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THEORY: A Reverse Flash Theory To Satisfy the Masses

Today saw the leak of the first set photos featuring Reverse-Flash, based on the look of the stuntman it is definitely possible that Eddie is Reverse-Flash...although as a TEMPORARY thing, personally I see the chances of this at about 50/50. I believe Harrison Wells is definitely the true Reverse Flash, but instead of revealing himself, he gives Eddie the suit and bestows with powers (somehow) just to mess with Barry AND to throw the fans off. It would see that Eddie Thawne could be Reverse-Flash beta, lose the powers and want something more...leading to an interesting Cobalt Blue introduction.

UPDATE: Although the above is still possible...Harrison Wells clearly will be the Reverse Flash at SOME point, more set photos from a different angle show the stuntman face does look a little elongated in the jaw area much like Harrison Wells' jaw (shown below the first four photos)

OR it is still quite possible that this is simply a stuntman whos face doesn't matter because the battle will not only be at super speeds, but his face will be obscured, by lightning or just by him moving so fast.

Let's also note that it seems Reverse Flash has a ring on, and for those not familiar with Flash mythos, Flash, at some point in his career, obtains/creates a ring to store his costume.

Larger photos at end of article

Newer Photos


Why it makes sense that Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) is Cobalt Blue and Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) is Reverse Flash ... disproving other theories such as Eddie Thawne is Reverse Flash.

Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells is Zoom/Reverse Flash
If you have seen the pilot, by now you all well know that Harrison wells knows something of the future, as seen in the scene where he walks (not wheels) up to futuristic newspaper in the futuristic room. The case for his future knowledge helping him out is that Eobard Thawne is from the 25th although the dates don't exactly match up (the paper said 2024) he IS from the future. Another piece that supports this history is that due to Barry's age on the show, if they ever DID introduce Wally he would be much younger...and it is highly unlikely that he would replace Barry until a MUCH later season...if at all...if they even go with Wally!...maybe they would chose Bart?! The point is...there is going to be some merging of the typical Wally as Flash history and the Barry as Flash history. Therefore...if the CW chose to draw from the fact that Wally's Zoom, Hunter Zoloman was trapped in a wheelchair for some time...maybe that is his reasoning for being in the wheelchair?...and he has knowledge of the future, and he knew that to leave this wheelchair he had to create the Flash so he could become the Reverse Flash. (This only works if the room he was in is what helped him walk and he wasn't really faking) Other fans have speculated that the wheelchair is simply to KEEP him from using his super speed. ALSO, the only reason Reverse Flash EVER exists is BECAUSE Barry Allen became the who has the most to gain by Barry being struck? and who has the most control? Harrison Wells...Now on top of all of this, we know that this twist is one that the Arrow producers have used, although to a lesser degree, in the past; we all know at some point some of us thought, prior to Malcolm's introduction that Tommy Merlyn WAS Merlyn the Archer, we all know that some of us thought Laurel would be the first and only person to suit up as Canary, and we ALL thought that the masked man on the island was Slade Wilson until we found out it was Wintergreen.

UPDATE: BY THE WAY did anyone notice Harrison Wells being "engulfed" by YELLOW lightning to close the effect the ADDED from the leaked copy...further support that HE, not Eddie is Reverse Flash

UPDATE: Many people are asking why Wells would "help Barry" as stated above...The Barry of his time (Wells') disappears...and Reverse Flash KNOWS he will only be created IF the Flash is created...and the Reverse Flash loves being...well he loves being the Reverse Flash.... he goes back to ensure that Barry becomes the Flash

UPDATE: People have been citing an interview with Geoff Johns where he says Wells is a new character as proof that Wells isn't Reverse Flash...BUT the actual quote from Johns is... "Harrison Wells is a new character that was created, the name obviously is brand new. I don't think we can say anything else about it," says Johns. " ... the NAME IS NEW...the character is is quite clear that "Harrison Wells" is a play on the name H.G. Wells, who wrote...wait for it...The Time Machine.

Harrison Wells as Future Barry Allen...Come on....
Many people seem to think, for some strange reason that his knowledge of the future suggests that Harrison Wells is actually the "missing Barry" spoken of in the newspaper. This thought is easily disproven by the little evidence we are given; the newspaper contains a photo. The photo below the heading of said newspaper features not only a new Flash suit, but CLEARLY features Gustin's face in that suit. IF the writers were to employ this crazy Harrison Wells is future Barry twist then why make it clear that it is Gustin running around as the Flash in the year 2024? Why not simply include a photo of the Flash running, with a blurred face, or no photo at all. The evidence to support this claim simply doesn't exist.

