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EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E02 With Spoilers

EDITORIAL: Guide to Arrow S03E02 With Spoilers

1) Who killed Sarah evidence (for and against) from episode 2.. for the evidence from episode 1 please click here.

Ra's - 
-Oliver doesn't think its the league (could easily be some reverse psychology on the writers parts)

Komodo-  (Not Him)
-Komodo is offered up to him...Komodo seems to be served up on a plate to Oliver at the beginning of the episode 
- Oliver jumps to a conclusion...naturally, the fact that his friend was killed by Arrows and another archer leads Oliver to jump to this conclusion
-LENGTH of Komodo's Arrows?...This may just be me, but his arrows seemed longer then those used to kill Sara
- he denies it and doesn't have knowledge of it (alibi) 

Malcolm-  refer to points 24 and to some end 25

Thea -  refer to points 24 and 25

2) Another sweet new intro.... as we have seen every new season...

3) Multiplex reference by Felicity when talking about phones. Nice reference to last nights Flash episode where the main villain was... you guessed it...Multiplex.

4) Laurel is clearly stronger (physically) then we think, she manages to bring Sara all the way back to the lair on her own. For anyone assuming she won't "have time to train" it is pretty clear her character (and Katie Cassidy) have been working out in the 5 month gap between finding out everyones secrets and the season premiere.

5) Tommy Merlyn in Hong Kong, Colin Donnell's Tommy was greatly missed, and although fans hope he will return, his return would really undo many of the things it has caused, such as Oliver's HUGE change (kill v. no kill), and the shows believability factor, one of the few issues people have with he MCU... people don't stay dead... People are already calling Sara's return, BUT this is the same thing... bringing her back will negate all the supposed good and storyline pushing her death is supposed to cause this season.

6) What does Waller need with Oliver? Just curious as to what people think... personally I feel that H.I.V.E and ARGUS are still tied together, as HIVE was name-dropped once, but has yet to be alluded to since. If it IS HIVE, we have another nice way to link to the Titans show.

7) Sarah Lance replaces Dinah Drake Lance... People seem to keep saying that Laurel's mom is the original Black Canary and that Arrow isn't sticking to the comic in that regard...however...logistically, to do that storyline you would need to have some serious Mrs. Lance flashbacks...the easiest and most logical way to execute this transition is allowing Sara to take the role originally held by Mrs.Lance/Drake as the one who gives up the Canary identity.

8) The push for Laurel already growing... this episode seems to mark the end of the old Laurel Lance and the beginning of a new one...  "bar last place I should be"... shows that she really has moved on from the (fan-hated) Laurel of last season.... "tell him his daughter he says hello".. shows that she isn't afraid of overstepping her bounds to get what she wants....hurting Mr. Kelso in the hospital...seems to imply she is cool with brute force as a weapon.....Laurel grabs the gun...seems to imply that weapons don't only have to be brute force....Oliver's teachings...she seems to be surprisingly OK with the fact that the gun isn't loaded (after the fact), and it's nice to see that this also seems to mark her moving on from the gun phase.

9) The green glass on the roof? I had a bad angle when looking at the it green glass the Oliver picks up? I will be checking again later.

10) Amazonian Warrior ... #WonderWoman... A nice nod to Wonder Woman... Felicity thought of Sara as an Amazonian Warrior

11) Death in the Family....When called about why she wasn't in work Felicity choses the phrase their was "A Death in the Family" a nice nod to a classic batman storyline in which one of Batman's sidekicks (Jason Todd) is killed at the hands of Batman's main villain the Joker...Now this may be a jump...but Joker is Batman's main adversary...and this season Ra's is Arrow's main this further proof that it was Ra's that killed Sara?

12) Roy tells the truth about Thea...something that simply needed to be done for the Thea/Malcolm story to move on..glad they didn't keep this a HUGE secret for to long. I did really enjoy the fact that Oliver didn't freak out over the fact that a secret was being withheld from him...especially considering the fact he is a master of hiding things from people.

