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EDITORIAL: Casting TNT's Nightwing

EDITORIAL: Casting TNT's Nightwing

With TNT's apparently moving forward with their Titan's show, whether it be connected to the Arrowverse or not (50/50 at this point). Nightwing is the lead, and here I will discuss his casting.

Who should play Nightwing you ask?...Well it is quite rare that you find an actor so fit for a role, who also wants that role...and thats why I can say with no questions at all asked that Steven R. McQueen is the man for the role. 

McQueen currently plays Jeremy Gilbert on the CW's Vampire Diaries, a character who at times hold a very similar likeness in emotion to Dick Grayson. McQueen's overall look and composure are all to similar to how Dick Grayson would act, and I can almost assure fans that if this casting came to fruition, it would be as if Nightwing had been torn right off the page of a comic book.

Clearly McQueen has the superhero build, but his likeness to Dick Grayson his uncanny as well. Again, not only does McQueen want this role but many fans also want the role for him. McQueen stands at 6 feet and is 26 years old, however he does play a high school senior on The Vampire Diaries in this season, so his age playable age range is about 19-26, although I am sure TNT't Nightwing will be portrayed as college age. 

To summarize, McQueen is one of the more popular choices, but one I have to agree with, not only does McQueen want to play Nightwing as much as Channing Tatum wanted to play Gambit, but in this case McQueen seems to already be Nightwing. His looks are ideal compared to those of an older Dick Grayson, he is 6'0", enough to assert a dominant presence seeing that he has no powers, and he is pretty big. On top of all of this, we know McQueen can pull off the Dick Grayson attitude seeing as, to some degree, it is who he is in real life (watch interviews etc.) but also to that same degree, it is his character Jeremy Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries.

McQueen riled fans up a few months ago when he tweeted his fried from Everwood, Greg Berlant, who currently produces the CW's Arrow. The tweet in question featured McQueen working out in the gym wearing a Nightwing shirt with the #Nightwing. He later posted more tweets and instagram photos with the same hashtag leading fans to believe he was playing the role. Then came an interview where McQueen admitted that he wasn't actually signed on for the role but he was pushing for it via the hashtags and posts, and with this interview came some slight fan backlash. People began to claim that McQueen had "lied", although he had never actually said "I am playing Nightwing", but fans freaked out anyway...the definition of overreaction. 

With this backlash, came the fall of the #Nightwing from McQueen...that is...until recently, after news broke that TNT would be making a Titans show starring Nightwing, and after the Flash premiered...the #Nightwing returned.

McQueen even visited the circus and used the #Nightwing, something fans of the character will definitely understand as a nod to Dick Grayson's crimefighting origins. People have gone as far as to speculate that these photos hint at some high intensity circus training for said role.

Another circus photo, not including #Nightwing though
Personally despite other choices for the role existing, all of them have clear cut flaws (very very clear) McQueen is the man for the role. In terms of McQueen, there is only one issue, The Vampire Diaries....but he has mentioned that if the opportunity comes, there is no stopping him, even if that means leaving the show, and fans of the show would know if they were up to date that there are definite reasons he could leave this season. #Nightwing 

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