Rick Cosnett's Eddie Thawne is Malcolm Thawne(Allen)
But wait! What about EDDIE Thawne....thats a pretty obvious one....WELL lets think back to the fact that Arrow and the Flash share the same (mostly) creative team...then lets think back to Arrow Season 1 where 99% of us were SURE that Wintergreen was Deathstroke... we would have never FATHOMED that Slade would appear and become a trainer to Oliver. Seeing as Eddie could easily be a way to connect the two once Well's true name is revealed...Eddie and Eobard sound more connected then Malcolm and Eobard...but obviously its just a name. Based upon this is definitely plausible that Eddie is indeed a version of MALCOM THAWNE (Allen). For those who don't know, Malcolm Thawne is actually Barry's twin brother who was given to the Thawne family when there child died due to the doctor drinking and accidentally strangling the baby, and Barry's mother had twins...the doctor felt so bad that he decided to tell the Allen's one of their children had died...and gave Malcolm to the Thawne family. Malcolm learned of Barry's existence and the loving family that fate had decreed he would never know and used his gift for sorcery to give vent to his jealous rage.
He empowered himself with a mystic blue flame that was capable of stealing Barry Allen's superspeed and became Cobalt Blue.


Rick Cosnett's Eddie Thawne is Zoom/Reverse Flash
The other obvious option is that they have heavily modified Eobard's backstory (unless Eddie is from the future and has superspeed)... and Eddie Thawne is just Eobard...but that just doesn't seem to feel does it? The way Eddie Thawne is portrayed in the pilot seems to acknowledge the fact that he is NOT a man of science in terms of how smart he is, by making him a cop it seems that the whole spectrum of him being from the future is out of question. Barry's nemesis the Reverse Flash is portrayed as extremely manipulative but also very pensive, two things a cop most certainly is not, cops rarely manipulate because they stand for what is right, and in terms of cops on TV they are rarely pensive as the plot needs to move on and the mystery needs to be solved.

Power Sets of Each Character:

Reverse Flash: Professor Zoom is able to move and travel at super-human speeds. Professor Zoom can travel up to speeds of 671,000,000 m.p.h. (the speed of light), deliver many different types of blows a second, run on water, create cyclones, and vibrate his molecules to pass through solid objects. In The Flash: Rebirth it is discovered that when Zoom duplicated the incident that granted Barry Allen his powers, he created a negative Speed Force by corrupting the positive version of it. Through this Speed Force, he also has the ability to create multiple after-images like Hunter Zolomon, the modern day Zoom, and can travel through and alter time. He also can erase people from existence. In the events leading up to Flashpoint, Professor Zoom has developed numerous powers including the ability to absorb other people's memories and experiences, change his age, and drastically alter time.

Cobalt Blue: Although unable to tap into the power of the Blue Flame, Malcolm was granted access to the Blue Flame through a talisman given to him by his adopted grandmother.Malcolm can burst his flame out of his body and sword causing flames to leap out of his person.Malcolm can create objects out of his Flame and his favorite is his flaming blue sword.Malcolm used his hatred to channel the Blue Flame to steal objects and power from his enemies. In most occasions he uses this power to steal speed from the Flashes.Malcolm can reach incredible amounts of speed by using his Blue Flame to steal speed from opponents. He can steal multiple levels of speed from different sources and achieve speeds to assault even Wally West. The Blue Flame was mainly used by the Thawne family to "heal" and presumably Malcolm has the same ability but he hasn't shown the ability to produce healing flames as of yet.

UPDATE: First low res image of Reverse Flash??? Sure looks like the man has some older...Harrison Wells like facial features

Renditions for a possible look done prior to the leak by me


  1. what if the picture in the newspaper from the future is in fact present Barry Allen who got stuck in the future and someone happen to take a snapshot of him? So this in turn could give way to the explanation of Harrison wells being future Barry Allen.

    1. Not only does that sound overly complex...but illogically implausible...the easter eggs tell a clear path as to what the newspaper article suggests, they showed the highly updated suit as well....another thing that clearly shows he isn't the same Barry as us...if that was the implication the suit wouldn't have been clearly updated...otherwise...Wells' motivations, actions, and mannerisms again clearly tell a different story then what your suggesting

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  3. In the 9th episode of the flash, at the end I can see how well's put the taquion on the suit of the reverse flash

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