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EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E03 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E03 With Spoilers

1) Who killed Sarah evidence (for and against) from Episode 3.. for the evidence from episode 1 and 2, see the link above.



Not support: Malcolm wants both him and Thea to stay in the shadows, away from the League

-This lady showed up on the roof...looked like she could handle herself...could have been Sara..although seems Thea has yet to return to Star(ling)
-"Never coming back to Starling City"
-Again it seems Thea has NOT left Corto nor does she want to...Ollie then convinces her finally

-This lady showed up on the roof...looked like she could handle herself...could have been Sara..
-Nyssa "doesn't know" Sara is dead...this could easily be a lie seeing as we have only heard one line of dialogue and no other you never know

-This lady showed up on the roof...looked like she could handle herself...could have been Sara..

2) Who is Thea Dearden Merlyn/Queen?....Thea is MIA in Corto...MIA DEARDEN...I personally think she will either be an origin modified Mia Dearden or an amalgam of Cheshire and Mia Dearden...but this will be touched on in an entire editorial.

3) Corto Maltese - Corto Maltese is a small island off the coast of South America. It has been referenced in two non-canonical DC sources. Corto Maltese is confirmed to exist in the mainstream DC Universe, where there was a tossed-off reference in a newspaper headline: "More Arms to Corto Maltese.

4) The Arrow in public - Oliver running through the streets at the start of the episode...again a push away from the darker Arrow built into the public eye

5) More trick Arrow's as I stated in the S03E01 guide, it seems Oliver will be using more trick arrows this season. Yet another indicator for a push towards the funny jolly Ollie. Tonight saw him use an arrow with a cable attached to it to stop a thug from running from him.

6) The Oliver smirk...anyone else catch Ollie's smirk when Roy says he had never been on a plane?...It's nice to see we are stepping in the joking/funny Ollie direction.

7) Mark Shaw appearance! Who is Mark Shaw? The Manhunter! David Cubitt is The Manhunter

-Shaw the traitor...growth towards Manhunter?

As a young man, Mark was a public defender, unhappy about how easily criminals manipulated the system and got off without punishment. Shaw's uncle Desmond Shaw introduced him to an ancient sect of crime fighters called the Manhunters. Shaw contacted the Grand Master, the sect's leader, through a magical lion medallion. Shortly, he assumed the Manhunter name and costume from a previous Manhunter.

Mark Shaw later reappeared and the Manhunter sect and was shown to be comprised of androids, created billions of years before by the Guardians of Oa to police the galaxy. For millennia, they served the Guardians well. However, the Manhunters became obsessed with the act of 'hunting' criminals. Their code, "No Man Escapes The Manhunters", became more important to them than seeing justice done. Eventually, the androids rebelled against the Guardians, but were swiftly defeated by their creators. Those that survived went into hiding.

More on Manhunter here.

8) Meet Ted Grant...tonight we were introduced to J.R. Ramirez younger, still fighting Ted Grant/Wildcat

9) Laurel's fair share of self-defense classes and the brochure for fighting classes

10) Thea is MIA in Corto...MIA DEARDEN...another hint to the fact that she is Mia Dearden (or a version of her) AGAIN...I will further analyze this in a separate editorial on its own.

11) Malcom ready to kill Oliver? This seems to be an urksome plotpoint...he is ready at the door with a bow...and yet there is no confrontation...why be ready with the bow pulled taught...and then have 0 confrontation at all.

12) Thea doesn't seem to know Ollie's secret...which is leaves a lot of room for further Merlyn/Queen story development.

13) Some "wacko blew up applied sciences" ... throwback to Felicity and the team blowing up the applied sciences building to stop Slade.

14) The new Felicity...Felicity suddenly gained a lot of power this episode...nice to see a change in pace for her this season...she was beginning to become more of the same every episode....that office though :o.

15) Laurel still attending AA meetings

16) Laurel going to stop "Erica's boyfriend"?...Is this where she gets her scars next episode?...Laurel is stepping her Canary game up...she has the hero drive.

