Saturday, August 30, 2014

EDITORIAL: Logically Casting a CW Red Hood

Here we are again...logically casting a CW Red Hood...I have reviewed many suggestions...and compiled a list to give the David Henrie naysayers a vote...all these choices fall under the same conditions mentioned in this editorial...

*Update - after a 7 day poll that totaled views from (according to Facebook) 7,000+ viewers, David Henrie has won the poll*

Casting a CW Red Hood:

No...not Jensen Ackles! Ok I figured I would start my most controversial post by getting the elephant out of the room…Jensen Ackles…is TO OLD to play Red Hood. Some of you may pull the Garfield card…but realistically…Andrew Garfield only pulls off a teen, because he is unlucky enough to still look like he is 17 when he is really 30. I mean no disrespect to Jensen, but the man looks old and worn out…tired…and he could most certainly not portray the younger Red Hood that would be called for in the Arrowverse.

With Arrow being a mere 27, and The Flash being a mere 24-25, although you can assume Batman, who would likely never appear was older, you could also infer that his disciples Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin, would be slightly younger then the Flash in a descending order; Steven R. McQueen is an ideal choice for Nightwing, and at the age of 26, he could easily portray someone in the age range of 22-24. That leaves room for a version of Red Hood who is 20-22, perfect age for an Outlaws reference or spinoff, for those familiar, but also a perfect blend for the Arrowverse. Ackles, could not pull that role off. To read more about why age matters and some actors simply can’t pull it off give this a read.

My Own Choice and Evidence:

Now, on to David Henrie…you hear the name and most of you immediately jump to Justin Russo, a role that even he thanks for his jumping point, but also wants you to forget because he doesn’t want to be known for being Justin Russo. Now the CW , if they try to bring in many teen actors, which is 100% possible considering the rumored live action Young Justice show, most of them would likely come from the most popular places that stems child stars; Disney and Nick; once people age out of Disney and Nick shows, they tend to want to go out on their own and become something new.

Their are very few TV actors who fit the profile of Jason Todd, and none that fit it as well as David Henrie. David Henrie is 25, and much like McQueen could easily portray a younger character as he hasn’t hit the “complete maturity looking” stage yet. So ideally he could portray the 20-22 year old Red Hood we would need. As for looks, David Henrie actually looks a surprising amount like Jason Todd as Red Hood, something that is ALWAYS a bonus when casting. Acting level: Henrie is an extremely skilled actor, and shows it in each performance, he isn’t corny unless the script calls for it, and is all around a well rounded actor who hasn’t had his breakthrough roll…which this could EASILY be for him. As for people that say he doesn’t have the look…you do realize Red Hood is only a badass when he is fighting…and when he is fighting he tends to be wearing…his Red Hood…outside of fighting…especially in Red Hood and the Outlaws…he is somewhat of a jokester…another side of the character that could easily be portrayed by Henrie. Height: Well I don’t want to have to explain height completely but just know his works

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