Wednesday, August 27, 2014

EDITORIAL: Are the Colors Needed????


As we have seen quite a few times now, the Arrowverse may have powers, it may have the unrealistic, but it is still quite serious. One thing however that is synonymous with the Arrow mythos, but is not quite as believable, is the name of the actual character, and those he works with; by adding a random color in front of the characters name, it seems to take a certain degree of seriousness out of the theme of the name, and in term adds a degree of unneeded (even if Amell’s Oliver moves closer to comic Ollie) playfulness that makes the character seem silly. This, in my opinion is why writers chose to use the name “Speedy” as a playful nickname, rather then Roy’s first actual sidekick name, and why Sara is referred to as “The Canary” (even though the shade black does imply a degree of darkness, so “Black Canary” may not be out of question). This season we will be introduced to Roy Harper as Arsenal, and once again see Oliver don his mask as “The Arrow”. The Arrow and Arsenal....two serious names... it is in my personal opinion that it will be the general public/cops/news that will call them Green and Red Arrow to distinguish between the two archers, which allows there to be a level of seriousness from the serious characters, but the fans can be pleased as the less important characters call them by there comic book names (although Roy does actually go by Arsenal) On the other hand, the heroes and long term (non one episode villains) will call them by there rightful and more “Arrowverse fitting” names of Arrow and Arsenal. Maybe when Arsenal finally goes off on his own...I highly doubt he will be there for every season of Arrow (well discuss this later).... he will call himself Red Arrow.

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