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EDITORIAL: Common Arrow Fan-Theories That Probably Won't Come True (And Why)

Common Arrow Fan-Theories That Probably Won't Come True (And Why)

1) Diggle is more than...Diggle...
Lets begin with one that I see more often then some of the others...although this one has a lot less backing then those do. Lets begin with David Ramsey’s John Diggle, to begin…if there was a CW GL TV, or EVEN A GL cameo (which is a HUGE character to simply cameo...) logically in the scheme of things…they WOULD use Hal if they can get the rights…they would ONLY use John if they couldn’t get the rights to Hal, and with the use of Barry in the Flash show...Hal seems to be right...and cinematically it would be smart to go with he most recognizable pairing to non-comic fans of Wally and John (made popular by the JLA cartoon). But back onto specifically David Ramsey’s John Diggle. Many people seem to think that John Diggle will at some time make the transition to John Stewart…The only support they can seem to give is “His name is John, it would be cool, it adds to the character, he is black, and he has a military background”.

To begin my rebuttal, I would like to pose the question of… “What does this add to Diggles character?”…Nothing…it adds nothing to DIGGLES character, if anything it wipes everything we ever learned about Diggle off of the table…any access backstory that doesn’t line up with John Stewart would become pointless, and to say they wouldn’t is wrong…because only comic fans who know John Stewart want Diggle to become a form of John Stewart, and so, they would also be the ones to notice inconsistency in Diggles backstory…and anything that was added to bring depth to the character of DIGGLE…would also become quite useless as they would start to bring in more new elements to make his character somewhat resemble John Stewart.

Another point I would like to touch on his the emphasis on calling him “Diggle” or “Digg”… they are clearly trying to make you forget his name is John…they are getting rid of commonality in the backstory by doing so… it is not a clever ploy to trick you…they are giving John Diggle his own “superhero” name…he is “Diggle/Digg”…therefore establishing him as his own man. Another "belief" that I see is that people claim he if he ISN'T John Stewart, it would still be cool to make him a GL (seeing as other people who aren't permanent GL's become them all the time, Superman, Batman etc...) this point I again raise the question and answer of what does that do to Diggle's character...and the answer is the same as does next to nothing for his character...people say it would be "cool" for Diggle to become a GL and that is used as a backing point...but in my opinion it would be cool for Felicity to become Stephanie Brown...(not really)...but she is blonde...and smart...and knows a crimefighter...does that mean its going to happen? No.. not it doesn't.

Yet another point that people try to make is that "It has been something that has been discussed amongst David Ramsey and the producers because at Comic-Con 2014,when asked about where we can expect his character to go, he said John Stewart has come up a few times." Obviously it has come up! For the exact same reasons as Stephen Amell responding the way he did when asked about Diggle being Green Lantern, he said, “I mean it looks good. And if we know anything about television shows, if it looks good, it has a much better chance of happening.” It is most likely a long running joke for the exact reasons I have stated above...they know it makes absolutely no sense to change Diggle into a Green Lantern because it would DESTROY Diggle's character. There is absolutely nothing gained and everything lost with Diggle.

Lastly, the point is brought up that there have been quite a few Ferris Aircraft easter eggs in both series’ now, so if Green Lantern was to spin off from either Flash or Arrow, what if there was a show featuring both Hal and John.... Supposedly this is supposed to make the show "unique" from Arrow and The Flash......This IS NOT Nightwing...who's spinoff would be seen as a ripoff of Arrow seeing as neither of them have powers and they both use the same type of vigilantism to save people (this would be how the general non comic reading public would see it)....but Green Lantern...this guy has a ring...that can construct anything...he fights in space...he flies...there are about 1000 other things that make the show ACTUALLY unique rather than just having two main characters...

This is an argument I could go on and on any counterpoints made will most likely be countered and added to the editorial.

2) Oliver will use his boxing glove arrow.

Well lets just get this straight its not that he WON'T at all getting the boxing glove arrow..but unless its a won't just be a boxing glove on the end of an arrow. If anything it will be a cool design with an expanding boxing glove from the arrowhead. Some people seem to think he would actually carry a boxing glove on an arrow around.

3) Roy will lose his arm and have it off for a few seasons 

For some reason people seem to think Roy will be around for the rest of Arrow's run, and to them I say...why? If Roy sticks around for every season of Arrow... then the shows focus shifts off of Oliver only for the rest of the shows run...just like I'm sure Diggle or Felicity will leave (or both) could stick around like Chloe did on Smallville (but that could also be a few other characters). Green Arrow is one of few heroes with multiple sidekicks...and it doesn't make sense to just keep adding people to Team Arrow...the show loses focus. The way I see it playing out and what makes sense is that ("sidekick" wise) Roy will be around as Arsenal for 1-2 season...then for reasons we will later explain...he will leave...then we have Laurel as Canary in Season 5/6 and eventually bring it home with Thea as Speedy OR vice versa and have Thea as Speedy and end with Laurel as Black Canary. Anyone who thinks Connor Hawke will show up doesn't get that the scene with Oliver's mother...was supposed to highlight the LOVE she had for Oliver....the name and backstory was just fan-service...they would never actually have someone (unless Arrow goes to Season 9/10! lets hope!) Who is so literally (in the show) young as the sidekick. In seasons 9/10 Connor would be a little younger than Thea's Season 1 age so its a little more plausible . Allow me to wrap it up by bringing it back to the arm, Roy will NOT be getting the arm WHILE he is on Team Arrow (and if he does he will soon leave). Oliver is the shows main character...and bringing a long term character in who is stronger then Oliver is draws way to much focus away from Oliver.

4) Oliver will not get his goatee.

First off, he doesn't even have it in the comics anymore! (Excluding Future's End) And for good reason! If you think Clark Kent is the worst disguise...then you haven't thought about preNew 52 Ollie (had he not revealed who he was). He is someone recognizable to the public, unlike Clark Kent who is only known by friends and family, and Clark has a plain face, a quick glance you could mix up Joe Shmo as Clark Kent...but with a goatee so OBVIOUSLY associated with one of the more well known people in would do little to nothing to protect his identity. Again if they have him reveal his identity...then the goatee does make sense...otherwise...there is no point in having Oliver become...the world's most obvious rich man pretending to be a vigilante.

4.5) Oliver will get his classic costume...hat and all...

For the love of g-d...I won't even argue this one...just know its a realistic world...and even post New 52 he doesn't wear the hat...YES Oliver will be making his transition to old joking Ollie (as confirmed by producers)...but loving laughable Oliver doesn't mean impractical old costume that works as a parody of itself.

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