13) Felicity pulls the heroes...everyone says Oliver dates every girl that isn't related to him on the show... but no one calls Felicity out lol.... Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer... Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen, Grant Gustin's Barry Allen...AND she dated Colton Haynes aka Roy Harper in real life...if the show progress like I think it will we may even see her with Robbie Amell's Ronnie Raymond (although thats where she would end up... permanently) in the end if they decide to keep her around  I think she would end up with Robbie Amell's Firestorm...seeing as Caitlin Snow is most likely becoming Killer Frost. Felicity ending up with Robbie Amell's Firestorm would pay nice homage to her original characters, as Firestorm's (Ronnie Raymond) step mom.

14) Brandon Routh is WORKING ... Something many people were unsure of especially after Superman Returns... but WOW Brandon Routh manages to take this version of Ray Palmer by the horns... not only is he clearly hilarious.... but he does have a clear compassionate side as we saw when he spoke to Felicity.

15) A motorcycle battle?!?! With arrows?!?! This hints at nothing...except some AWESOME action sequences ( will add photos later) but WOW that was awesome!

16) Who takes Tommy? OLIVER! Oliver tells his own friend to go home...stop looking for him. What an intense scene...very emotionally heart wrenching, something that actually made it feel like Tommy was back, and not a periphery character.

17) The moving on of Felicity Smoak... Felicity clearly is getting fed up with he commitment she made, her change to another venue (possibly the Flash) seems imminent after this season. Especially at the end where we see her go to get the job from Ray.

18) Will Ray Palmer be interested in the Arrow? If you watch the Arsenal and Arrow v. Komodo fight scene there are Flashs (puns) of Ray Palmer looking intently (as one would typically do if that kind of action was happening near you) at the fight. This sparks my interest though....Will Ray Palmer DEDUCE the Arrow's identity on his own terms? It would sure mark a differential in the character, as everyone to date has been told, or knows due to prior knowledge.

19) The Arrow catch and reload...WOW...another cool sequence... just another sequence that suggests very cool scenes to come. Oliver not only catches an Arrow at close range, but then spins and reloads in the same fluent motion.

20) Another Bludhaven namedrop...personally I think this further adds to the fact that TNT's Titans could very well take place in the Arrowverse... Bludhaven has been name dropped a few times, but not since the announcement that Nightwing (who lives there) would be leading the Titans show. One would like that references to unusable characters wouldn't be used (notice the lack of Kord advertising since it was announce they were using Palmer rather than Kord), but another Bludhaven drop seems to imply something more.

21) Tell Detective Lance? Laurel is making her own choices...?... This really highlights growth in the character, a HUGE step into becoming your own person is making your OWN choices, something we saw Laurel do tonight, glad to see they aren't holding back on development.

22) We are seeing Oliver change....hinting at growing emotions...this is the beginning of the true Oliver Queen folks...mark my words.

23) The baby Sara (Diggle's daughter)...A nice way to close the book on Sara being dead, although her death will be a driving force, the "One Sara dies, only for another to be born" is a nice close to her death. (photos when I get them)

24) Thea and Malcolm still training... I think this helps disprove the theory that they killed (one or both) killed Sara... it would seem they are clearly still out of town, and that likelihood that one of both of them took a quick flight to Starling to kill someone and come back? Slim to none in my opinion. Especially considering the line highlighted in the clip for next weeks episode by Thea, "I'm never going back to Starling City"

25) Will Thea learn the secret already? In the clip for S03E03 we hear Oliver say that Thea needs to know the truth. Personally I A) Don't think she will learn the truth, but B) I don't think that her learning so soon is the best route for the show to go. They will most likely stick with the "bad Thea" development and switch her over into a more Speedy/Artemis-esk role later on (seasons down the road). Another viable option is she finds out and really doesn't care...more secrets...more Thea rage...then we see her swap sides down the line.

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