker!

-"Lost your cool" ... punny

-"Don't need the heat"...also punny

-"We will be cool" - Joe West...also also punny 

-"She froze" - Iris West ... also also also punny 

-"Cold treatment" - Iris West .... also also also also punny 

-"Freeze" - Random Security Guard ... also also also also also punny 

7) Heatwaves Heat Gun! Featured when Captain Cold is "choosing his weapon". Heatwave will be appearing alongside Captain Cold soon!

8) That third person though....a nice throwback to Arrow.

9) The Flash personality!!!! The introduction scene was so...Flashy! The Flash's fun side is coming through!

10) Well's pawn...the chess piece they have Well's hold up is a pawn...implication that Barry is his pawn?...maybe...maybe not.

11) Blackhawk Security a nice nod to the security group from Arrow. Diggle's mentor worked for them as did Digg for a time. Also a nice nod to the comic book group The Blackhawks.

12) Kaitlyn wearing blue...wardrobe matters, this could be a nod to what she becomes aka Killer Frost!

13) Snart had kids...a nice nod to the fact that Leonard sister, Lisa Snart could also appear on Arrow.

Golden Glider

Popular Fancasts Include: Amy Smart

Name: Lisa Snart

Codename: Golden Glider

Short Bio:
-Golden Glider is a super-villain and enemy to The Flash

-Her brother is Captain Cold, and they both commit crimes using ice-themed gadgets

-Beginning her career as a figure skater, she swore revenge on The Flash when her boyfriend The Top died while fighting him

-Her special skates create their own ice, allowing her to move effortlessly and trip up her enemies. Chillblaine eventually murdered her, but she has reappeared alive in the New 52 reboot.

-Astril Projection

14) Iris becoming a journalist AND her interest in the Flash, a nice nod to how the comics show Iris when her and Barry initially meet. 

15) Leonard Snart confirms he has a sister, read above for the information.

16) A little backstory from Prof. Wells on Felicity before the Arrow episode "The Secret Origins of Felicity Smoak"

17) Called it! "He hasn't reached his top speed yet"...a new he had yet to come close to his top speed!

"Not fast enough"

This episode seems to have two key goals...introduce Captain Cold AND reassure fans that Barry can and WILL run faster.

18) Felicity sees "plenty of night life in Starling City"...hmmmm....

19) Barry the nerd! We also get a taste of the other side of Barry Allen at the "trivia night".

20) Dexter Myles!!! the curator of the Flash Museum was seen at the museum! Click here to read more.

21) Barry Allen can be stopped by someone who isn't a meta human...should prove to fans that the Arrow v. Flash fight could be a little fairer then we think.

22) Absolute Zero! Even Mr. Freeze has acknowledged that Captain Cold is the only person to ever truly achieve absolute zero.

23) Cisco v. Barry ... we see another side of Cisco this episode as well....prepping for the worse, its nice to see Cisco has a counterbalance to his joking side when needed.

24) The "Wally West...have to go faster"...Barry knows he has yet to reach his limits and much like Wally after he became the Flash, Barry knows and wants to be faster.

25) Cisco names another! "Captain Cold" has been named :D. Looks like we know who will be naming Flash's villains.

26) Hacking...Felicity is the Fastest Woman Alive...and Barry is the Fastest Man Alive...hmm I get it!

27) Another side of Barry! The "I don't feel like talking" jealous/mad side of Barry Allen...but he ends up needing help...the Flash CAN'T do it on his own just yet.

28) Cisco has something...mid episode guess...Doctor Lights gun making it's second appearance?  (Well ... I was wrong)

Doc. Lights gun from Season 2 of Arrow

29) New cold gun...will Captain Cold get a new new cold gun courtesy of Cisco? Nope...Star Labs vacuum....Cisco is back!

30) The smirk...Captain Cold seemed to acknowledge the name...he will probably use it when he comes back. :D

31) The famous Flash/Arrow "no more secrets" but we all will still keep secrets line.

32) Barry vibrating through train doors?...Did he do it through the car door in the first episode as well?

33) The end kiss :o ... Oliver was a player...Felicity is now a player?!

34) Running beside the train! Throwback to Superman returns

35) Who is Capt. Cold talking to at the end?.....Heatwave! Prison Break throwback!

Dominic Purcell as Heatwave

Name: Mick Rory (sometimes Rory Calhoun)

Codename: Heat Wave

Short Bio: 
-Founding member of the Rogues

-Uses a handheld flamethrower that produces enough heat to melt the Flash's boots.

-Has also been a member of Project Cadmus and the Secret Society of Super-Villains

-The suit Heatwave wears (when he does wear the suit) is typically a flame retardant suit that is covered and made u of asbestos.  HOWEVER he has since gotten a new suit (above) created by the Crime Tailor (see below)

A fans vision of the jacket he could wear, definitely a cool thought
-The heat gun he uses is a re-purposed flame thrower that does not only create flames but increases the ambient temperature of the surrounding area, and create small personalized fire storms that incinerate targets without the use of fuel tanks.

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