Thursday, September 11, 2014

EDITORIAL: Why Batman Shouldn't Show Up On Arrow

Why Batman Shouldn't Show Up On Arrow
*In all honest this was a quick write-up, and this is something I could go on and on about*

For some reason, many people seem to want Bruce Wayne, or Batman to appear on Arrow, I disagree with this thought, and for good reason…here’s why:

1) People say we should see a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne: Why would we want to see a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne? Although having Batman on the show makes no sense (keep reading on)…introducing his disciples makes sense, especially with the rumors of how far the Arrowverse is set to expand.

2) Batman and Oliver should be the same age: OK….people already compare this version of Ollie to Batman seeing as he is serious…which MAKES SENSE after what he has been through….and the producers have already said we are building to the classic joking Oliver. But these comparisons aside…what differentiates Batman and [Green] Arrow if they are the same age (or around the same age)…the answer is really nothing…they are both rich men, who by night are vigilantes without powers…there is no differentiation.  F he ever was introduced, it would make sense, and this is why the merge made sense (with the DCCU in this regard), to have Batman be middle aged…he is a myth…that’s why Oliver doesn’t know of him…Oliver doesn’t concern himself with vigilantes who are theoretically (just for sense) very far away and possibly not real. That why… there is some difference between Oliver and Bruce…we have a young, still brash and relatively new Oliver, and then we have Bruce, basically an older, more experienced, grittier, hardened version of Oliver. Green Arrow was originally introduced as a mockery of Batman…if Batman was introduced…that’s just what Stephen Amell’s carefully crafted Green Arrow would become

3) Why it generally doesn’t make sense: Batman, is debatably the MOST recognized superhero name by the general public…they know who he is…nearly everyone knows who he is. The chances of a solo Batman spinoff in general, but also on a station where a very similar show, Arrow, already plays, are SLIM to NONE. So introducing Batman, or even name dropping Bruce Wayne or Batman would leave fans with a HUGE gap in their eyes…every episode people would consciously or sub-consciously be thinking, “where is Batman”…”why can’t Bruce Wayne help him out”…etc.…. NOW that’s not to say that if Nightwing or Red Hood showed up (which makes sense for this kind of world…editorial coming soon on ways to introduce them and where they could go afterwards) they could easily allude to Batman existing. Batman is one of the easiest characters to elude to, essentially every single reference to the night, the darkness, a mentor, training, someone highly skilled, shadows, someone fighting Ra’s Al Ghul, flying (birds, bats..etc.), a suggested cape....made by Nightwing or Red Hood…is easily recognizable and a pay off to fans.

But what about large scale payoff?: Many fans thinking just dropping hints to the caped crusader isn't enough, after those hints, if he wasn't featured fans think their would be no large scale payoff...but no no ever really considers that us seeing Batman's disciples AFTER their time training with him is the payoff...seeing characters like Nightwing and Red Hood is a huge service to the fans, as is subtly dropping hints to the dark knight himself.

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