Sunday, August 31, 2014

EDITORIAL: How to Perpetuate a CBM Universe without Rebooting

I personally think both Marvel and DC should "James Bond" their film characters, if an actor gets to old, or replaced for other reasons the film series shouldn't acknowledge the change and just keep moving, no reboot or difficult time travel anomaly you agree???

We don't need complex time travel to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, we don't need to kill Iron Man in Avengers 3 cause RDJ won't be back, and Affleck is older than Cavill by a lot, his years are numbered, be we don't need some sort of Darkseid Omega Beam to replace him either. We can just do as James Bond does, replace one (maybe more) characters, but keep the movies going. Keep them in the same canon, and make them actual COMIC BOOK MOVIES. Comics don't recreate origins after 10 years (although they may republish they do keep going..) just because the characters are to old...the characters don't truly age, so why should they on the big screen.... the actors/actresses may age...but the characters they play do not have to.

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