Tuesday, October 21, 2014

EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E03 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to The Flash S01E03 With Spoilers

Episode 2 Guide

Posted 1 minute after the show ended...I got this done...in a Flash :D

1) Episode 3 Support that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash (an amalgam between Eobard and Zolomon) To see the support so far click here and scroll to the Harrison Wells as Reverse Flash section.
-I feel like I have "waited for this day for centuries" - as many do or do not know, Eobard Thawne is from the 25th century, although the Flash villain Abra Kadabra is also from the future
-"That future will be here faster then you think"
-"Surprised what you can get used to" ... as in chilling in a wheelchair when you have super speed???
-Refer to the last point

2) Episode 3 Support that Eddie Thawne is the Reverse Flash (an amalgam between Eobard and Zolomon) To see the support so far click here and scroll to the Eddie Thawne as Reverse Flash section.
-Not support: Eddie seems to have actual feelings for Iris...people think that he is merely dating her to one-up Barry
-Not support: It could just be his character...but Eddie seems to give zero f*cks about the Flash ... more so about Barry

A Reverse Flash Theory to Satisfy the Masses

3) Firestorm! Kind of... tonight we get our first appearance of Ronnie Raymond! Although he has yet to become Firestorm it's nice to see the producers aren't waiting to long before introducing him.

-Also it seems this version of Ronnie Raymond will be more than your typical jock...he helped to build the particle accelerator...just a little smarter then we thought...which is nice.

-This Ronnie is WOW...really honorable...the way he "died"...I actually felt sad

-This Ronnie Raymond is already a HERO

THE FLASH NEWS: Robbie Amell Talks Firestorm (in Detail!)
EDITORIAL: Ronnie Raymond...He is Mist??.... (no...not what you think :D)

4) A super hero prison?

Iron Heights Penitentiary has been mentioned on Arrow, but it seems Star Labs is going to have to one up Iron Heights....it is typically located about three miles north of Keystone City. It has been known for housing villains such as: Blacksmith, Cicada, Doctor Alchemy, Dr. Michael Christian Amar, Double Down, Fallout, GirderGorilla Grodd, Peek-a-Boo, Pied Piper, Tar Pit, Top, Weather Wizard (those bolded are confirmed to appear on The Flash)

This is also where Barry Allen's father, Henry Allen, is being held a prisoner, and Moira Queen was previous housed.

*Mind = Blown for those who didn't know Barry's dad and Ollie's mom were in the same prison at the same time*

5) Calls himself the Flash (in the intro), something I have been hoping to see, and a nice way to offset it right of the bat from the Smallville "Blur" moniker

6) Anthony Carrigan as Kyle Nimbus (The Mist)

Name: Unknown (on the CW's Flash...Kyle Nimbus)

Codename: Mist, or The Mist

Short Bio: 
-He invented a chemical to render people and objects invisible

-He then attempted to sell his invention to the United States government during World War I

-Disbelieved and rejected, he swore revenge by assisting the Axis powers during World War II by sending invisible agents to steal America's military secrets as the Mist.

-The Mist had two children, Nash and Kyle.

-Chemical Secretion
-Density Control
-Phasing / Ghost
-Weapon Master

Yes! This IS the same guy playing Victos Zsasz on GOTHAM, the left photo is the first photo, from S01E03 of the Flash, and the right if from GOTHAM

7) "Not like I want a museum built in my name" - Flash Museum reference

The Flash Museum was originally located in Central City and contained memorabelia in honor of those who have held the name Flash. The museum featured various exhibits on the Flash, including his battles and his rogue's gallery of foes. In addition to the exhibits, the Flash Museum housed a vast storage of various artifacts and weaponry that the Flash had encountered. Some of these weapons were actually part of public exhibits, and were occasionally used during a fight. Originally, the museum was founded to honor the achievements of Barry Allen, the first Flash of the modern era and stalwart member of the Justice League of America. As years passed, the museum began showcasing materials as they related to the original Flash, Jay Garrick, as well as Barry's successor, Wally West.
8) The floating effect was NOT a speedster? Or was it? ... If wells isn't Reverse Flash...then could he have sabotaged the machine? Or was it Wells/ Reverse Flash himself? Many people thought the chemicals floating in Barry's lab/ kid Barry's room had to do with a speedster...but it may not be the case.

9)Nora Allen was stabbed?.... Not sure if it was just me...but I didn't think she was stabbed when the Pilot featured its flashbacks.

10) Caitlin and Ronnie... "Like fire and ice" a nice nod to who Caitlin Snow becomes...and who Ronnie Raymond becomes (one mentioned above).

Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost

It would seem Caitlin Snow's attitude already begins to signify her inevitable transformation into Killer Frost

Name: Caitlin Snow

Codename: Killer Frost

Short Bio: 
-Typically an enemy of Firestorm

-Second villain to carry the name, Crystal Frost was the first

-Unique Physiology: Her new state is very basic, almost primal. Her body is completely encased in permafrost. She is not made of ice but she generates organic ice-like cells which make up her changed genetics.
-Cryokinesis: She can generate ice spikes to spear her opponents, kill a man by freezing him with a kiss and/or create frost cold enough to kill multiple people with just the snap of her fingers.
-Energy Absorption: Killer Frost needs to feed. She is always hungry, desiring warmth. She is only sated by the warmth of a human's life.

11) How many Flash suits? He could just bring it back and forth...but does Barry have more than one suit? One at Star Labs and the other in his office?

12) Big Belly Burger - Arrow has mentioned it a few times, Andy Diggle's widow even worked at one in Starling..

Big Belly Burger is a fast-food burger chain in the United States. The restaurant was founded in Coast City and has expanded nation-wide. As a subsidiary of LexCorp, the company enjoys widespread marketing and is only rivaled by O'Shaughnessy's. Their mascot is a large, bearded man holding a giant burger though recent promotions have indicated his exposure is being limited in favor of a newer design.

13) Cisco name game: The Mist... I think its cool that Cisco is naming the Rogues...something Arrow lacks is the villain names...Cisco is a cool way to kind of auto-name each Rogue.

14) The number "52" in the lab near the entrance to the accelerator. (Will post pictures later). Just considering the fact that DC's biggest venture over the past few years. The choice of the random number on the wall seems all to familiar. Just a cool little nod and "funny" choice of number.

15) Wait...how where is Iron Heights in comparison to Starling and Central City? Didn't it say in the Flash pilot Starling is like 500 miles from Central City? 

16) Flash meets....Ex. Flash! Does he recognize his son? He speaks of the time he learned to walk?... Strange he would retell the story of him running. (He probably doesn't know though). ***I am referring to when Henry Allen see's Barry save Joe West whilst in his costume, and then the talk they have afterwards where Barry is not in his costume***

17) The face blurring effect! Wow what a cool trick! Vibrating his face (much like Superman used to in the comics) to conceal his identity. (Photos will be added later).

In terms of Superman, John Byrne did address, in his Man of Steel relaunch post-Crisis, that Superman vibrates his molecules (like the Flash) so that his face always looks blurry, and Lex Luthor found out his identity but refused to believe/failed to understand why the most powerful man on earth would lower himself to a mild mannered, quiet (in Lex's eyes weak) human who is laughed at.

18) That final scene seems to make it clear he knew that this accident would create the Flash...He clearly knew who Barry was (this does negate point #8 to some degree). People say it is "obvious" that Wells is Flash"...but considering the amount of people that still think he is someone else...and still think that Eddie is Reverse-Flash...I don't think its that obvious...

As for a mass theory (and I have said this before)...it is quite possible that Eddie will be used as a puppet to prolong the theory and belief that Wells isn't Reverse Flash...some speedsters have the ability to share their speed...If Eddie is used as a puppet of the Reverse Flash (Wells) then I could see Wells sharing said speed...and giving him a yellow counterpart to Barry's costume to begin the fight as "Reverse Flash Beta". Then, if Eddie is indeed the Cobalt Blue, and is temporarily Reverse Flash, when he (if he) loses the speed he was given, learns of his true heritage, amongst other things, we could see Eddie/Malcolm's drive to gain some sort of power back.

Plus here is a sneak peak at next week:D


  1. What if Wells is an older form of impulse... distraught by the disappearence of the flash thinking him dead... and decides to go to the past to protect him and try to prevent his disappearence

    1. I have covered this in past editorials, but not in terms of episodes 2 and 3. Personally and logically speaking, the CW messing up Impulse two times seems highly unlikely (Smallville); this has been called one of the most faithful to the comic TV shows by Geoff Johns, and making Wells Impulse, especially given his mannerisms doesn't seem like a feat anyone would want to take on.

      As for him "protecting him", seeing over, and making sure he is created isn't really protection, nor is sneaking around after the credits killing people, protecting him 12 years in the past seems highly unlikely, why go back 12 years (it's pretty clear Well's is in the time he wants to be in) if you want to prevent his disappearance?

      As it stands the Wells is the head honcho Reverse Flash (pertaining to my own theory at the end (the head honcho part :P)) seems most likely given the evidence and comic knowledge/basis that many people either A) gloss over, or B) simply don't know , hence me trying to educate them with these quick blurbs

  2. I just saw a similar post on Comicbookresources but have yet to rewatch the episode to confirm but the theatre Barry and Iris walk out of has the names Rita Farr and Blue Devil on the movies.