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EDITORIAL: Casting Hal Jordan in The (Theoretical) CW GL Show

And disproving a weird fan-theory

Lets take a second to think here….if you have read out editorial

Now lets discuss casting our Green Lantern

            To open, I would like to begin by saying that if you are using Barry AND Oliver…then it only makes sense (unless rights cannot be obtained) to use Hal Jordan…now I will go over the basics whist discrediting some popular fan-choices.

Lets begin with Jensen Ackles…I will not contest that Jensen Ackles is a good actor…he is…but realistically both this casting for him and the Red Hood casting are unrealistic…for reasons stated In terms of logistics…although Arrow and The Flash may take liberties in there “comic book correctness” but they do stay true to a lot of the deeper meanings within comics…so it can be rightfully assumed that Hal Jordan would be the “bro” to Barry and the “bro” to Oliver, who would seem to act as a mediator in times of need. On the show, Barry is 24/25, Oliver is currently 27…Amell can and does pull of a 27 year old look. Obviously Gustin can pull off the look of someone younger…but if Hal was to be cast…and logically was to be this “bro” he would fall into a similar age range of 24-27…Ackles, and I think everyone can attest to this, looks to old…he can shave….he still looks to old. People seem to mistake this for me saying he is an old man…but that IS NOT what I am saying…I am saying he simply looks to old to play a young adult…he IS a manly man. As for his acting skill, yes he can play a charismatic jerk…that is Dean Winchester…but watch him on Smallville he can barely pull of happy as an emotion…Hal Jordan may be cocky…but he is cocky and happy…he isn’t brooding in his cockiness he is happy go lucky (especially in his New 52 appearances). Now that we have touched upon attitude, age, and appearance, I rest my case…BUT *any questions or comments will be elaborated on in the comments.*

            Now on to David Ramsey’s John Diggle, to begin…if there was a CW GL TV, logically in the scheme of things…they WOULD use Hal if they can get the rights…they would ONLY use John if they couldn’t get the rights to Hal. But back onto specifically David Ramsey’s John Diggle. Many people seem to think that John Diggle will at some time make the transition to John Stewart…The only support they can seem to give is “His name is John, it would be cool, it adds to the character, he is black, and he has a military background”. To begin my rebuttal, I would like to pose the question of… “What does this add to Diggles character?”…Nothing…it adds nothing to DIGGLES character, if anything it wipes everything we ever learned about Diggle off of the table…any access backstory that doesn’t line up with John Stewart would become pointless, and to say they wouldn’t is wrong…because only comic fans who know John Stewart want Diggle to become a form of John Stewart, and so, they would also be the ones to notice inconsistency in Diggles backstory…and anything that was added to bring depth to the character of DIGGLE…would also become quite useless as they would start to bring in more new elements to make his character somewhat resemble John Stewart.  My final point I would like to touch on his the emphasis on calling him “Diggle” or “Digg”… they are clearly trying to make you forget his name is John…they are getting rid of commonality in the backstory by doing so… it is not a  clever ploy to trick you…they are giving John Diggle his own “superhero” name…he is “Diggle/Digg”…therefore establishing him as his own man…again as stated before…this argument can easily be expanded upon so *any questions or comments will be elaborated on in the comments.*

            Now onto my personal choice, Drew Roy. Roy is an actor who is 28 years old, but looks as if he could be younger, therefore placing him in the ideal playable 24-27year old age range. As for looks, minus hair color (which Grant Gustin helped to discredit as a necessity) he does look the part…if you look at almost any photo of Drew Roy, you feel the same thing, you think “this guy is cocky, but happy”…he has a smile on his face at all times, but an arrogant sense about him as well…ideal for our Hal Jordan, and also for the Arrowverse as it would bring a new personality into the verse we have yet to see to counteract; Barry’s happiness and clumsiness and Oliver’s semi-brooding, semi-aggravated, content….On to acting skill…anyone who has seem Drew Roy act knows he is a believable actor…even in his beginnings on a two-part episode of iCarly you could see a little Hal Jordan spark in him…he has the right skill set and attitude to portray a young and willing to learn Hal Jordan on-screen. Again… this argument can easily be expanded upon so *any questions or comments will be elaborated on in the comments.*

A secondary and just a suitable choice would be Steven R. McQueen, although many, including myself would like to see him as Nightwing, I wouldn't mind seeing him as Hal either...he also hits all the marks previously stated, and his role as Jeremy on The Vampire Diaries shows that he can be charismatic, but serious at times. And as previously stated he hits all the same marks as Drew Roy does.

Now the question is...who do you prefer Drew Roy? or Steven R. McQueen?

P.S. I only put “any questions or comments will be elaborated on in the comments” because I know some people are convinced easily whilst others aren’t, and some people just don’t want to read more than what I have already written.

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