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EDITORIAL: Green Lantern and The Flash in the DCCU

Choosing the Right Green Lantern and Flash for the Cinematic Universe

As I search the internet...what is it that I find? "Fan-casting Hal Jordan and Barry Allen for the Justice League Movie" and to that I simply say..."why?"

Now at first I agreed, Hal and Barry SHOULD be the Flash and GL in the JLA movie....I even thought so after the Arrowverse was confirmed to be separate from the DCCU; but the more I thought about it...the less sense it seemed to make.

Now currently on the CW's Flash show we have Barry Allen, and producers recently confirmed they would like to bring seemingly, the New 52 version of Wally onto the show eventually. CW/WB/DC has now established 2 out of the 3 logical TV screen trinity choices, with the next in line being, you guessed it....Hal Jordan. I won't go into the logistics of the character or the show because it has been gone over in write ups linked right here:

How to Make a GL Show Work:

Casting Hal Jordan for the Arrowverse:

Onto the cinematic universe and who should be chosen... with the CW using Barry Allen, Hal Jordan is also quite the likely candidate for the next large scale character to make it to the small screen, and considering WB isn't Marvel, and they own all the rights to the characters, why compete with themselves?....Why make this a Peter Maximoff (DoFP) vs. Quicksilver (AoU) when they own ALL of the rights? On top of that, if each member of the League is broken down into their core components, if you want to diversify the League in both the literal sense, and the sense of their essence, using John and Wally (preNew 52) makes even more sense.

Just to take a quick glance at the League as it stands (theoretically):

Superman: A man who fights for the people, and stands up to do whats right.

Batman: The brains, who also packs a punch, the methodological leader.

Cyborg: The young, yet driven and smart member of the League.

Wonder Woman: (Rumors say she has been among humans for awhile in DoJ) So, very logical, human ambassador type leader, political in her views.

Flash (Wally): The fun loving, joke cracking "kid" of the team.

G.L. (John): The post war vet who understands that doing things by the law isn't always the best movie...due to his war based past...he gets that.

Martian Manhunter?: The other, less familiar (with how things work) logical thinker of the team.

Shazam?: Waly's counter...the only member of the team who gets Wally, and at times acts like him, but unlike Wally he wants to be more like stand for something...but because he is a kid on the inside...he struggles with it.

**Quick note....there are 3 distinctive pairings...and if you have 1 of the kind of have to have the other or their is no point in having the former: Hal and Barry, John and Wally, Kyle and Wally**

Now I bet there are people out there who will say "but if they ignore Barry and Hal then...." thats just it...they don't have to ignore Barry and Hal...but they don't have to mention them either. The Justice League cartoon, which was among the more popular cartoons of its time did the exact same thing (although Hal had a brief 20 second cameo in JLU). And fans didn't complain, to that point people may say "but those were just kids watching that show, they didn't know that there was a Barry and a Hal". And I respond to that by saying.... 90% of CBM goers have never picked up a comic, nor do they chose to.... then there are the kids that watched that show who have now grown up on comics due to that shows influence...they would get it....all thats left are the fans who WOULD accept the minor swap and the complainers who WOULDN'T...and since majority does rule...well you get it...

**Another reason to include John would be to distance themselves from the very recent 2011 GL movie that didn't do so well at the box office, and disappointed many fans**

Many people don't know this...but the JL cartoon did have a very different lineup....pictured below...but they, as WB seems to want to do now....chose to diversify the group.

From Left to Right: Aquaman, GL (Hal), Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman , Flash (Barry) the future bringing Barry and Hal in wouldn't even be that difficult down the line...people already seem to be speculating that DC is dividing up their properties to create a multiverse...and things such as Crisis on Infinite Earth's and Flashpoint (write-up coming later) have ALREADY been hinted out in things as small as the Flash pilot. Seeing as a Crisis event could keep EVERYTHING canon (with modification) but could ALSO serve as a swap for the entire members of the League (actors/actresses) its a win, win, win for everyone...but this is 2025 onward we are talking about.

Crisis on Infinite Earth's Hint:

Flashpoint Hint:

Onto Casting (My Personal Choices and Why)

Garrett Hedlund as Wally West:

Toss a dash of red dye in and his hair is perfect...even in this photo it has that reddish tinge that the DCCU Wally should have...full on red just looks a tad ridiculous.

Hedlund is a reasonably smart age (30) for Wally considering Cavill is 31, aside from that he is a very well rounded and experienced actor, who still has the frat boy throwback look about him. As for his build, he has the ideal build for the Flash, one of my biggest problems with fan-casting the Flash is people ALWAYS chose people with big wide faces...and most heroes thats fine...but the Flash, has a slimmed and tapered face, and the sleek body of a runner...he can be jacked...but the Flash is one of few heroes who doesn't NEED to be HUGE...he rarely uses his brute strength as way to take down villains.

Nate Parker as John Stewart:

Unlike every other fan-cast who fan-casts OLD people as John Stewart I chose someone who is not only an up and coming actor (he hasn't been in much), but was good at what he was in :P. But also someone who is 34 years old, and passable as younger than that is need be (not to much younger though). Parker could easily portray a recently returned home, recently "redrafted" into the GL Corps member, or even one who has been a Corps member for a few years.

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