17) Roy really does love Thea...another "hint" to her drawing from Cheshire's backstory...although Roy does like other women in the comics...more recently Starfire in the New 52, he is most notably known for loving and fathering the child of Cheshire....Lian would be a nice homage if this happened in the shows closing...and Roy names his daughter after the one thing that began it all...Lian Yu...

18) Roy hasn't been sleeping much...this could easily be due to his time as Arsenal...BUT...we know his killing of a cop is a large part of his growth this season...maybe he is having mirakuru flashbacks?

19) "Any luck raising our digital Lazarus from the dead?" A nice Lazarus pit/Ra's Al Ghul reference

20) Laurel calls Felicity, a budding relationship, again more character development. Its nice to see they are finally connecting characters that have known each other but never interacted in the past.

21) Ollie WANTS to tell Thea. More foreshadowing as to who Thea is and will become...she will learn Oliver's secret whether that is now, or later...Mia/Thea Dearden Queen/Merlyn here we come!

22) Laurel fights the boyfriend with...a leather jacket. Nice foreshadowing to the Black Canary moniker she will be carrying soon. Then there was the jacket close-up while she was in the hospital.

23) Thea is learning...slowly....Oliver is trying to build trust...not destroy it....Robert killed himself to save Oliver, and she knows now.

24) Milo Armitage was expected in Corto... you may know him from S02 episode "Tremors" he was the one who attempted to sell the prototype quake machine. He is also the step-father to Oliver's son, Connor Hawke.

25) Roy's gun interest...this could be played off as a time for a quick funny Oliver comment (again showing a shift towards the more traditional Ollie)...but his gun interest may also be a nod to his Arsenal persona.

26) Roy fighting...nice to see some none in costume fighting from Roy...also shows he has a little bit of training...nice to see he has improved since Season 1.

27) Thea fighting as well...we also get a nice taste of how well Thea has been trained since the end of the last season

28) The return of Mia/Thea Dearden Queen/Merlyn and the new quest for Malcolm...we know Thea is coming home...but where is Malcolm going to be from then until we see him again?

29) Living through the through Sara...Laurel wants Ollie to train from Ollie...yes from we saw at the close of the episode Laurel begins her training.

30) Ray Palmer seems...the missle launcher from Lian Yu?!? ... the argus drone??? The specks on the screen (will add photos) were from the rocket on Lian Yu...

A fan also pointed out (and speculated) that the plans are dubbed "O.M.A.C" and he wondered if Lian Yu could be the CW's take on Cadmus Island personally I think that is only a possibility if it is in the Season 4/5 flashbacks unless in the CWverse Argus owns Cadmus (which is possible considering the Waller ties) because we know that Argus has an eye on Lian Yu (Slade is there)

31) Oliver noticing a change in Thea...I can guarantee the Merlyn, Harper, Queen families will be intertwining.

32) We know via the synopsis for the next episode that S03E04 is when Oliver will discover Malcolm is still alive

33) Adios Felicity...see you in a Flash... the end of the episode saw Felicity run off to Central City...but we know we will see her on next weeks episode of The Flash

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  1. the drones where dubbed O.M.A.C what if lian yu is Cadmus island ?

    1. Were they really? And the drones looked more Argus to me.

      As for Cadmus Island...I think that is only a possibility if it is in the Season 4/5 flashbacks unless in the CWverse Argus owns Cadmus (which is possible) because we know that Argus has an eye on Lian Yu (Slade is there)

  2. Also, there were several references to Coast City. Erika's boyfriend was said twice I think to have outstanding warrants in Coast City. We're getting more and more Lantern references and I love it. It would make the perfect trinity (of shows) if we have The Flash to represent the 'super' side of things, Arrow to represent the earthbound/"realistic" side, and Green Lantern to represent the cosmic/space side. And of course, the crossover between the three, showing them with other allies teaming up against a cosmic villain, Arrow showing he can hold his own against metahumans, Flash being... Flash, etc.