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Titans Fan-Casting and Why

*DISCLAIMER: This Titans fan-cast is not for the entire series, this is for the first lineup of the team, it all depends on things like if they chose, for example,  Aqualad I or Aqualad II, if they chose Aqualad I, then Aqualad II should be cast younger to show up in a later season, the same applies to many characters, these castings are only if they appear in the shows first 1-4(ish) seasons assuming, as always, it has the potential to go to 10.* This is also assuming TITANS takes place PAST the "Teen" years at into early-mid 20's

Nightwing, Raven, Starfire

Steven R. McQueen as Nightwing: Age: 26 Height: 6'0" 
One of these more popular choices, but one I have to agree with, not only does McQueen want to play Nightwing as much as Channing Tatum wanted to play Gambit, but in this case McQueen seems to already be Nightwing. His looks are ideal compared to those of an older Dick Grayson, he is 6'0", enough to assert a dominant presence seeing that he has no powers, and he is pretty big. On top of all of this, we know McQueen can pull off the Dick Grayson attitude seeing as, to some degree, it is who he is in real life (watch interviews etc.) but also to that same degree, it is his character Jeremy Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries.

Appearance Level: Very Likely and Frequent

Sunday, September 14, 2014

EDITORIAL: A CW Green Lantern Show: Why, How, Who and When

All About a CW GL Show

Part 1: Why Green Lantern Quite Possibly Could Be The Next CW Show All Credit to a friend at the DC TV Universe Facebook for this section of the write up

Arrow started off as a passion project for Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim. When it was first on the CW, it reeked of a CW show. The dialogue was overly elaborated, the writing was overly dramatic with small sprinkles of super hero action, and a couple C and low B list DC characters were added to remind viewers they were watching a comic book show. But Guggenheim and Kreisberg were able to do something they’re always wanted to do – tell a super hero story. After the failure of Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds, they probably considered themselves lucky by being able to give it another go at all, so they used their opportunity with the CW to give themselves another shot.

EDITORIAL: Why Age Matters When (Fan) Casting

Why Age Matters When (Fan) Casting: I will use popular fan-casts as the best way to explain why age matters: This is just a compilation of various long responses I have made

Patrick Warburton to play Shazam....guys...that doesn't make this case the beauty of Shazam lies in the weirdness of going from being a young boy to a "young" man...that beauty is lost when a 14 year old becomes a 45 year old goes from being very cool to very weird...but also it takes the "cool I'm in my prime now!...Im jacked and I have all these powers!" aspect of casting someone 28-33 and replaces it (if you cast someone older) with "cool?...powers?...why am I in this old guys body?"

In other cases like the "Jensen Ackles should play Red Hood case" there are other issues...Ackles is 36...although that may not seem is... to be playing a character who comes off and is general portrayed to be in his early/mid 20's...and people always say "makeup and cameras do the trick...".. that isn't the case when your building a want to continue to perpetuate and build you cast as close the age of the base creates age fluxes and very strange pairings when age isn't correctly addressed...Jensen Ackles playing Red Hood is a stupid idea and anyone who is still on the train of thought needs to stop and think realistically. He's 36. He can't pass as Jason Todd in his early 20s and if you think that voicing a character means deserving the live action role, then you should be asking for Kevin Conroy to be Batman and Tim Daly to be Superman even though physically they couldn't play the parts in live action.

Scoot McNairy as Flash/GL
First off, people need to understand that you need to make certain changes when adapting a comic into reality.This version of Batman (Affleck) is in his mid 40's so you would need to assume he operated on his own for while before taking in Nightwing. I say you need to assume he is operating on his own for awhile simply due to the fact that Nightwing NEEDS to be in a 25-28 year old age range, if he is older than that, it leaves NO room for outward expansion into the realm of younger heroes...especially considering Nightwing is one of the most pivotal younger heroes to exist.

The Garfield Effect: Even after specifying this, people still think Scoot can pull it off because… “Andrew Garfield”. Yes, Andrew Garfield is 30, and yes, he plays a teenager, but that is because quite honestly, he looks like a teenager. He can grow a beard and look older, but even then he only looks to be about 23-25. People need to accept that the so called “Garfield Effect” doesn’t work with every actor.

Lastly, even after all of this, I then here the “but camera effects”, yes…camera effects can absolutely help, but in a realistic sense their are some cases, Scoot’s is one of them, where you shouldn’t bother resorting to camera effects…when there are so many other young viable actors to play the same role…and considering he is 36, and Cavill (the DCCU’s Superman) is only 31 it makes little to no sense for him to be playing Nightwing.

This same general policy applies to other popular fan-casting choices such as: Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd, Ian Somerhalder as Dick Grayson, and Matt Bomer as Dick Grayson..among many more.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

EDITORIAL: Why Batman Shouldn't Show Up On Arrow

Why Batman Shouldn't Show Up On Arrow
*In all honest this was a quick write-up, and this is something I could go on and on about*

For some reason, many people seem to want Bruce Wayne, or Batman to appear on Arrow, I disagree with this thought, and for good reason…here’s why:

1) People say we should see a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne: Why would we want to see a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne? Although having Batman on the show makes no sense (keep reading on)…introducing his disciples makes sense, especially with the rumors of how far the Arrowverse is set to expand.

Monday, September 8, 2014

RESULTS: Voting Results for the CW G.L. (Hal), Nightwing, and Red Hood

VOTING RESULTS: This poll spanned across 3 different Facebook pages with a total of about 17,000 people total (a few subtracted for mutual likes) for 7 are the results for, The CW's Hal Jordan, The CW's Dick Grayson, and The CW's Jason Todd.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

EDITORIAL: Green Lantern and The Flash in the DCCU

Choosing the Right Green Lantern and Flash for the Cinematic Universe

As I search the internet...what is it that I find? "Fan-casting Hal Jordan and Barry Allen for the Justice League Movie" and to that I simply say..."why?"

Now at first I agreed, Hal and Barry SHOULD be the Flash and GL in the JLA movie....I even thought so after the Arrowverse was confirmed to be separate from the DCCU; but the more I thought about it...the less sense it seemed to make.

Now currently on the CW's Flash show we have Barry Allen, and producers recently confirmed they would like to bring seemingly, the New 52 version of Wally onto the show eventually. CW/WB/DC has now established 2 out of the 3 logical TV screen trinity choices, with the next in line being, you guessed it....Hal Jordan. I won't go into the logistics of the character or the show because it has been gone over in write ups linked right here:

Thursday, September 4, 2014

EDITORIAL: Common Arrow Fan-Theories That Probably Won't Come True (And Why)

Common Arrow Fan-Theories That Probably Won't Come True (And Why)

1) Diggle is more than...Diggle...
Lets begin with one that I see more often then some of the others...although this one has a lot less backing then those do. Lets begin with David Ramsey’s John Diggle, to begin…if there was a CW GL TV, or EVEN A GL cameo (which is a HUGE character to simply cameo...) logically in the scheme of things…they WOULD use Hal if they can get the rights…they would ONLY use John if they couldn’t get the rights to Hal, and with the use of Barry in the Flash show...Hal seems to be right...and cinematically it would be smart to go with he most recognizable pairing to non-comic fans of Wally and John (made popular by the JLA cartoon). But back onto specifically David Ramsey’s John Diggle. Many people seem to think that John Diggle will at some time make the transition to John Stewart…The only support they can seem to give is “His name is John, it would be cool, it adds to the character, he is black, and he has a military background”.