Monday, October 20, 2014

EDITORIAL: Arrow's Nice Batman Homage?

EDITORIAL: Arrow's Nice Batman Homage?

Many may contest that the CW's Arrow, especially in its first season, was more a "Bruce Wayne" show, then an "Oliver Queen" show. This is something that is surprisingly not very correct, there are only a few minor Batman parallels, but the rest is obvious in a realistic grounding of the show. However that is NOT the point of this editorial (that will be its own editorial entirely)...the point here is to express the thought that the CW's Arrow may pay homage to a scene we will never otherwise see on the big screen, and also why it may not go down the way you think.

The scene in question is the famous duel(duels) between Batman and Ra's Al Ghul as they fight to the death (not really), whilst shirtless. (pictured below and above)

Stephen Amell had previously told fans that their would be a big shirtless fight scene in the midseason finale, and that the scene in question would not follow in the typical Arrow bow and arrow fashion, but would be fought with swords.

Now when this was said many fans assumed Arrow v. Al Ghul, its gotta be that... a homage to the famous Batman v. Ra's Al Ghul fight....but is it?...

I'm not saying it wouldn't be nice to have a scene where Oliver and Ra's face off against each other in a shirtless battle...BUT first off...we don't have confirmation that the opponent will be shirtless as well...and second...who says it's Ra's.

Since when has Arrow given us the villain of the the mid-season finale? Never...again I am not saying it isn't possible...BUT...with Oliver learning Malcolm is still alive...who's to say it isn't a Season 1 Finale rematch....

Amell posted this photo to Facebook today...

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  1. well season one mid-finale gave us a battle with merlyn the season's big bad ?

    1. I realize...but at that point we didn't know it was him...Oliver even concludes that monologue (of the episode) by saying "there is someone bigger than the archer out there" who in the end ALSO turns out to be Malcolm

      but at that point (unlike now) we didn't know who was the big bad of said season...especially since Oliver believed it to be a secondary person we had yet to meet

    2. wasn't Slade Wilson revealed to be the Big Bad in the season 2 mid season finale as well?