Sunday, September 14, 2014

EDITORIAL: Why Age Matters When (Fan) Casting

Why Age Matters When (Fan) Casting: I will use popular fan-casts as the best way to explain why age matters: This is just a compilation of various long responses I have made

Patrick Warburton to play Shazam....guys...that doesn't make this case the beauty of Shazam lies in the weirdness of going from being a young boy to a "young" man...that beauty is lost when a 14 year old becomes a 45 year old goes from being very cool to very weird...but also it takes the "cool I'm in my prime now!...Im jacked and I have all these powers!" aspect of casting someone 28-33 and replaces it (if you cast someone older) with "cool?...powers?...why am I in this old guys body?"

In other cases like the "Jensen Ackles should play Red Hood case" there are other issues...Ackles is 36...although that may not seem is... to be playing a character who comes off and is general portrayed to be in his early/mid 20's...and people always say "makeup and cameras do the trick...".. that isn't the case when your building a want to continue to perpetuate and build you cast as close the age of the base creates age fluxes and very strange pairings when age isn't correctly addressed...Jensen Ackles playing Red Hood is a stupid idea and anyone who is still on the train of thought needs to stop and think realistically. He's 36. He can't pass as Jason Todd in his early 20s and if you think that voicing a character means deserving the live action role, then you should be asking for Kevin Conroy to be Batman and Tim Daly to be Superman even though physically they couldn't play the parts in live action.

Scoot McNairy as Flash/GL
First off, people need to understand that you need to make certain changes when adapting a comic into reality.This version of Batman (Affleck) is in his mid 40's so you would need to assume he operated on his own for while before taking in Nightwing. I say you need to assume he is operating on his own for awhile simply due to the fact that Nightwing NEEDS to be in a 25-28 year old age range, if he is older than that, it leaves NO room for outward expansion into the realm of younger heroes...especially considering Nightwing is one of the most pivotal younger heroes to exist.

The Garfield Effect: Even after specifying this, people still think Scoot can pull it off because… “Andrew Garfield”. Yes, Andrew Garfield is 30, and yes, he plays a teenager, but that is because quite honestly, he looks like a teenager. He can grow a beard and look older, but even then he only looks to be about 23-25. People need to accept that the so called “Garfield Effect” doesn’t work with every actor.

Lastly, even after all of this, I then here the “but camera effects”, yes…camera effects can absolutely help, but in a realistic sense their are some cases, Scoot’s is one of them, where you shouldn’t bother resorting to camera effects…when there are so many other young viable actors to play the same role…and considering he is 36, and Cavill (the DCCU’s Superman) is only 31 it makes little to no sense for him to be playing Nightwing.

This same general policy applies to other popular fan-casting choices such as: Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd, Ian Somerhalder as Dick Grayson, and Matt Bomer as Dick Grayson..among many more.


  1. Okay first off Jensen Ackles can perfectly play Red Hood in the upcoming Batman solo movie. I mean you should watch the trailer he looks almost 50 or late 40's, which means it sets the Batman universe as this old and experienced, it would only make sense if Jason Todd is in his 30's at least by now. Jensen Ackles would Just be perfect for the role. Your blog needs update Big time!!!

    1. Ah no. Jensen is like close to 40 now.

    2. This is also false, Bruce is 46 in BvS.

      Effectively making Jason still in his early 20's (he's only 18-ish) in the New 52.

  2. If anything Jensen should just play Raphael from ninja turtles along with his friend Jared as a Leo

  3. I still totally agree with Jensen Ackles acting as Jason Todd! Who cares about his physical age? Have you seen him act?? Chris Evens is 35 and played Captain America when he's supposed to be 21! And he did a kick-ass job! Jeremy Renner played Hawkeye and he's 46! Almost 50! Stop nit-picking and calling fans stupid for having an opinion of who they would like to see play a character! It's not like that actor is going to keep the role forever or take it away from you! I had friends that didn't agree with Paul Bettany as Ultron but he surprised them! Have your opinion please, I understand your argument completely! But don't insult other people for having their opinion too.